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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grand Re-Opening!

Look at me! Look at me! I have looked around to see what most people do when they go from a standard blog template to something more spiffy. Most of you are very cool, very nonchalant about it. Not me. Look at me! Did you see Gumby waving? Wave to him! He's Gumby, dammit!

All credit for all this good stuff goes to my Evil Uncle Dave. He's not really my uncle, and as best I can tell, he's not one bit evil (although if you've heard something, email me). In fact, I would call him Sweetheart Uncle Dave, but that would mess with his "street cred," which I'm sure he's worked very hard to establish, so we'll just stick with Eviluncledave.

I've been thinking and wishing about a new look for a long time. Apparently some of you have been wishing the same for me. I told a handful of people what Dave was doing for me. And one of the people that I would have thought was one of my oldest and dearest blogfriends, emailed a reply that really surprised me. That bitch person, who shall remain nameless, sent the following:
" . . . well goodie goodie for Susie. Allz I knowz is, it’s about damn time!!! We’ve been looking at that same dowdy site you call a blog for far too long." Well. You just never know how your alleged "friends" are going to react to your good fortune, now do you?

OK, I did get another email yesterday, from the same nameless person. That one said, "I'm so proud of you, this is going to be like...like graduation, or the
prom, or your first time..." Well, let's hope not. I've written about how I almost didn't graduate, on accounta my being a criminal; and I've written about how my prom date was too "messed up" to even drive me home. So tune in tomorrow, when I will tell you the surprisingly anticlimactic (that is an EXCELLENT use of that word, if I do say so myself) story of My First Time. (Oh, just STOP it! You KNOW BETTER. That is not happening.)

If you are Evil Uncle Dave, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and give you a big virtual hug. And everyone else, WELCOME, to the new and improved What Was I Thinking? Hugs to all of you, too :)

61 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger eclectic said...

First!!! Whoopee!!!!

Anonymous kalki said...

Girl, you got pimped!! Your place looks AWESOME. I love the font. I love the graphics. I love the style. I LOVE IT!!!!

Blogger eclectic said...

Wowee -- lookit yer fancy-schmancy new digs!! I'm jillis! (A'course, if'n I did git me one-a these here updates, I'd never be able to navigate my way around it. So, it's jestus well. I shore do lahk lookin' atchyers, though!)

Nice work, EUD!

Blogger August95 said...

Your new site looks wonderful. Good job not-so-evil-Uncle Dave. I love the new banner. Again let me say... that poor turkey. :)

Blogger mrtl said...

OOOOH - It's right purty, even with the Biscuit Butt.

Blogger Greenthumb said...

Ahhhhh! Look at you Sis, you all sparkly and shiney new. I LIKE IT!!!!

Well done EvilUncleDave, WELL DONE!!! You brought her out of the darkeness and into the light.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It’s wonderful! I am envious.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

I love the fact that "Hope" is front and center. Awesome look and very fitting for you.

Hi Gumby!

How many free counseling sessions did you give to Evil Uncle Dave for this?

Anonymous Emma said...

Susie it looks great! Well done EvilUncleDave!


Anonymous JessicaRabbit said...

totally freaking fabulous

Anonymous katietoyboy said...

Love the shiny, new, fresh smell in here. Love what is done to the place. Its making me feel all warm and fuzzy, nearly makes me want to break out a blog of my own, but I'm still too chicken.

Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, it's beautiful! I always use IE and had to scroll way down to get to your posts! Now I don't have to AND I get to wave at Gumby!

Blogger Jomama said...

Wow! I'm loving the new look. Evil Uncle Dave did a great job.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Evil Uncle Dave...we should all be so evil.

What a great remodel! You'd think Ty Pennington had been here. Did you cry when they moved the bus?

The waving Gumby...I'm all choked up...

Blogger Dawn said...

Vey nice! almost thought i was in the wrong place, for a second-then I saw gumby:)

Blogger abcd said...

Wow sis-your blog looks like the
one of the Vanderbilt homes now.

What's it like, residing in a

All "yolks" aside-very nice look.

But wait does Neil like the new

Looks like you better wear your
Armani to work today.

"we are simple stupid folk and
we will probably always have
the idiot look".


Should I bring Sam over so he
can see your new home?

