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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, Jif and I were at Hopkins, and Jasmine, the speech pathologist, was walking us from her department to the radiology place, quite a long trek, through the underbelly of the hospital, with pipes and steam and homeless people (I think I saw some), then back up into the light. Seriously, it was a long, confusing walk. And we chatted while we walked. And every now and then I'd catch Jasmine looking at me with an expression that I think can be described as "quizzical." When I'd catch these looks, I'd smile, or nod, or sometimes I'd just pretend I didn't notice. I also wiped my mouth, my nose, licked my teeth, etc., just in case she was seeing something disgusting of which I was unaware. Finally, after the tests were done and she was walking us back, she said to me, "I guess Dr. Flintstone told you that you look exactly like his secretary."

"Ummm . . . no."

"Oh my gosh! He had to see it! You are identical to her. Separated at birth! They say everyone has a twin, and I'm telling you, yours is Linda! Same smile, same eyes, same hair . . . "

Oh, so that explained why she was looking at me like that. Just then we re-entered Jasmine's department, and one of her administrative staff was standing there waiting for her. But instead of immediately asking Jasmine what she was clearly waiting there to ask her, the clerk stared at me, without even an attempt at subtlety, and said, "That girl right there look just like Linda!" Jasmine agreed, and the two of them went on about it for a couple of minutes.

We finished what we were there for that day, and as Jif and I were leaving, I said to him, "You know, what if Linda turns out to look like some old hag? That's gonna suck, because then I'll be so offended I can't come back here anymore, and they say Dr. Flintstone is the best throat doc in the world!" Jif understood that indeed, if Linda were plum butt ugly, I really couldn't frequent those healthcare providers any more, best in the world or not. And of course, I also thought, what if they told Linda the same thing, and she was offended at being likened to me? It could happen.

We went there maybe two more times in the next week or so. Each time I said to Jif, "Did you see anybody who looks like me?" And each time, he didn't.

On Monday, I went there for speech therapy. After I was all done, Jasmine sent me to the administrative area to set up my next appointment. As I stood at the counter, a woman passed behind me, and something about her caught my attention. I didn't see her from the front, just from the back. She was about my size, and had hair my color and length. I could tell by the way she was dressed and by the way she walked that if she were "the one," that would be OK with me.

When Jif and I were leaving the parking garage, I said again, "Did you see anybody who looked like me?"

"Nope. Did you?"

"Actually, yes, I think I saw her. Just from behind, but I'm pretty sure that was her. We can keep coming back."

"Was she hot?"


Did you ever see your "twin?" Did someone ever tell you you looked just like someone and when you saw them, you weren't too happy about the comparison?

(Ahem. Look at me! I posted again! heeheee)

file under: &Can't Make This Stuff Up &WTF Disease

37 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Susie said...

So glad to see another post from you!

Someone once stopped me in a parking lot to tell me I looked like Rosie O'Donnell. WTF? I mean, I actually like Rosie and all, but would anyone really take that as a compliment?

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Hooray! An update from Susie!

Next time you see Linda's back, you'll have to make up an excuse to get her attention so you can see her face . . . and her reaction to seeing you!

People tell me I look like Helen Hunt. You've seen my picture before, right? Helen Hunt?!? I just don't see it, but I've heard it a lot. One time, a screener at the airport even said something to me. I WISH I looked like her!

Blogger Naomi said...

I was once asked how my trip to Africa had gone...and as I've never been off this continent (not counting the no-whale-seen whale watching boat ride off of Nova Scotia- technically not on North America anymore) I found it odd. I never found out whether I'd be upset to be compared to this girl or not.
Some day I may go to Africa-- an interesting destination- with lots and lots of different types of destination to be had.

Glad to see you back in blog land. I know about those crazy areas of hospitals- mazes and kind of frightening with the pipes and things....

heehee-- my WV-- szsypo- Suzy pooh!

Anonymous soozieQ said...

My Mom SWEARS she saw my twin on some beach when they were on vacation. Since my Mom knows me pretty well, I guess she might have been my actual twin.

I cannot tell you how many times I get this: "You look SO familiar! Do I know you from somewhere?". In fact it just happened today for something like the 2,376th time since we opened our trophy shop. I must look *so* much like *so* many different people that I have NO distinguishing features of my own! Hmrpf!

