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Friday, September 30, 2005

Biscuit Friday ~ Now with JUMBONE!

I think he's practicing his Elvis sneer.

Taking care of business!

Stuff Portrait Friday

I have interpreted this week's assignment VERY loosely. First, something that's broken, but I'm keeping it anyway.

Because I have no choice right now, my car. Someone did this to my bumper last week.

You would have left a note, wouldn't you? I have left notes for doing much less harm than this. Some people!

Something that is in my house, where it doesn't belong.

This earns double points. This USPS mail tub came one day when we had too much mail to fit in the box! It is mostly catalogs, etc., which I shoved to the side because I have not had time to look at it. It is now in the family room where it doesn't belong, and probably thanks to Biscuit's pushing aside the curtain to look out the window, it now has a curtain in it, where the curtain doesn't belong! I'll handle this today, I promise.

Something that's in my house that I don't eat. I'm going to change that to something that just arrived at my house, that I haven't eaten YET. Lovely Julie sent this to me, made in her hometown of Cincinnati.

Saturday (and Sunday) dinner! This will be a perfect chili weekend. I think Julie also took the lovely flower pic on the card, so I wanted to show you that, too.

34 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Greenthumb said...

FIRST! I beat William!!!! WOHOO!

Okay...I'll stop now.

Love that sneer. It's definitely a chili weekend here too.

Blogger hemlock said...

OOoooohhhhhh. It makes me so angry when people do that to cars. It takes an extra TWO seconds to be careful...but no, that's too much effort.

I played too. It's my excuse not to do ANY work on Friday!

Blogger Vajana said...

Eat that! Eat that now! I would love to have some of that chili! It's delicious!!!!

I played too.

OMG that is awful about your car. My husband just scraped the side of our new van too, but he did tell me about it.

Anonymous Adrienne said...

Hey uh... keeping those mail tubs is a felony! (Seriously - I saw a sign about it in the campus post office once. Too funny!)

My "thing I haven't eaten" is a package of chili too!

Blogger Kami said...

GOLD STAR CHILI!!! I have cans of it, way down here in Texas! But now I want some Skyline, too.

Blogger Leesa said...

I have a mail tub like that in my house too! I played:)

Blogger MMC said...

I would have left a note....or at least some cash....

Blogger Nina said...

Oh my dogs would be in heaven with a bone like that. Love the Elvis sneer.
I would have left a note, yes I would have no doubt.

word verification: rxbaw ~ strange.

Blogger Random and Odd said...

I love those USPS tubs!! I use to have to cart one around from my old job. Those things are so sturdy!!

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Ummm, yea. A note would have been the right thing to do. Where are the parents of these people? Maybe they are the parents. Sorry, i've been filetering everything lately through 'parents'.

Chili does sound good, and the kids are home all weekend. They love chili. Thanks for the great idea.

Blogger Squirl said...

Biscuit has a jumbone!

When I was a new driver I got somebody's fender. I left a note. Does that make me ethical or stupid?

My word verification:



Blogger SierraBella said...

I was wondering what to make tonight for dinner!
Thanks for the idea.

Blogger Susie said...

greenthumb, William was here before you today, he just commented on my FIRST post of the day ;) Have a great chili weekend, Mr. Ass-Out in the Park :)

leafgirl, I know; some people never learn that 'nice matters.'

jana, OK! I have to make it first!
I'm sure you forgave your husband. (A NEW van? oh...)

adrienne, if you report me, I'll find something reportable on your blog and retaliate!

kami, I never heard of it, but it's getting lots of good reviews here, so I am definitely getting out the crock pot.

leesa, did you know it's a FELONY?

mmc, a note and/or cash would have been much appreciated.

nina, of course you would have left a note. This is Biscuit's first name-brand Jumbone; he likes it!

kristine, so you're a criminal, too, eh?

lawbrat, probably was parents. Enjoy your chili and your boys.

squirl, as always, it makes you the classy one :)

sierrabella, it seems to have become a blogworld-wide movement, this "chili for dinner" thing :)

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

That is quite a scrape to leave noteless. How RUDE!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Oh! And shoft and shilky Biscuit! Love him.

Blogger Ern said...

I have to say: those Jumbone commercials amuse me endlessly! With the airdale!

A big dog doesn't want a SMALL bone
Any more than he wants to play a trombone!
So if your dog could use a telephone
He'd call up and order this JUMBONE!
It's a really, really big, really big, big bone and that's why they call it JUMBONE!

Or something along those lines.

Blogger Tammy said...

Rude people! I can't believe they didn't leave a note. Well, actually I can. Because people suck.

That curtain thing made me laugh out loud!

I played.