Blogger Susie said...


eclectic, you get the prize for being the first customer at the grand re-opening. I'll let you know when I figure out what it is.

kalki, I know! I love it, too! Thank you!

august95, I love it, too. EUD picked all the pictures, just to give me an idea, and they were perfect, I didn't change them. And guess what? I CAN put different pix in some day, if I want! Is he great or what?

mrtl, thank you, darlin'. I'll be over to see you. I think you're the only one I'm checking every day now; no one else is about to give birth any time.

greenie, you are a hoot. Out of the darkness . . . And I told you about the first time in the email. This was WAY better ;) And thank you, my love, for your humorous contributions to my announcement, here.

ssnick, thank you. But do not covet thy neighbor's blog ;)

william, Aw, thank you. Just between you and me, I learned some things, and then I promised not to have him involuntarily committed if he'd do certain things for me . . .

emma, hi, welcome, and thank you :)

JR, you would know "totally freaking fabulous." Thanks, sweetie.

katietoyboy, I was chicken for a long time. You'll jump in some day :)

squirl, oh, honey, that was so annoying. I didn't know what to do about it, so I switched to Mozilla. I'm so thankful you even kept visiting. And I'm thankful that EUD rescued me from that ;)

JOMAMA!, thank you! It's good to see you. How's your little guy doing?

bucky, this is why you are my fiance. Last night, I wanted to say to Dave, "Busdriver, MOVE THAT BUS!" But I didn't know if he'd get it. Isn't Ty cute? And buildy? The waving Gumby is pretty special, huh? *sniff* He's come so far in blogworld, since he first climbed the A-1 bottle :p

dawn, good, I knew keeping him was good. He's like a lighthouse, helping you find your way here, huh? Or not . . . I hope you're feeling better today :)

shoshie, you know, I visited the Biltmore House over the summer, and they had waving Gumbys, and dog butts in glasses, too! You are so right! Oh, yes, bring Sam. Hmmm, I have always served wine and cookies, here. I'll really have to upgrade my menu to go with the new decor ;)

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Wow! This is beautiful! I LOVE it! Your previous design was nice, but this is JUST WAY COOL!

No wonder you're shouting it from the hills!!

Excellent work Evil Uncle Dave!

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

Blovely, Susie. Blovely. Me so jealous.

Blogger Traci said...

It's lovely! Way to go notsoeviluncledave! and Susie!

Blogger Jim said...

This is COOL! Very nicely done! Don't you love remodeling? And I LOVE the new curtains!

Blogger Effie said...

I'm LOVING the new look--the first thing I noticed was Gumby waving--that's so cool!

I'm impressed--I have to say!

Blogger abcd said...

Amazing truly amazing. You now have
a Monet in blogsville.

And a blog that made me smile, and
I can always use a smile.

Congratulations Susie you deserve
an awesome blog makeover.


Blogger Nina said...

This is just the best, there is no doubt about it. I am filled with envy . . . Uncle Dave who can't be that evil, to give you such a cool remodel. It is gorgeous and just fabulous. Feels kind of like a while you were out kind of thing. Oh good, I see you left my comfy chair here for me!

Blogger LadyBug said...

WONDERFUL new look, Susie! I'm just thrilled for you.

And I totally waved at Gumby. I mean, after all, he's Gumby, dammit!

Love and hugs to you, my friend.

Blogger Twixie said...

upon first look I thought I had strolled into the wrong place. But the place looks absolutly awesome. Totally inviting...not that it ever wasn't inviting, but now even more than before.

I think eventually I'm gonne have to do something like that-

Blogger Karen said...

Oh, I should have known Evil Uncle Dave had something to do with it when I saw the WTF turkey in the banner. (Seriously, I did wonder.)

This is really looking good. Of course, I wouldn't want Dave to get a swelled head, so I think I'll go and tease him about his Wayfarers now. ;-)

Blogger MrsDoF said...

I likey what you've done with the place! The royal wave by Gumby is so sweet.
And I was going to ask about the gravatars but found them over here in the Post a Comment room.
Nice work!

Blogger Hippo said...

Where the hell am I ?

Dr H.O. Potamus - Kenya Resident

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is great Susie. Evil Dave did right smart good by you.

Now then, I suppose you wanna hear about My First Time (?)