The "famous" person that I get a lot (from when she was younger, I keep telling myself) is Lea Thompson. A few people have told me that I look like Carrie Underwood. Damn, I wish!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Look at you all posting and stuff. Excellent.

I get a lot of that, "You look just like my aunt's cleaning lady's vet's daughter." Or I get asked if I have a sister named_____. I don't have a sister but I am adopted so who knows who is lurking out there related to me. I have never actually seen with my own eyes one of these doppelgangers, though. I've been told that I remind people of Sandra Bullock. That is 'remind' and not 'look like' and I think this is because I talk like her and use a lot of facial expressions. I also have brown hair.

I can't wait to hear if you think this lady looks like you. Try and sneak a pic!

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

I hear it all the time, and I'm in no way disappointed. It seems my boy and I look enough alike people gotta point it out. My smile gets bigger each time.

(Glad to see a post, you.)

Blogger Squirl said...

Look at you, sis, postin' again and all. Makin' me smile. :-D

Back when I was in my late teens I was staying at a cottage in Interlochen, MI. I met a group of teenagers from the Detroit area. They wouldn't stop calling me Nancy because they said I looked just like her.

It always made me think of the Beatles song Rocky Racoon. "...and everyone knew her as Nancy"

Blogger Momentarily_Distracted said...

I don't think I've ever seen my doppleganger.
However, I usually get this question from people visiting from overseas:
"Has there been an accident?"
Still don't know how to answer that question...

Blogger Heartworks said...

I was in a little store in Queens with my mom and this tiny bent old woman looks up at us, squints her eyes and says, "Same face."

I know my twin very well.

Great post!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no clue who I look like but people I don't know tell me all the time that I look like "so and so"...it's kind of creepy! I do, however, hope that whoever it is they think I look like isn't awful to look at! I have enough of a complex about that as it is! BTW...I am so excited to see you here!

Blogger The other me said...

I just finished paying for my groceries the other day when a woman and her husband walked past, stopped, looked at me and she said " Is that YOU? Oh, no it's not. Sorry" NOw what? I'm not me...who am I? Where am I going??
SO HAPPY to see you posting again, was beginning to really hate that hedgehog.

Blogger judypatooote said...

I'm happy to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor.....nice to hear from you again Susie... Wishing you a HAPPY EASTER......

Blogger Amy said...

I have been told I look like Bernadette Peters and Ally Sheedy. The two most obscure names in show business. And once, a very drunk guy said I had a chin like, (ahem) Jay Leno. Nice.


Look at you wantonly posting away! In my mind, I look like Angelina Jolie. With really short hair. But nobody else seems to see that. Mostly they ask me if I'm pregnant (cuz, I'm, well, a bit zaftig...)

Anonymous OddMix said...

She totally must be hot!

Praying for your appointment tomorrow.

Anonymous LadyBug said...

YAY for you! You posted again!

I'm sending lots of love and hugs your way, dear, and lifting you up in prayer as you visit your New Rollogist today.


Anonymous LadyBug said...

Well, shit.

Today's THURSDAY, not Friday.


Ah, well. I'll pray for you today AND tomorrow. So there.

Blogger Karen said...

Hi there! I'm just stopping in to say hello, since you are here. And I am very glad to see you. Good luck tomorrow.

Blogger Nina said...

John and I were in Mexico eating and a woman came and took our picture. Because she said I looked like her friend Mitzie back in New Jersey. So she wanted a picture to take home with her. Every now and again here in Colorado someone will say I have a twin and they just saw them the other day. I have never seen them however.
So I hope you get to meet your twin one of these days. I bet someone has said to her I saw someone who looks just like you.

Anonymous Cindy said...

I'm glad you're feeling up to posting at least once in a while. That's a good thing. :-)

As a child I once was a selling party (like for pots and pans, etc) with my mom. The presenter guy kept looking at me the whole show...kinda freaked me out. Later, after my mom was buying something from him, he told my mom that I looked just like his daughter - enough to be her twin. My mom just told him, "Well, I was at my daughters birth...and there was only one that came out...she (meaning me) isn't a twin." I think that was fairly 'in your face' for my mom... :-)

My word verification is ttmsun - Time To Marinate (in the) SUN? Come on sunshine!!! :-)

Blogger MrsDoF said...

