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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sounds Like Vacation Time

I love my work. I thank God I'm still well enough to do it as much as I do. And some days, where I work, it's too much, and we just look at each other and shake our heads, like, "Are you believing this?" I had just gotten off the phone, taking an application for our waiting list, a family in need of a counselor. I walked out of the office to see my colleagues looking a bit the worse for wear, and I handed the application to the director, and a copy to the other clinical supervisor.

Lydia: How do you say this name, the mom? Ki-nee?
Susie: No, it's pronounced, Ki-NAY, see I wrote it phonetically right there...
Donna: And the daughter, is that Ky-mee-ah?
Susie: No, it's more like Kuh-mee-uh.
Lydia: As in, C'meah? C'mere! C'mere, C'meah!
Susie: That's right, it's expedient. See, you don't even have to say c'mere! You just say C'meah, and she knows you mean, c'mere, C'meah!

We're laughing, now. We're starting to lose it. The front door is locked, we're sprawled in chairs in the waiting room.

Donna: The boy, what is his name, Cry-on?
Susie: It looks like cry-on, but it's pronounced Koran. Like a holy book.
Lydia: Lemme see. That's not Koran. That's . . . Carry-on.
Susie: Yea, the kid is baggage, so she named him Carry-on. "C'meah, and bring Carry-on!"

We're howling, now.

Donna: Yea, and his brother is Satchel . . .


Susie (can barely get it out, we're laughing so hard): And the older sister is Valise!

The bell rings and we look toward the door. Lydia opens it and in comes her client, a single Mom with her little boy, who has Asperger's. Lydia greets the Mom, finds out how her week has been, while the little boy shows Donna and me what he's been shooting on his VideoNow camera. Lydia walks them both to her office, Donna goes to get the ringing phone, and I return the call to the man who couldn't talk because he was at work earlier, but now he can so he tells me that Child Protective Services told him to call us after his 8-year-old showed up at school with the man's handprint on his face. The school where the man's wife, the boy's mom, teaches. Back to work, silly girls.

How can you tell when you're ready for a vacation?

file under: &Work &Can't Make This Stuff Up

24 heads are better than one . . .

When I'm spending so much time at work surfing the internets that I'm actually worried about being caught. Next Friday - launch date to the beach!!!

Blogger Lynn said...

It sounds like you're ready, Susie. Take my poor therapist with you. But only if you're not going to be gone TOO long... I'll just hide in the attic until y'all get back.

Kidding, I'm kidding...

The attic is much too hot. The walk-in closet has an air conditioning vent...

(I actually DO have a sense of humor.)

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Part of my current job forces me to look over the work of several other employees where, in a database, they've compiled records on families and their kids.

The only moments of entertainment, and I mean only for this task, are the lovely inspiring names people give to their children.

I'm sure, at birth, it goes just like:
"Hi! Welcome to the world little princess! Or should I say, Bayvetta Vesta Byoola? Yes, we love how that sounds too!"

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Sounds like your ready.

Blogger Susie said...

htgt, ooh, what beach?

lynn, yep, I yam I yam. Sounds like the closet is your best bet ;)

mrB, it never ends, the naming comedy/drama. Vesta Beulah! Come on in! heeee

william, I am making some arrangements, TBA. if I didn't feel sick and old and fat, this is the part where I'd be jumping up and down, clapping my hands and squealing



Anonymous Elizabeth said...

.....just take me with you, maybe all of us..road trip!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care where you're going. I only know I'm going with you and I'm not telling my family where I am while we're gone either.

Wha? You say I need a vacation???

Blogger mrtl said...

get outta here already!

Anonymous Sharkey said...

I think Valise is a pretty name.

Would you believe there's such a thing as too much vacation?!? As you know I've been really busy since the beginning of June, and it's going to continue through the end of July. So much so that our trip to Disney World a few weeks ago almost felt like another thing to check off the list, instead of a time to get away and relax.

I know . . . waaaah! I don't expect any sympathy.

Blogger eclectic said...

If you're planning a vacation, I fully expect to be on the "to visit" list!!!! ;)

Now, as to interesting names given to innocent newborns, I know a couple who recently named their daughter, "Goody Pearl". Honestly. It's a fascinating world.

Blogger Squirl said...

There you guys go, riffin' on a theme. :-)

Sounds like time to take vacation!

