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Friday, January 27, 2006

Biscuit Friday ~ Guard Dog


We recently discovered that Biscuit is an excellent basketball player. At least, he's good at helping LG improve her skillz.


He is actually quite good at blocking shots and stealing the ball. Of course, once he gets the ball, he has been known to double dribble.


And double slobber. And double bite.


HELP ME! My bookmarks have disappeared (again). If I normally visit you, or if you want me to vist you, please leave a comment so I can add you easily. I'll find you eventually, but this would help. Also, if you are geeky and know how to retrieve bookmarks that have been obliterated, that would be nice, too. Thanks!

41 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger mreddie said...

My granddaughter is learning the finer points of basketball but she doesn't have a dog that cares to teach her - they are dachshunds and way too short. :) ec

Blogger Jim said...

Cool photos! I love how they show motion - nicely done!

word verfication: zumvgfgl. Sounds like a dirty German word

Blogger abcd said...

Your daughter looks like a pro.

Just like her Mom.


Blogger mrtl said...

What a doll!

I'll send an email about bookmarks.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Good guard dog, Biscuit!
Get the ball! Get the ball!

word verification: mgohug -- MegaHug!

which I apparently typed wrong, and now have "smssm" -- shouldn't that be Bucky's?

Blogger Andrea said...

I think that's the most we've ever seen of LG's face! The more I see of it, the more beautiful I can see she is. Are you getting more lenient on your "no recognizable pictures" rule? :)

And here I am: http://chaithere.blogspot.com

Blogger Candace said...

Good dog!

Here I am, and I wish I *could* tell you how to retrieve bookmarks. Sadly, I can't.

Blogger Susie said...

mreddie, yea, they'd be good for . . . shuffleboard, maybe? ;)

jim, the secret is having a dinosaur camera that doesn't stop action :)

nikki, aw, shucks. We're having fun with it.

mrtl, thanks, sweetie.

ck, yep, that's bucky. I'll take the megahug, though :)

andrea, I had mixed feelings. Crayoneater freaked me out in flickr, earlier (still have to talk to her about that!), and the more I looked at it, the more I thought, it IS too recognizable. So it's outta here. And thank you for the compliment. I think so, but then, I'm the mama, that's my job :)

mistit, thanks I gotcha. Oops, I mean misFit. hahaaaaa True mistake, but it amused me too much to correct it. I know, this is maybe the 5th or 6th time I've lost everybody. Very annoying.

Blogger Nina said...

Good Dog Biscuit, good dog. This could ruin his reputation of being a very bad dog. :)

Blogger Andrea said...

Awwww...sorry if my comment was the one that ruined it for everyone else, but I know you've gotta do what you need to as a mom.

Blogger Effie said...

Boo--do you regularly visit me??

THe pics aren't loading up on my computer this time...

Blogger MrsDoF said...

Aahh, Biscuit, basketball, and LG all in the same post. My monitor might crack from the cuteness.

I'm at

Sorry I can't help with any Techie stuff.
I have live-in computer support, and any time I need something done, I leave a handwritten note on the message board.
There have been times he had even fixed it from somewhere else cuz he is so magical.

Blogger FutureFoodTVStar said...

I'm here. I live for Biscuit Fridays. He is just the cutest thing.

I had a Lhasa Apso (who died in 2002) but he looked a lot like Biscuit. Char Cole was considered a "Texas Lhasa" and was nearly 45 pounds. Therefore he had the longer legs and the floppy ears just reminds me of him.

I'm here at The Stolen Olive".

Your bookmarks on IE? Hmm. Let me think about that, I might be able to come up with something.

Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

Well I would comment, but since your links dissapearing might help with the stalking of me that you seemed to be doing, whew!

So I guess I'll just over here in the corner and be really quiet so you dont see me.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

But odes the dog know the pick and roll? I also noted that you had LG switch to purple shorts so no one would think that it was her that did the picking from a few posts ago.

I love the action shots.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Hey, are you implying that I'm into that S&M stuff?

What kind of opinion do you people have of me?

Do I have to break out the cat o' nine tails on you guys?

Blogger Squirl said...

Now, Bucky, play nice.

Blogger Karen said...

Great photos. Are they recent? It looks warm out. Our snow is melting (again!) but it's still snowpants weather.

(For some reason there is more than one 'fq' in my word verification. I wonder if it's trying to tell me something?)

Blogger mdog said...

word verification: iwctoo.

i walk to...?
i walk, too?
iwok two?


i mostly lurk and i don't think you've ventured over, but if you want another time wasting link for your day, by all means feel free to click here.

Blogger Dawn said...

ha, thats really cute. Im sure they could teach me a thing or 5 about basketball-i suck-really suck:)

sorry 'bout the bookmarks, that's really frustrating.

Blogger Amy said...

That last pic is AWESOME. The blue ball with the purple shorts and the honey coloured doggie makes for a great combo!

Blogger abcd said...

Wow it's a good thing you ditched
Neil. Your "baby" is marvelous. And
the bow-wow is cute.

I was at Buckys and caught you
singing...when will you learn

You can Ring my Bell

Ring my Bell

['cause baby you]

You can Ring my Bell

Ring my Bell
anything you like
come on, yeah
I'm getting over my falling clove
there was a time, I said to you
when I'm with him, do it to you
do it to you, do it, you know
You can Ring my Bell
Ring my Bell

Now that is stuck in my head
and I have enough drep in my

You guessed right on the man
in my bed-have you guessed
what he does?


