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Monday, January 30, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

August95 tagged me with this meme. Just a silly meme, so it should be easy, but I found myself wrestling with it. List my five "guilty pleasures." That would be five things I enjoy, but feel at least a little guilty about. Guilt is a thing I try not to do. I made that decision a long, long time ago. Not that I do nothing bad. Oh, I do plenty of bad things. But they are my choice, so I don't allow myself the "out" of feeling guilty about them. Martin Luther's words, “Sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly . . ." were the impetus for staking claim to my "I don't do guilt" posture. If I do something wrong, I consider the consequences beforehand, and if it's important to me to do the thing, and if I'm willing to live with the consequences, then I go for it. No guilt allowed. That's a lot of philosophy for a little meme.

So, here are some things from which I get pleasure, but about which I may have occasional mini-regret or even embarrassment:

1. Blogging, of course. I spend a lot of time here. I weigh, almost daily, the benefit to me, and the benefit to others (as they have communicated to me). My rule is, I can take time from realworld things and stuff to do this (especially I can do it instead of TV-watching), but I can't take time from realworld people to do it. Yea, almost daily, I look at this.

2. When I watch TV, I like me some mindless TV. How mindless? Like, "Reno 9-1-1" mindless. I like sitcoms. Lately I love "My Name is Earl," and Britcoms, like "Keeping Up Appearances." I like Super Nanny (she could kick Dr. Phil's ass in a child-raising contest), and I used to enjoy "The Osbournes," for the wisdom it added to my family therapy practice. Incidentally, while channel surfing on Saturday afternoon, I stopped on "Hogan Knows Best," in which former wrestler Hulk Hogan and his family do their "reality" thing. I watched parts of two episodes; enough for me to conclude that Hulk Hogan makes Ozzie Osbourne look like Andy Griffith, in the dad department.

Something Mrs. Hulk said to Hulk, that I'm pretty sure I'll never say to Jif:
"Put your boa on."

3. There's a whole food category. Chocolate anything and everything. And Cheetos. Mind you, I don't purchase Cheetos. However, as most moms will admit (if they have learned to sin boldly), there is a place in this world for Cheetos. And that place is at a children's birthday party. I will leave a child's birthday party with some orange fingers, for sure. Indeed, if anyone reading this is considering whether or not to have children -- consider the Cheeto factor. I like to eat Hillbillian foods, but in my firm commitment to never weigh more than my car, I don't cook them often. Not at all. If I make comfort foods, though, they are the real deal. I may make mashed potatoes only . . . oh, four or five times a year . . . but they are made with real butter and cream, when I do.

Now it's getting tougher to find things to feel guilty about . . . OK:

4. I flirt. And in the process of doing so, I may embellish the truth from time to time. You may have figured that out from visiting here. I get a lot of pleasure from this. But truthfully, not so much guilt, because it's not THAT kind of flirting. I am an equal opportunity flirter. Men, women, children. I like to leave someone's presence with the feeling that THEY feel better than they did before I got there. We're just not sweet to each other the way we could be. I try to be sweet to people, compliment them, help them upgrade their sense of self, at least for a moment. And I may lie in the process. I have no problem with that. And NO, I have certainly never lied to any of you.

5. I have gone through phases of buying too many of something. Shoes, purses, cosmetics, CDs. Probably the most consistent transgression in this category is books. That is not the case at the moment, but it is likely to emerge again at any time. I am a book addict.

There you have it. These are not the worst things I do. They are some of the worst things I do, from which I get pleasure. Revealing the other worst things I do from which I get pleasure would attract a more unseemly element than the riff raff that already frequents here, so we won't be talking about that today ;)

I won't tag you, but you know we want to know. So post your guilty pleasures, or spill them here :)

File under: " &Memes"

39 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger abcd said...

Susie Fairchild: I had to pick
myself off the floor when I read.
"I have made a vow never to weigh
more then my car". Sister-you are
very, and I mean very funny.

I hate cheetos because of the orange finger factor. I won't let
my kids eat them. As far as they know their is no said product. But those dang twins have had them elsewhere. I have told them they
could turn them orange. (evil Mother).

My guilty pleasures:
1. Look at my closet floor. Shoes.
2. Husband cooking dinner most nights.
3. Finding out my MIL (Mother-in
Law) wants to move to California
woo-hoo (She is wicked but I never
ever tell my husband how I truly
feel) Right now she lives about
4 hours away in a car.
5 The amt of time I spend with
my sisters. But I do drag
my darling children with me.

I am much better today, but a new
pair of shoes might be in order.


Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Susie, your blogging and flirting are beneficial to other people, so you can't really feel guilty about them.

And "Reno 9-1-1" is some high-quality programming.

I think I may tag myself with this one. Not that I often feel guilty, but I do lots of wrong things people would probably find amusing (like typing with this band-aid on my finger because I injured myself on a laundry basket yesterday).

Anonymous Sharkey said...

J.P. was making a Wawa run last week to pick up some dinner for us (I'm thinking the Wawa dinner run must be the PA version of hillbilly), and he said, "I'll get you some baked chips to go with your sandwich."

I was like, "Baked chips?!? Um, no. I'd like Cheetos, please. And not the poofy kind--the crunchy, fried kind."

Blogger Susie said...

shoshie, see, it's good to have standards, don't you think? I have a small car. If I start approaching its weight, I can buy a bigger one ;)
I KNOW Cheetos must be bad news; we shouldn't eat foods that can change the color of our skin, for goodness' sake! And we shouldn't feel them to our kids. But, they're crunchy, and they're cheesy, so what can I do? I LOVE shoes, too. I often have an image of my next pair in my head. Spending time with sisters is a wonderful thing.

bucky, thank you, baby, and I knew you would watch Reno 9-1-1 with me. Now, about your hands. I'm gonna have to get you the mittens to match the helmet, aren't I?

sharkey, ah yes, the poofy/crunchy question. I admit, I occasionally like the poofy, for the nostalgia factor. The crunchy are definitely more refined, more sophisticated -- I mean, you know, as refined and sophisticated as Cheetos can be.

Blogger Jim said...

I have a LOT more than five guilty pleasures....but here are some:

1. Books - I buy books constantly and I have so many now that I haven't read that I'll be here until 3 days past 2009 trying to catch up. But I still buy 'em because books are cool.

2. Gizmos. Every tax return time, I always buy a high-tech gizmo with some of it and save the rest. I'm trying to debate on this year's high-tech gizmo (has to be USEFUL). Any ideas?

3. Bacon. Oh God, bacon.

4. Bugs Bunny cartoons when I should be doing work. This makes the cartoons even funnier.

5. Over-generosity. I'm entirely TOO generous with my money but I absolutely love doing it. I know I shouldn't (as my depleted savings account will confirm).

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

My guilty pleasures -- reading fiction, watching Medium or Ghost Whisperer, chocolate in any shape or form, and ANY and ALL time I get to myself. :)

I've never thought of flirting the way you put it, Susie... hmmm... look out world! :)

Blogger August95 said...

Yay Susie, great job. I totally understand what you mean about Guilt. See, how it's has a capital G lol.

Great view on flirting. We should all do that lots more. Thanks for doing the meme.

Anonymous Hannah said...

Why won't Shoshie tell you want
her husband does to put food on
the table?

I hope you don't care that a college kid is writing on your site. But at my age nobody has

My Pleasures are
1. Martinis
2. Eating HAM (my MOM doesn't know)
3. Sometimes skipping class
4. My cell bill
5. Nikki paying someone to clean
our pit at college.

Blogger Susie said...

jim, here's your bacon. On #5, I'm not sure I understand. Perhaps you could demonstrate this vice ON ME!

ck, I love Medium. I have refused to watch Ghost Whisperer, because I would consider that cheating on Medium. You paranormal TV slut! And, CK, you are an EXCELLENT flirter. You asked me to marry you months ago, have you forgotten? I said yes. I remember. I am engaged to you, and I'm pretty sure one other blogger, but I can't remember who that one is. Flirt on!

august95, yea, flirting is good. I shouldn't even put that on my list! I will continue to flirt proudly :)

hannah! welcome, sweetie! Look, everyone, it's my new niece, whom I've never met, Hannah! It's just a game we're playing, "Guess What Sam Does" (If his name is really Sam!) Nikki pays to have your place cleaned? That is so perfect. You have time to do guilt later. Have fun now, but (as your auntie, I must say this) BE SAFE.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Perhaps you're engaged to Jessica Rabbit?

Oh no, darling... I haven't forgotten. :)

Blogger Dawn said...

Oh my, you are too funny:) Thanks for doing this, it was a pleasure to read

My guilty pleasures:
1.Blogging-according to my family that is :)


3.Buying stationary supplies(mostly pens)-it's beyond what one would need in a lifetime.

4.Taking pictures-i take pictures of EVERYTHING. my family really hates me for this.

thats all i can think of right now, im late for work-see #1 :)

Blogger Ern said...

