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Thursday, January 19, 2006

BAIB ~ Blogging at its Best

I recently joked with some of you here about presenting my own Major Awards to fellow bloggers. If I could present an award, I'd present the BAIB, for Blogging at its Best. And it wouldn't have anything at all to do with what your blog looks like, or how many people visit you, or even what or how well you write. It would have to do with how much goodstuff you put out in blogworld, by way of encouraging comments.

For me, some 10 months of blogging have yielded many rewards. I got the increased writing practice, and the outlet for goofiness, that were really my only two goals when I began. But I've gotten much more than that. I've gotten to be a part of something much bigger than that, something I didn't imagine at all, when I began. I've seen how actual people can derive some actual benefit from the kind and encouraging comments of strangers. I've been on both the giving and receiving ends of that transaction. On my birthday, when I was anxious and scared, people I will probably never lay eyes on took my mind off of my worries, which was the very best gift I could have gotten that day. I've seen people go through illnesses, unemployment, children's disabilities, and worse, and be helped by strangers taking a moment to say, "I was here, and I care, and I'm hoping good things for you." It is no small thing, this "blove" we talk about.

I've talked a little bit before about how (and I still don't quite know how) blogworld seems to be an amalgamation of neighborhoods. I adore my neighbors. Can you imagine the block parties we would have, if we could really all come out and get together? One of our neighbors, the beautiful, charming, gracious von Krankipantzen, has made it through chemo, and through radiation, and is preparing for surgery. Big, terrifying surgery -- a bilateral mastectomy -- on Monday, January 23rd. Kranki has blogged through nearly a year of dealing with cancer. And in that year, she has amazed and delighted us, and given us an excellent cookie recipe, and exploited her beloved cat, Yoshi, nearly every Friday, for our pleasure. If you haven't already, or even if you have, please take a moment to stop in and give Kranki some love, and some encouragement, and whatever else you got lying around that she might put to good use.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from someone very special*, inviting me to visit someone else very special. This second someone is Deb, at Debutaunt. She lives in another neighborhood, but it's not all that far away. She is a fine writer, and the single mom of a beautiful little girl, Zoe. And she has leukemia. She's just entering a fifth round of chemo, with the hope of preparing for a bone marrow transplant after this round. I know that my neighbors here are not a bit shy, and will think nothing of going and knocking on a new door and introducing themselves. That's another reason I love you guys. So after you leave Kranki, with a kiss and a crush for Yoshi's head, please head on down the road just a bit and give Deb some encouragement, too. But be careful while you're reading there. She likes to give out a daily assignment! Last night's required me to do laundry at 11 p.m.! Just be careful, that's all I'm saying.

I wouldn't bother asking for this, except, it's important. People who've had serious surgeries, and people who've had dear ones who did not survive, despite our witty comments and our fervent prayers, tell me that it helps to have weird blog people come and comment. So of course we will do that. No good reason not to.

Thanks, friends and neighbors. And lurkers, too. Hey, if you lurk here, do me a big favor and go de-lurk on Kranki and Deb's sites :)

Much love to you strange, lovely people who stop in here. Now go get your BAIB. THAT is a Major Award.

*The someone special who emailed me was Nikki. If you are a non-believer that your comments make a difference, please read Nikki's comment here on this post. Not because of the outrageously kind things she says about me, but because no one knows better than she about the power of comment-love from strangers. Nikki is Sarah's partner.

31 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Again, you amaze me.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Susie, you are the BAIBest babe in Blogsylvania.

Blogger Jim said...

Very nicely done. You remind us all that people don't have to have met you to encourage you.

Blogger abcd said...

I will tell all of your blog
world that begging does pay off.
Susie made a world of difference to
Sarah. Susie with her compassion and humor always made Sarah laugh.
I somehow found Deb's blog and saw she was going through what Sarah went through. I knew Susie would do a bang up job of writing something about this woman.
Now Kranki who we call the Princess of Kindness stops by our pathetic little blog where we seldom write anymore. But yet she drops a line and always says HI,
always checks on us, and never forgets about us.

All the bloggers that Susie sends
out to these women-you do make a difference. If you don't think that you do. I can tell you to the
contrary. Your comments would make Sarah smile, and I know she is smiling today-I think her soul
went to Hershy, PA since I often
thought she loved candy more then
But that Susie-makes me believe
the kindness of humans can and
does make all the difference in
the world. So a big shout out
to Susie for being the best of
the best.

(yes I am crying) and I can't
see word verification.

Anonymous kalki said...

You are so blovely, Susie.

Blogger abcd said...

I received a SOS call from Nikki.
All because of your beautiful post.
Now we are both crying, I should
be working, she (Nikki) is off on
Thursday's (that's the day I think
doctor's are supposed to golf, and drink). We are crying good tears,
thinking about the good day's with
Sarah. Thinking about how happy you
made her today. We have now made
you an honorary sister (not that kind-Nikki just jabbed me) but added you to our family. Which means you have unlimited access to
lots of love, candy, loons, food,
and more food, crazy children,
crazy adults. You know Jews and food we love our food.