Blogger Andrea said...

Woohoo! I LOVE IT! And I'm jillis too :) I've had the SAME FREAKIN' DESIGN you had since I started too, and I'm getting a bit tired of it myself. Your new place looks great!

Blogger Susie said...

ck, thank you! You're always doing cool stuff at your place. Now I feel like a cool kid, too :)

crayoneater, oh go on. You have skillz of your own, over at your place. Thank you, though.

traci, thanks, welcome back :)

jim, yes, the curtains finally match the carpet! (what?)

effie Gumby noticed you, too :)

nikki, aw, thank you. I'm glad you smiled. And I'm really happy to see you and shoshie today :)

nina, aw, that's so sweet. I'm glad it still feels comfy. It does to me, too!

ladybug, love and hugs backatcha, and thanks!

twixie, what a nice compliment. That's one of my favorite words when applied to a realworld OR a blogworld home -- that it's inviting.

karen, that's a good point. These people are saying awfully nice things. If, indeed, his head explodes, he will be of no further use to me; yea, go tease him ;)

mrsDoF, well, yea, sure, the gravatars, I mean, of course. (I'm glad you didn't have to ask me about them, because I don't know what they are.)

hippo, I would wager that is not the first time you have asked that question ;)

hoss, oh hell yes, we would all love to hear about your first time. Do tell!

andrea, I know, isn't it great?! I did really like the old template when I chose it. And did you know, that our template was the one that the famous Kristine used to use, too? Yep, when I started blogging, that's what she had.

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Beautiful! I love it!!

**waves at Gumby**

Blogger Girl.A said...

You think you're hot snot now, doncha? Doncha?

Anonymous lawbrat said...

So very cool! I love it!
Congrats on the Grand Re-Opening!

Blogger abcd said...

My oh my what a stupendous blog
my new sister has here. Do I see
Gumby waving at me?

This really is super nice Susie.
I really do love the new look,
but I am glad it's still Susie.


Blogger judypatooote said...

Can Gumby see me, I'm waving..... Sight looks great, and I didn't know we were judged by what our sight looks like.....I was always trying to up date mine, and make it cutesy, but decide, hey it's ok, i'll stick to the writing... and I never minded your last sight...but this one is cute.....

Blogger _Summer_ said...

Faboo, Susie dear!

Blogger Susie said...

sharkey, thank you! Now I can stop coveting your fancy banners :)

girl.a, insert lewd dancing here *ahem* Doncha wish your blog was HOT like mine? Doncha? DONCHA?
heh heh, that reminds me, I meant to ask Dave to make that song play when people come in here . . . and, you reminded me of a post I think I'll write . . . doncha doncha

lawbrat, thank you! Yours was one of the sites I looked at and asked Dave, "Hey, can you do this...?" So thanks for the inspiration :)

lisabeth, yep, still Susie, for better or worse :) Gumby is waving at you AND the little Johnny Mathis baby!

judyp, yes, Gumby sees you. I think it's kinda like the old Romper Room show . . . did you have that? I don't think I was judged by my site before; I was just really bored with it, and the pix I put in were too big in IE, the site went screwy. And EUD took pity on me :)

summer, thank you, love! I am very much like a kid with a new toy, today. A toy that I still don't know much about operating, but I sure do like to look at it :)

Blogger MrsDoF said...

Gravatars are the cute little pictures some people have figured out how to put in with their name in Comments.
I believe Gumby happens along with you.

Blogger Ern said...

It looks beautiful! Of course, right as I was taking it all in, my bird walked across the keyboard and did something weird to the fonts. But what I saw before that happened, I liked!

Blogger hellokittn said...

This is an excellent template!!! It doesn't cloud the true message of who you are though. A website cannot possibly define that.

Anonymous Sam said...

Shoshie called me into her den to
view this new look. She won't let
me read all the remarks here. Quite
creative, and pleasing to the eye.
I am not fond of clutter and this is
very well organized.


Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

SHAWEET! Very nice. Lovely calming colours. Perfect for you.

Blogger Nilbo said...

Lovely new look, dear. But even better ... it's still the same ol .. er .. familiar Susie.

Blogger eclectic said...

I win!! I win!! I'm so excited!! ***waving to Gumby***

Blogger Cori said...