Blogger Susie said...

nina, good basketball player, bad dog.

andrea, no, I just couldn't get comfy with it :)

effie, yes, I visit you, missy. I hope you get to see them.

mrsDoF, that's very sweet, calling DoF magical. That's probably because he's out of town ;) I knew you'd be happy to see Biscuit. I think you're his biggest fan. You want him?

FFTVStar, another Biscuit fan! Who knew? I've been using Mozilla, that's where the bookmarks keep disappearing from. Actually, if I go back to IE, I probably still have my "favorites" on there. But my blog doesn't look right in IE. Whining, now.

jess, that's our jess, always sitting quietly in the corner, trying not to be noticed. With her screaming cleavage and her bright orange hair . . .

william, stop that! LG was on the purple team last week, and she only picks and rolls in the privacy of our home!

bucky, no need to go to Funkytown on us . . .

squirl, settle her down, if you can. She's all "I'm Miss Blogger in the Spotlight..."

karen, lucky you; it's rare that someone here gets more than one fq per visit. This was last Saturday. She was in shorts because we just got home from the game, and in just a fleece vest because she refused to listen to my screaming at her to put a coat on. So of course, I went out and took pictures of her, good mom that I am.

mdog, thanks for the invite. iwctoo -- i will come, too :)

dawn, yea, it is frustrating. I don't have very good memory for URLs, either :(

amy, thank you. I gotta click your name and come check on your comedy career; I hope your last performance went well.

shoshie, I love it when you sing to me. Let's see. Your husband is quite handsome, btw. He looks very distinguished, so he's not a . . . sword swallower . . . he's not a . . . battery tester . . . is he a professor of something?

Blogger August95 said...

Hi Susie, I love your pics, very sweet. I also don't want you to lose me so I am leaving a comment.

Oh, one other thing... I tagged you.

Blogger eclectic said...

I guess that'll teach me to go AWOL for a day, I miss out on the LG pic! *sigh* You could email it to me on the sly...

Anyway, here I am at eclecticandmultifarious.blogspot.com/ in case you didn't mean to lose me.

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Love the VBD pics. And I bet last Saturday was nearly warm enough for shorts--I think it was 63 here.

Blogger Greenthumb said...

I love the third photo. Nice work Susie.

Anonymous kalki said...

I'm a geek but don't know a thing about Blogger bookmarks. Except that losing them would be uber-annoying.

Refer to mrtl's email. She's smart.

Blogger Susie said...

august, thank you -- for the compliment, not the tag! Alright, I'm thinking about the things I'm guilty of ;)

eclectic, I never want to lose you. What would I do without you?

What would we do baby, without us?
Sha la la la

sharkey, it really was warm. Not anymore, though. Brrrr.

greenie, thanks, bro. I saw your nice comment in flickr, too. The thing is, these pix reflect no skill. It's a matter of taking a picture with an antique digital camera that cannot stop action. I like the effect, too, in these, but my skillz get no credit, just a lack of technology :)

kalki, I was thinking of you, because you don't have a links list, but you manage to get around. Hmmm...

Blogger abcd said...

You are a very good friend


PS. Those dweebs posted passport
pictures-they look like geeks.

Maybe I will do a post on What in
the World does Shoshies Husband Do?
Now if ever caught wind of such post. We could all be MIA

Blogger Hippo said...

Hi susie,

You must be exhausted, I know I am. Running this Hipruedian Therapy practice I've barely enough time to get my own life in order.

Maybe, as a fellow colleeeeege, granted versed in a slightly different discipline, you can peer review the therapy I offered to Kami at:


Regarding her 1/23 or 1/24 post on the laments of being a SAHM.

Dr H.O. Potamus-Founder of Hipruedian Therapy

Anonymous lawbrat said...

LG and Biscuit! How cute.

I lost my links a little bit ago. Not fun. I still have no clue how to retrieve them.

I'm at lawbrat.com

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous kalki said...

I do keep bookmarks, although I don't have a clue how to magically retrieve them if they ever disappeared. But once you get them back (or recreate them or whatever) you should back them up so if you ever lose them again you can get them back easily. If you are using IE, you should have a file somewhere (you can search) called favorites.html - that's your list of bookmarks. Make a copy and put it somewhere safe.

Geekiness over.

Blogger Hippo said...


Dr. H.O. Potamus

Blogger Ern said...

I love these pictures of Biscuit (and LG) - great action!

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

At the end, my look-alike-yours dog, Muffin, could quadruple dribble. Poor baby.

Blogger Cori said...

I'd get that dog on a plane to Hollywood. Have you seen what Disney can do with a sports-playing dog???

Blogger gina said...

I wish i had a dog to play basketball with. But all I have is this stupid fish. And he can't play basketball. I've tried. The ball just makes the water fly out of the bowl.

Blogger Karen said...

Regarding your comment on my random Friday post about adjectives, yours is "dilettantish". Oh, and you never did say if you have a favourite colour of sucker? Because you get one of those, too.

Blogger SassyFemme said...

I just love these pictures! They look like photos that should be entered into a contest, they're just so cool!

Blogger momo said...

It's so sweet of Biscuit to help LG with her skills. I love the "double dribble, double slobber, double bite" part. He must learn the rules though, if he wants to play.


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