From our house to your house we
love you Susie.

To the Susie bloggers we love you
also for spreading the love to
these women and to our sister
as you did.

Now we have hogged all of Susies
bandwidth so now I should say

Shalom as Sarah would and for
Susie a big GOD BLESS YOU and
Good Luck to YOU on Monday.


Blogger abcd said...

We will be thanking each of your
readers for stopping by these womens' sites.


Blogger Candace said...

Susie, I really do blove you. You are so eloquent and wonderful.

I'm off to give encouragement to Deb (I've been to Kranki's already and will likely be there again in the course of my regular rounds).

Blogger Susie said...

william, Sometimes I amaze myself. And I'm pretty sure you and I aren't talking about the same things. heheee

bucky, thanks, and you are BAIBolicious.

jim, that's exactly right. And your post today cracked me up.

nikki, you made me cry, too, and you're far too generous in your compliments to me. But I am glad that you said what you did, about how much comments mean. Hershey is "the sweetest place on earth," they say. I like that :)

kalki, so are you. And I LOVED your comment at kranki's about imagining yourself in the various fashion vignettes. How have I not done this? I'm going to start; I LOVE it!

shoshie, you really are nuts, aren't you? ;) It's good to see you. And as the only girl in a family with 5 brothers, I am always excited to get some sisters! I'm an honorary sister in two blog families, now, and I am truly honored by the invitation. Love, food and crazy people? I am so there. And as for thanking people, I have always been so moved, so impressed by how you all do that; being thankful is a wonderful spiritual discipline to cultivate. I think we can never say "thanks" enough. God bless you, too. And I love you, too. Shalom.

misfit, thanks. All this is just making me want to burst out into


but I'll try to restrain ;) Thanks for being a BAIB.

Blogger abcd said...

Yes I am a little goofy. Now you never should have started that Elton John song because I am singing that out loud. Nikki is going to send me home. Now you know
why my kids say "MOM" what's the matter with you!

And to think I stayed home because Nikki called and begged me.

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it's laid to rest
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best.

I once envisioned myself as a singer!


Anonymous lawbrat said...

You put that so perfectly. It is like a neighborhood, we all see each other at our 'friends' place, drop in, lurk, de-lurk, give and take support. Its an amazing thing. Knowing you're not alone, or letting someone else know they're not alone is something very precious and sacred. When you feel alone, it just makes it worse. Because you MUST be a freak, b/c NOBODY else feels/thinks/deals with/ anything like X(whatever it is). You find, that indeed, many others have been there, done that, came out stronger, made others stronger, given hope, recieved hope.

I just love you!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your graciousness and kindness and support. And your ability to inspire wonderful actions in others. I can't begin to express how the support and well wishes in my comment section have helped me feel good and positive and well over the last few days. I swear that I can actually feel your hugs. I mean physically when I read your blog and sweet comments. Thank you.

Blogger Andrea said...

Anyone else besides me think that Susie deserves the biggest, best BAIB of all? If we could all visit and leave nice encouraging comments at HALF the blogs Susie does, how much more blove would there be in the blogosphere, not to mention the world?

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Went there, did those.

Anonymous deneen said...

I will un-lurk to say: How unbelievably sweet you are. What a gal.

I visit my little neighborhood of blogs everyday-lurking like mad and wishing I knew people like you in my life. You guys make me laugh and cry and are so sweet.

I would blog but I would only get wacko comments from people that like to lick windows or some such nonsense. And who besides "she who will not be named but we all know who I am referring to" has time for that?

Blogger Squirl said...

What a wonderful post, Susie. I agree with Bucky, you're the BAIBest babe in Blogsylvania.

You are so right about the blove out here. I've given and received. It feels good on both sides. I don't know how my life would be if I hadn't gotten into the blogs, but I do know that I would have been missing a very great thing. And I'm proud to call you sister.

Blogger Karen said...

I took a walk through a couple of new neighbourhoods tonight. Thanks, Susie.

Blogger eclectic said...

When I was a brand new babe in Blogland, you were one of my earliest visitors and you made me feel right at home. This blogging, this mystery of electronic circuitry, has invaded my very heart in the intervening months and I'm just so pleased and proud to be part of your neighborhood, Susie. In real life, I'm sisterless myself. But I feel less so here.

