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Thursday, June 07, 2007

With the thoughts I'd be thinkin', I could be another Lincoln, if I only had a brain...

While wandering the winding roads of blogworld the other day, I discovered that I had been nominated for a major award (that's really the only kind of award with which I ever want to be associated). And like all my other major awards, it was not voted on (I can't actually get that kind), but was just handed to me by a far-too-generous blogfriend. In this case, the friend was the wonderful, thoughtful Julie, and the award was the Thinking Blogger Award. Now, of all the major awards that I do not deserve, I think that's the one I most do not deserve. I am honored and truly humbled. I have seen that award on others' sites. I mean the sites of some people who actually do some honest-to-goodness thinking. Truth be told, this blog is usually the place I come specifically to not think. I suppose every now and then, a thought creeps in, but for the most part, this here is pretty much a thought-free zone. Still, I am proud to have been designated as such, and I thank the lovely and talented Circus Kelli for adding the award to my little trophy case over there.

Part of the Thinking Blogger Award is the passing of the torch. Having been identified as a thinker, I should now, according to the Thinking Blogger rules, identify 5 other Thinking Bloggers. Holy cow, that's hard for me to do! My first thought, and what I said to Jif, was something like, "The bloggers I read don't think! They're goofy, like me. I run like hell from the scene of a blog where there's any thinking going on! I think enough IRL, I don't need to think online . . . yadda yadda." But then when I quieted down and looked at my linky list, truth is, almost all of y'all think sometimes. So then the problem became not thinking of a thinking blogger, but narrowing down the thinkers. First thing was, I didn't want to nominate (adoptive blog) "family," because of the nepotism thing. Secondly, I didn't want to nominate people that everyone already knows all about and reads all the time anyway. Thirdly, I didn't want to nominate someone I do like to read, but really don't know at all -- there are a few of those. And lastly, I wanted to offer you all some variety. All of these people show signs of thinking when they blog. I would also say that my thoughts and theirs are not always in agreement, necessarily. So after much thought -- well, I'll be darned, I AM a thinking blogger -- I hereby nominate these thinker/bloggers:

Sometimes Saintly Nick. Especially in recent months, Nick has written about peace, justice, spirituality, poverty, human rights, war. The man has been doing some thinking. Good on you, Nick.

Traci. Traci has written a series, and she's not done yet, that chronicles her personal experience with having been manipulated and mistreated over a period of years, in the name of a religious organization, which claimed to be acting in the name of God. Few things piss me off more than people enslaving others in the name of God. Traci's readers of that series are thoroughly hooked, and waiting for the next installment.

OddMix. This guy . . . he makes it look like he doesn't think all that much, but I suspect he secretly has put an awful lot of thought and preparation into what he writes about, which is his life. His double life, if you will. He takes the train to a button-down job during the week, but on his own time, he lives on a farm where they raise goats, and rabbits, and horses, and children, and yellow buttercups. And his readers want to live there with him and the rest of the critters. Hey, OddMix, ever thinking of raising a herd of bloggers?

HTGT. OK, I am sending you to see HTGT, in the fervent hope that girlfriend has posted something since the last thing I saw there, which was on the topic of (come closer, I'll whisper) masturbation. Ordinarily, HTGT shares thoughtful thinking kinds of things, into which she has clearly put some thought. But seriously, the afore-mentioned topic doesn't require a lot of thought (or else you're doing it wrong). (Ohplease, ohplease have something else up before I send people to read you.)

Damn, this is tough. I have three more people in mind who can think circles around me any day of the week. OK, I'm gonna go with this one, even though her blog design doesn't lend itself to posting the major award:

Wave of Modulation. Mylord, this woman can think. Often, when I read what Sheryl has written, I humbly, reverently "walk" away, unable to comment, because her thoughts are so far out of my league, that my thoughts hang their heads, pick their noses and maybe even wet themselves a little. Her thoughts pants my thoughts at a birthday party. But no, they wouldn't do that, because they're too compassionate to do that. Still, they could.

Well, there's 5. I am proud to be able to share these folks with you, if you don't know them. And I am left here thinking that despite my initial reaction, I could easily come up with another 5 thinking bloggers, now that I've thought about it. Thank you all, you five, and all you others, for sharing your thoughts, and inspiring many of mine.

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17 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

It's hard to say which I admire more - Sheryl's writing or her photography. Both are stunning!