You look soooo great! Eviluncledave did a great job with you!

Blogger Random and Odd said...

Who has the sexiest blog in all of the blogosphere?

and can I say it? please? come on...let me say it...


If you would have let me do the one with the gumby and pokey doing porn positions blog template I made...yeah, not so good huh?


Blogger abcd said...

I have decided the waving Gumby is
my new best friend. Now that I live
alone, I know I can come here anytime;
24 hours a day, and somebody is home.
Somebody waving Hi Nikki...and that
my friend is a very good thing.

If you have one of those site counter
things...I could make it explode.


Blogger Susie said...

mrsDoF, oh, OK. Are they called avatars, too? I saw that word somewhere.

ern, that image makes me laugh :) Thank you!

chchchchia, you are too good to me, girlie.

sam, thank you! Why won't that mean ol' Shoshie let you read? I think she's afraid you're going to start blogging, and then she'd have to cook and heaven only knows what else. tsk tsk I will be sure to pick up all the clutter here before you all come over for dessert some day. Pssst, Sam! What do you do?

kranki, you can't imagine how happy I am to see you out strolling the streets of blogworld :) I love how you say "colours."

nilbo, my OLD friend, thanks ;)

eclectic, Gumby's excited, too! (No, wait; that's at Bucky's. Never mind.)

cori, I KNOW! Thank you. Now, if he only did hair . . .

princesskristine, hold onto that one, you never know . . . Plenty of Gumby sex at Bucky's today, have you seen?

nikki, yes, my friend, Gumby is always delighted to have your company. And your comment makes me feel very happy, and I thank you for that.

Blogger abcd said...

I saw you over at eclectic..was
somebody being mean to you? Do I need
to hop a plane and defend you. I will
bring Neil with me. Maybe I can get
Sam to come also.


Anonymous Hänni said...

I'm waving right back at Gumby!

Good job evil uncle and congrats susie.

Blogger eclectic said...

Oooooo, oooooooh!!!!! Guess what I know?? I know what Sam does for a living!!! I know, I know!!!! And I'll tell ya, if you want to know, too, but you'll have to ask nicely.

Blogger Fuzzball said...

It's absolutely fantastic! Congrats!

Blogger Homestead said...

Oh, it's yummy. Me likey. Me want.

Blogger dashababy said...

I love it, love it, love it. No longer do I have to scroll for days to get to the good stuff. Sorry I aint been around too much but I've been sick with the flu and didnt want you to catch it.
You know I luz ya.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Well, I finally have my 5 guilty pleasures posted! WooHoo!

Still lovin' the new look of Susie!

Blogger SassyFemme said...

Oh I like it! I wasn't sure I was in the right place at first until I saw the Gumby, and then Biscuit in the banner pic.

Blogger Susie said...

shoshie, I was just a little frustrated this morning, but I've moved on. But I'm so thankful that you, and Neil and Sam were willing to come to my rescue. Hmmmm, if Sam was going to come and kick some ass on my behalf . . . I've GOT IT! He's in the Ass-Kicking Business! Oh, he must be doing very well, there's such a widespread need for that service these days ... :)

hanni, hi, sweetie, I'm waving, too. Some time, tell me how to make your fancy "a".

eclectic, SO. I know now, too. He's a professional ass-kicker. He has his own Ass-Kicking Business. Sam's Professional Ass-Kicking Business. Shoshie designs all the promotional material. It's a family business, and they do very well.

aw, thank you, fuzzball!

homestead, thanks! I think Dave will be very much in demand. Maybe he'll let me be his manager :)

dashababymama, that was so annoying on IE in the old site, I'm surprised anyone even came here at all, with IE. I hope you're all better. And thank you for not coming here and spreading the flu. You wouldn't believe the diseases I've picked up from the people visiting this blog. I know Jif doesn't.

lawbrat the erotica writer, um, I saw them ;)

sassyfemme, hi! yep, you're in the right place. I am one lucky girl.

Blogger momo said...

Wow! I totally love the new look, not that the old wasn't cool...'cause I mean it soooo was.

I just wanted to say, I really like how you've combined the old with the new. It sure is pretty!

Waving hi to Gumby.

Blogger Amy said...

WEll this is just the bestest looking blog I ever did see. LOVE the pics across the top!


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