Blogger Susie said...

shoshie, you are absolutely a singer! You sound great! :) And it's a good thing you went over to Nikki's today. Otherwise, she might have gone out drunken golfing with the rest of the docs. Blogging, crying and singing are much better than drunken golfing ;)

lawbrat, I love you right back. You've been such a good blogfriend to me, for such a long time :)

kranki, thanks for saying those things. You are an extraordinary woman. You've gone through the crap that we all hope and pray we never have to go through, and you've kept your grace and humor -- I've never encountered anyone like you. It's an honor to be your friend, and to introduce others to you.

andrea, aw, shucks. Truth is, I don't get around much anymore. At least not on a regular basis. Just a few comments a day, BUT if I know someone is in trouble and if a simple comment can help, then I'm happy to do that. I think most folks here feel the same way :)

hoss, I know you did, because I was there after you, and I could smell your FINE aftershave ;)

deneen, thanks for de-lurking, here and there. Window-lickers? Ohmygosh, surely not! No one has time for that. Unless there's chocolate syrup on them or something...

squirl, I'm glad you started blogging, too, and glad you took me in off the streets of blogworld :)

karen, oh, good! You are most welcome. Blogworld is a VERY big place, I've not traveled much of it myself. I stick kinda close to home.

eclectic, as always, you put words together so beautifully. I remember the first time I saw you, at Brando's, saying that you'd just started your blog. I had to come and say "welcome," because people did that to me. I'm very glad I did; then I kept you ;)

Blogger Dang Cold.. said...

I'm still here darlin'.



Blogger mrtl said...

I blove you so much, sweetie. I have some ideas, and will get something to you tomorrow.

Blogger August95 said...

From first hand knowledge, I know what the power here can do. We really are lucky to have you Susie.

Blogger Nina said...

I came here this morning and have thought about this post on your blog all day.

There are times in our lives when we may find ourselves facing challenges that can seem overwhelming.

You amaze me Susie as I watch you go around to neighborhoods and wrap people in warmth, bolster them, and offer supportive words and prayers.

As we navigate our way through life, we sometimes lose touch with what it is like to have a sense of community.

Your Blog offers that sense of community . . . Support will come from all sides when you rally the troops, giving great strength, encouragement, and the will to move forward, even when the necessary action is a difficult one.

So I have to say the award would go to you. I’m not sure anymore how I stumbled in here the first time. I am just very grateful that I did.

Blogger abcd said...

IF you have a moment stop by Deb's
she wrote a great post and bring
a tissue.

I cried and yes I do have to work
today. Now I have "talked" to Sarah and she knows she is responsible for you on Monday. You are in good hands. She will be your angel. I think Jewish angels are OK?

I can not thank you enough!

Do you want Sarah's car?

Blogger Susie said...

dang, thanks for checking in. I hope all is well.

do comeback :)

nestingmrtl, I blove you, too. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

august95, like I told you before, you started this sort of thing. We are lucky to have YOU.

nina, I think you came here on or just before your 45th birthday, because I think the first time I came to your place was to wish you a happy day, and welcome you to 45. I trust you got my email. I think you are the cat's pajamas. (btw, so far, 46 SUCKS; just stay put until I give you the all clear to move ahead ;)

nikki, I read at Deb's today. She does write powerfully. Sarah is welcome to be my angel. Thank you for that. Jewish angels, no problem :) And I remember when y'all offered Sarah's car for my trip in the summer. Since then, I am pleased to report that Jif has a new minivan from work. My '99 Saturn has promised to last a few more years, so we're good. Amazingly, I think you really would give me Sarah's car. And I thank you for that generosity of spirit. There will be someone who needs it much more. I know you'll find the right home for it.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

I second what Bucky said...

You're the bomb diggity, baby.


Blogger hellokittn said...

Now you got me crying. Sheesh, you defrosted the fridgid witch in me :).

The amount of love you and all the people here offer one another (blindly may I add) is just moving.

Thank you for all you have done for not only me, but the rest of blogland. I love the fact that we both kinda started around the same time (April 2005 for me) and I've able to say that I've seen your writing develop into something that is nothing less than beautiful.

Blogger Hippo said...

As usual Susy, a perfectly insightful and well written post! I don't know what it is about blogland that makes it so enticing to me but I love reading peoples blogs. I love their personal storys, their dilemmas, their cleavage photos, their jokes and their funny stories, and I even the mundane descriptions of their day to day lives. I shall stop in at your blog friends I shall deliver some good cheer. And you know that Hippo=Good Cheer....Right?

Dr. H.O. Potamus - Cheerful Mammal

Blogger abcd said...

I think I thanks most of your bloggers! Susie I sound like a broken record but you are the best!


(I am going to a real church on
Sunday for you)

Blogger Nina said...

(btw, so far, 46 SUCKS; just stay put until I give you the all clear to move ahead ;)

LOL, I have exactly 5 months and 3 days to figure out how to stay put. Or you have 5 months and 3 days to give the all clear. I'm hoping the 46 SUCKS, will give up and go away soon!

Blogger Susie said...

ck, you are the best. I LOVE my award. I will displayit proudly :)

chchchchia, thank you, defrosting is a good thing sometimes ;)

hippo, thanks for that. I love reading people's stories, too. I really do. Cleavage pix, not so much. Unless, you know, it's vital to the story :)

nikki, I know, I've seen you everywhere. I'm big into thank yous, too. I am blown away that you are going to a church in my honor. I do so hope it's a wonderful experience for you. And if it's not, try another! Hugs to you.

nina, I'll keep you posted. I'm working on both -- staying put and fixing 46 ;)


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