And in HTGT's defense, let me just say that masturbation takes a LOT of thought. I mean, that's what I've heard from, you know, people who do that sort of thing.

Anonymous platypus said...

Well done, Susie, you deserve it!! I will now go and check out the other blogs you've recommended.


Blogger WILLIAM said...

I'm like you, I don't want to think too much whenit comes to reading blogs. But I am always pleasantly surprised when I my regular blog reads do make me think.

Blogger Robin said...

yay you! you absolutely deserve it and i think you think more than you think you think. i think.

now i'm eager to check out the others!

(my word ver was gujijilf...talk about thinking!!!)

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations and thank you, Susie. I am at present working on my five nominees!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks Susie. I appreciate you.

Anonymous oddmix said...


*does a little happy dance*

You have made me a very happy blogger, Susie! Thank you very much!

I do try and put a lot of thought into what I write. Unfortunately, sometimes I seem to think about it too much and by the time I get done thinking about it (whatever "it" happens to be) the moment has passed and I have to think of something else.

I agree with your earlier commenters that you really do deserve the award. Whether it's just a picture, a little quip, or a longer reminiscence - you always give me something to think about when I stop by.

So thank you for recognizing the thoughts that I do get out. I have wished for this award and now I get to add it to my side bar.



First, you do so deserve that award! Even when you are being "just" funny, clearly a lot of thought and work goes into that writing.

Second...I'm speechless. And honored. And scared. I only have 7 regular readers, and I can barely manage that bunch!

Third, it's Sheik Yerbouti Friday, so the foolhardy, er, intrepid folks who actually stop by have to scroll down a bit to find the post talking about how easily and naturally one can protest the war.

Thank you, susie. I'm very touched and grateful. And I can't wait to nominate my 5!!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Well, you totally make me think which I have to admit sometimes hurts my head a little but well worth it in the end. You make me think in a good way so I appreciate you. Congrats on your honour!

Now off to read some your your recommendations...

*dons protective tin foil brain shield*

Blogger Squirl said...

You are a thinking blogger, dear. Sorry to have to agree with the others. Just don't think about it too much. :-)

BTW, I was thinking of you when I put up my latest post. Pink is a color I associate with you. And flowers are definitely something we have in common.

Blogger Susie said...

bucky, sheryl is, indeed, stunning in all ways.
All I can think of in reply to your thoughtful um... practices (the ones you've heard about) is, "Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy."

platy, thank you. Enjoy.
And it's nice to see you out and about.

william, yea, I know what you mean. People whose goofiness I have come to love, I do enjoy learning a little more about them through a thoughtful post now and then.

robin, hmm, I'll have to think about that ;)

ssnick, my pleasure :)

traci, wow to you, and I appreciate you, too.

oddmix, get outta here. You were wishing for one of those? That makes me very happy :) And I think yours is my first ever "squee."

htgt, oh, I love Sheik Yerbouti Friday!

kranki, I just love you. And that brain shield, I hope she's wig-shaped.

squirl, OK, I won't think. But I will say what a lovely compliment to be thought of in the same thoughts with those flowers :)

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

I'm thinkin'... that you just think you don't think. But you make me think a lot, so you must think a lot, too. That's just what I think. :-)

Thanks for the thinkin' links, too.

Blogger eclectic said...

My sister, my very own sister!! Winning a MAJOR award for thinking!! Why, I'm so proud I could burst my buttons if I was wearing any! It is richly deserved, and was thoughtfully handled. Congrats girl!

Blogger Amy said...

Yay susie! Awards galore for vous!

I love WOM too.

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Susie, that is awesome...congrats on the award..you deserve it! Thanks for the 5 nominees, too..looks like I will be adding to my blog reading. I have found other bloggers through you. I like your style.

Blogger Vajana said...

well of course you won the award! I love it.

And i read 2 of the 5 you nominated, so does that make me a sort of smart blogger? Probably not.


Blogger Susie said...

ortizzle, sometimes, I dunno what to think. Thanks for the thoughts.

eclectic, thank you, my dear, thinking, thoughtful sister.

amy, if my "supporters" are ratsasstafarians, maybe Sheryl's should be WOMbats. Whaddya think?

elizabeth, I like your style, too :)

vajana, of course it makes you a smart blogger. Only the very smartest (prettiest, coolest) kids come here. I have a bouncer. So if you haven't been bounced, you're ALL THAT. :)


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