Blogger Tammy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Daphne said...

I like Biscuit Fridays!

Um, what was I going to say? Oh yeah. Why does that chili package look like it has the chili on spaghetti??? Is it just us Northwesterners who don't do it like that?

Blogger WILLIAM said...

I can see Biscuit's eyes.

Blogger Lucky Lum said...

That is just soooo rude not leaving a note! I hate hit-and-runners.

Blogger Jana said...

That box is the property of the USPS - aren't you afraid they'll hunt you down when you don't return it promptly?!?

I played too!

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Hey, even the non-classy, piss-in-a-spray-bottle sister leaves notes on cars she damages.
And now I'm reduced to referring to myself in the third person.

And Biscuit's Jumbone makes me think of the Jumbone commercial, with the Aerdale (I think?), where they at one point offer him a trombone, which he does NOT want.

Okay, I need to sleep more before I comment.

Oh, and while I'm rambling incoherently, your Gumby tag sentence makes me weak in the knees with good sentence envy.

Blogger Dawn said...

is that a bone, or a toy? sorry, i've never seen anything like that before. Biscuit sure looks like he's enjoying it. wonder if they have those in canada, i'll have to check it out. don't worry, you're not the only one who keeps the mail tubs. i work for canada post and people are always returning them from years and years ago. plus anyway, if they expected them back, then they should send somebody back to pick them up-thats the way i see it anyway :). have a good weekend.

Blogger SassyFemme said...

Your poor car! That was just downright rude of someone to do that and not leave you a note.

Biscuit's pics. always make me smile. He's just the cutest thing!

Blogger Susie said...

kranki, Biscuit sends you hugs (he would also send farts, if I let him -- just because that's what he has the most of :0)

ern *applause* Me, too!

teh, thanks for stopping in, I'll come and see :)

daphne, I didn't even notice until you mentioned it, but, yea, that's spaghetti. Who DOES that? Not I.

william, and he can see yours . . .

luckylum, rude, indeed!

jana, as a matter of fact, after this post, I have become VERY afraid! ;)

bucky, you're the assy sister (you know, chaps . . . get it?) And I have no doubt that you would have left not only a note, but a most amusing note. Go up and see Ern's comment, she sang the Jumbone song for us, and don't we just LOVE that about her? You're just weak in the knees because it's Gumby.

blogaholic, It's kind of both bone and toy. It's edible, but supposedly it's made to last a long time. Biscuit apparently missed that memo, because he made pretty short work of it! I like your take on somebody should come and take the tub if they want it!

sassyfemme, I'm glad this VBD serves some productive purpose in the world ;)

Blogger Andrea said...

Oh my gosh, Cincinnati chili is THE BEST. Skyline is my favorite, but it's all good. Make sure you serve it over spaghetti, with grated cheese and chopped onions on top (beans optional, IMO ;) )

qhodofi -- sounds like yet another alternate spelling of Qaddafi.

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Gee, Susie, if I were you I'd get right on that Postal tub. There might be a letter from Ed McMahon in it, for cripe's sake.

Blogger Kitty said...

My car's strugglin too. Two scuffs on the back, one on the front, some paint chips off, and a huge dent in the hood from the crow I hit at 90 MPH. Nevermore.

Chili up babe! I love me some chili! I'm a fan of the 12 herb chili personally, but I'm one of those tree-huggin vegan types when it comes to making some spicy goodness :).

Blogger eclectic said...

OMG! If you did that to someone's car and just drove off, could you look yourself in the mirror? Wow!! That just sucks. I can't wait till they meet my friend, Karma. She's nice enough most of the time, but she can be a real bitch to people like that.

Oh, and Kitty? Your "nevermore" little comment just about made me spray merlot..., and I HATE to waste a good merlot. Rhymes with Poe....I'm such a schmoe....

Blogger Susie said...

andrea, I don't know this "chili on spaghetti" business of which you speak. We eat chili (with beans) in bowls, with cheese, chives, sour cream, salsa, whatnot, on top.

hoss, well, after that comment, I got right on it! Nothing from Ed YET...

kitty, I missed the "nevermore" until eclectic caught it. Of course, it IS early Sunday morning, here, so I'm not my usual qwikwitted self ;)

eclectic, Go with the floe . . .

Blogger eclectic said...

*hee hee hee hee hee* Susie, you just made me giggle.

Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

I love the quote and Biscuit is so damn cute

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered that one of the major ingrediants in Jumbones is Propylene Glycol which also goes by the name of Antifreeze, deadly poisonious to dogs. It has a sweet taste that's why dogs like it. The Italians added it to wine exported to the United States till we found out about it and pulled it all from the shelves.


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