Blogger Nina said...

Oh to laugh at work . . . when I was working at the Children's clinic. One of interns went out to the waiting room and was calling out for a kid. Later the front office staff told me she must have called out five times each time getting louder.

When she brought the chart back to me and said the kid isn't here. Then she went on and said I called out Jesus several times. What kind of nuts call their kid Jesus, any way?

I had to explain that Jesus is a pretty popular Spanish name and the Spanish pronunciation is hay-SOOS.

She finished her work with us and never lived it down.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Sometimes jou just gotta laugh, jou just gotta let it out...

My kids are in school with a boy named "Steel". Really.

Blogger Platypus said...

I routinely threaten Stumpy that my next child will be Mumble HappyFeet Platypus. I also tell her that in the event that I don't ever have another child, the torch will pass to her and she must use it for her first. She says I'll never be a grandmother... ;)

Blogger KimS said...

As a former Orlando resident who's seen many many families doing the frantic "Disney Vacation" thang, Sharkey has my total sympathy.

That's not a vacation-- for the adults, anyway. It may be a great family memory (in a few years), but it's not a vacation. May my children all be over 7 before I set foot on Disney turf with them (if ever), amen.

I get giggly when I'm tired, too. It really amuses my husband-- I think he wears me out on purpose just to see my self-control dissolve into snorts and gasps of laughter.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You’re ready! As an old social work supervisor, I remember feeling ready for a vacation at least every other day.

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

When you quit your job, sell your house, and live in a camper?

Nope, that's me.

You're definitely ready. :) I wish you would come visit me.

Blogger lawyerchik said...

I can tell when I'm ready for a vacation.... well, never, actually. Haven't taken a real vacation since 2000, and even that wasn't nearly long enough!! :) The last one before that was Christmas 1997, when my folks and I went to Europe to see my sister who was stationed in Kaiserslautern. We spent 22 hours in Paris. 22 hours. My dad wanted to go to Rome - Paris was 'way better. (As you can see, I'm still pissed). :)

Anonymous LadyBug said...

I love that you and your coworkers can have a little mid-day laugh break. I imagine, in your line of work, you often need something to lighten the mood.

Love, hugs, and prayers to you, Miss Susie.

Blogger Susie said...

htgt, I do like it there. Misty.

elizabeth, that conjures images both delightful and terrifying. A blogger/commenter road trip :) One of these days.

traci, you're thinking of running away? Go to eclectic's house.

mrtl, I'm hoping to leave next Friday. Please, God.

shawkey, I can believe it. Vacations can be a lot of work, a lot of arranging, blah blah. I still feel sorrier for those with too little, though ;)
Valise is kinda pretty. Val.

eclectic, I like Pearl. I prefer Goody Goody. Or G. Twoshoes. I'm not coming in your direction this time. I have a freebie (almost) to the north. (Of me. Not much is north of you.)

squirl, I love such riffin'. That's how I get most of my belly laughs, when I get them. I'm looking forward to you and Bucky visiting some day. I'm sure there will be the riffin and laffin.

nina, haaa! We probably call out, "Jesus!" several times a day, too. And we hardly have any Latino clients ;)

ck, see, the jokes I would make about "Steel," I am reluctant to make on accounta it's a little kid we're talking about. Such dilemmas.

platypus, well, get busy finding a baby daddy, because I want to be Auntie to little MHP.

kimS, I hear ya on the theme park vacations. I get very laffy when tired, too.

ssnick, it really is a line of work where you can leave feeling totally energized or totally like you've been hit by a truck.

umutha, I might come visit you some day. I have a young niece (divorce situation) who now lives in OK. But I don't know how close to you. I'll check into it.

lawyerchik, forgive me for stating the obvious, but you need a freakin' vacation!

Blogger Susie said...

Hi, ladybug! You sneaked up and snuck up, too! If we didn't laugh, we'd do ourselves in. I'm pretty sure of that. Maybe that's true of most of us, some days. Great big hug to you :)

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

I have always found the the level of silliness in an office is directly proportionate to the stress and horror dealt with on the premises. Silly is a great antidote to nasty. Hooray for silly!!

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

Every year there is at least one student on my list who has a name or last name that I am reluctant to read out loud. This year, a (very pretty) girl had the last name of Butzberger. I don't think I used it once all year. :-)


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