Don't you know? THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY BOOKS. I'm even wearing my book worm t-shirt right now.

(Oh, and I love Reno 911! Lt. Dangle is as funny as some bloggers--almost as funny as you!)

Blogger Susie said...

CK, nope, I'm sure it's not JR. And that's all I have to say about that. For now.

dawn, I love stationery supplies, too! And Jif loves pens. I like papers AND pens. And I confess, I have been late for work due to blogging. That's just WRONG, Dawn.

ern, those SHORTS he wears! And Raineesha. I love her so much. I want to hang out with her. Clearly, you are a woman of taste and cultcha.

Blogger Amy said...

My guilty pleasures are ebay and the darling little naps I sometimes take in the afternoon when two kids are at school and one is post lullaby. Ahhhh.

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

You want mindless, go watch Wheel of Fortune, where some 46-year-old well-preserved broad lights up letters for a million bucks a year. You don't have to do anything; they do all the spelling.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Cheetos are one of the four food groups and you should eat them regularly with out guilt.

The flirt thing is not something you should feel guilty about. I think it is very nice to leave people feeling good about themselves. Now If I ever meet you I am going to be thinking the whole time, "Was she being serious that I am the most attractive guy on the planet? Or was she embellishing so I can feel good about myself?"

Blogger eclectic said...

Brie cheese. There. I said it. Oh, and the occasional Lotto ticket. Wha??! It only costs a buck.

Blogger Amy said...

I also am quite fascinated by Super Nanny and Nanny 911. As a family therapist as well, I often wonder how much more progress I could make with my family if I lived with them for a week. And then I realize I'm glad I DON'T live with my families. Visit me at www.therapyexperience.blogspot.com

Anonymous lawbrat said...

I'm with swlf on the orange finger factor. It they didnt turn my fingers orange I just may eat them. Yes, I do realize I have some ocd tendencies. I wont share a spoon when the food leaves a residue- think ice cream, yogurt. Even if the kids want a bite of what i'm eating, i'll get them their own. I must keep away from spoon residue.

I never thought of you as a 'mindless' tv watcher! I had this picture of you either not watching tv- which is partly true I guess- or watching educational, learning things. Very interesting Susie Fairchild, very interesting.

I'm gonna tag myself with this, but it wont be up until much later tonight or tomorrow.

Blogger abcd said...

Oh Lordie-I see Shoshie and now
Hannah. What has Shoshie done-putting that "child" on the blog.
Now she is over here giving her
.2 cents worth.

Without further ado my guilty

clothes-and I would say lazing in
bed on my day off-spoiling the neices and nephews-some of my
electronic gadgets-and my cd collection which is obscene.

I am advocating Shoshie inviting
her mother-in-law to move in with

Susie don't you think that's a good


Anonymous Daphne said...

The comments with swlf and shoshie and hannah and everybody are awfully sweet these days.

I really like your thoughts on guilt--I'm not sure I've ever heard it put that way before. Now I'm going to have to think about that a whole lot.

Blogger Nina said...

Those are good, or at least not too guilt provoking.
Blogging is it for me . . . my guilty pleasure . . . oh I am sure there are more, but it is better that I not share such things.

Blogger Squirl said...

I just read most of your post to Ichabod. It cracked me up, not weigh more than your car. You are so frickin' funny!

I really like My Name is Earl. I don't watch much tv, but I like that one. I spend a lot of time blogging too. And when I'm too busy to do much blogging I hate it, must find blog time.

Definitely the poofy Cheetos for me, definitely.

Blogger Susie said...

amy, I'm not a good napper, or even a good sleeper, but sometimes, on Sunday afternoons, I can nap, either alone or with Jif, and those are heavenly. I envy you your nappiness; I'm going to try to nap more.

hoss, I must agree; I've never been able to obtain quite THAT state of mindlessness :)

william, thank you for the Cheetos blessing. Hmmmm, well, I try not to use the phrase "...on the planet" when I'm flirting. However, when I meet you, and tell you that you are the most attractive guy on the planet, I will TOTALLY mean it in the moment. And really, isn't that enough? :)

eclectic, must you have your brie naked, or can it be dressed? I have an AMAZING brie recipe I will share with you, if you just say the word.

amy, welcome, I'll come and visit. Yea, no, I'm not going home with any of my families. Actually, for me, families are a small part of my practice now, just at the agency where I supervise graduate students. My private practice is all adults and couples. I'm not going home with them, either ;) Although, I do recall a couple who offered to hire me to live with them. Takes all kinds.

lawbrat, residue, huh? OK. I am not MUCH of a TV watcher, and even less since blogging. But when I do, I want it to be escapist -- like blogging -- and it is quite mindless.

nikki, I like my bed, too. I do feel guilty when I stay there too much, though. I need to work on that. Yes, in my opinion, Shoshie's MIL should definitely live with her. It's the only way they can repair their relationship difficulties ;)

daphne, hi there, are you mrtl's daphne? welcome! Nikki and the Sisters (and the nieces, nephews, husbands, etc.) are most delightful, indeed. And I am SO happy to see them laughing and playing :) Happy thinking to you, on the guilt thing ;)

nina, still waters run deep. I'll bet your guilty pleasures are VERY juicy ;)

squirl-bob, how much would I love to watch My Name is Earl and eat poofy Cheetos with you? heheee I think I'll put that on my life's to-do list :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Susie honey, I've been "seeing" you on swlf and I just had to stop by tonight while I'm mindlessly blogging! LOL Guilty or NONguilty pleasures? Hmmmm....BOOKS! Tons and tons of them...although, honestly I don't feel guilty about buying them... until my husband makes some comment about not getting them from the library! Taking hot bubble baths with the door locked AND frozen peanut butter cups to eat! :) Lipstick...and not the cheap kind either! BLOGGING most definitely! oh and I play video games with my daughter. (Hi, I'm traci and I'm a gamer) ROFLMAO! In my search for silliness lately, this has been fun. Thanks babe. Peace.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Oh, dear lord, I think I need more sleep, like, NOW.

I saw this phrase in your comment:
"And Jif loves pens."

I am so very tired...I could SWEAR it said "And Jif loves penis."

So here I am, bleary eyed, goin' "WhatWhatWhat???"

But now that I get it...I should have put that as one of my guilty pleasures, too. I have a real fixation on office supples.

(and Play-Doh penises)

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Mmmm. Office supplies, yes. Gotta watch out for them staples...

Blogger Susie said...

traci, welcome! Oh, you remind me of one. I have a lipstick, lip gloss thing, too. A serious one.

bucky, well. I must refer you to email for a thorough discussion of who in this family prefers what.

ck, what are you doing with the office supplies? You've been hanging out with Bucky, haven't you, dear?

Blogger Nina said...

LOL, yes, VERY juicy, indeed. Don't forget to wear Red on Friday. The explanation is on my blog. ;)

Blogger Dawn said...

OH my, bucky kills me-lol. i think i may need to show this to my boyfriend. he thinks im the only one that's obsessed with PENS and stationary.
So, is it wrong that I'm not only late for work today, but not going in at all?

I swear, I'm sick, like flu sick.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Yes I have been hanging out with Bucky... why?

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Boy, mistake one writing instrument for a tallywhacker and suddenly I've got a reputation.

Blogger Susie said...

ladyinred, you got it, sweetie!

dawn, I'm sorry you're sick, but you'd better be sick, missy. Being late due to blogging is one thing, but missing work for blogging, no no no.

ck, it's just that . . . show me your pen, that's right, now penS, good . . .

bucky, that is certainly what gave you your reputation. That and all those blank checks you passed out, because you thought you were actually writing on them with that...

Blogger eclectic said...

Bucky has a reputation??

/goes back to play-doh table, humming "The Shape of Things to Come"...

Blogger eclectic said...

PS -- Oh Susie, I almost forgot: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me the recipe involving Brie! I will eat it in a house, I will eat it with a mouse, in a box, with a fox...

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I'll have you know I haven't made genitalia out of Play-Doh in hours.

Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, that would be so much fun watching My Name is Earl and eating Cheetos with you!

I forgot to mention that I'm hooked on books, too. Not looking forward to moving them again.

Blogger Dawn said...

i swear, i am sick. my voice is so messed up, i sound like a man-its really quite funny:)

Blogger Andrea said...

1. I hear you on the books. CDs too. I am starting to be like my mom, that is, accumulating so many that I am falling behind in reading and listening to them.
2. Internet in general: sometimes blogging, sometimes random surfing, sometimes GAMES (I've already shared my sudoku fetish)
3. I know way more about pop culture than is really necessary. Paris? Yeah, she was drunk last night. Sienna? She wore something awful last week, according to GoFugYourself.
4. Carbs. Of any kind. Crescent rolls, white rice, sugar, chocolate. Just can't seem to kick that habit.
5. Watching the Today Show. Katie, Matt, Al, and Ann ROCK. I feel like such a dweeb, but someday...I am going to go to NYC and go to Rockefeller Plaza with a sign and get on TV.


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