This is nice, you being here again so soon.
My comment became too long to write here. I went back to my place and did a link to tell everybody how you brought up a memory.

You can read about it there

Family Resemblance

Anonymous peaches said...

Before I gained alot of weight, I was always told I looked just like Helen Hunt. You even said that after weight gain when you saw a pic of me. I've heard it for years and years.

Funny thing though, Phil thinks Helen Hunt is not attractive at all. Hmmm. Not sure what to make of that one.

Love you very much. So very much.


Blogger Effie said...

Yay! Susie posted!

In highschool my family moved right between grades 10 and 11. My best friend from the highschool I had been attending called me up one day and said "Effie!!! I was walking down the hallway and there you were--I even approached 'you' only to find out it was a new girl and not you after all. She freaks me out!"

There's apparently another girl who goes around impersonating me who works at a shop somewhere in St. Catharines. Every time I'm there someone will come up and say "Oh--it's been so long--how are you?" And I'll say "Um, I'm fine...I'm sorry, who are you?" and they'll get all embarrassed and say "I thought you were someone else" They've even asked how my kids were and things--I only have one daughter and she's a recent addition to the family. They've asked "When did you stop working at So and So?" Never worked there. Freaky freaky stuff!

Hugs to you and prayers for tomorrow!

Anonymous Gina said...

Dear Susie, SO glad to see your post! Yippee!
I've been told many times that I look like Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City. Must be the tall, redheaded-ness thing we both have going. I've also been told that I resemble the actress who plays Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under - and I am not so thrilled about being compared to the way she looks in that show - but wouldn't mind being told that I could act as well as she does!

Blogger lawyerchik said...

I'm not sure if the person I was mistaken for looked like me, but I went back to my law school for something and started chatting with one of the deans who had been my research/writing instructor. Turned out, he thought I was totally someone else! Here we'd been chatting merrily along with all of the "so great to see you!"s, and it wasn't me it was great to see at all.... (I should say "I" chatted merrily along, because I had actually had two semesters with this guy, and I was thinking how cool it was that he remembered a student from so many years ago.)


Glad your "little arms" are able to hit the keys!! :)

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

A lot of people used to say my sister and I looked almost like twins. Almost. Well, I could never see that. But I think that's also because our personalities are so different.

Glad to see these recent posts. Hope yer feelin' better, dear.

Anonymous Pat said...

What a pleasant surprise to see your post! I was just checking in to wish you much luck tomorrow and I'll pray extra hard for you!

No twins in my life. Probably for the best......

Blogger Susie said...

Welcome, susie :) Gee. I guess it depends on which incarnation of Rosie the person was thinking of. I'm sure it was an attractive one.

shawkey, hurray, my arms work! Hmm. Helen Hunt. I think Helen Hunt is quite beautiful. I can sorta see how you might sorta look like her. But you're prettier. And much younger. She wishes someone would tell her, "You look like Shawkey!"

naomi, well whaddya expect when you use an African elephant for your avatar? ;)

soozieq, you have a very friendly face; maybe that's why people think they know you. I think that's a compliment to you. I can sorta see Lea Thompson. She's very cute. But she doesn't look anything like Carrie Underwood. hmm.

kranki, I know, look at me! :) I don't think I knew you were adopted. Your Mom and Dad are so blessed! So many of my favorite blogfriends are adopted. "Remind me of.." is a little more flexible than "looks like." I'm almost afraid to see Linda from the front. And what if she thinks, "OHNO!" about the whole thing? Yikes. I'll let you know, though. I'll be back there at least a few more times.

mrB, you're such a sweet Daddy. My kid and I get that a lot, too. I say, "I should BE so cute!"

squirl, ha! She called herself "Lil," if I'm not mistaken. I'm so tickled to be on here chatting with everyone . . . I feel like I'm at a party :)

MoDis, what the hell does that mean? You're cracking me up. I'd want to smack them and say, "There has NOW!"

heartworks, HI! Yea, my daughter and I will probably always get that, at least about our eyes.

traci, thank you, honey, I'm excited to be here, too. I know about the wondering how the other person would react. You have to assume though, that no one's going to bother telling you you look like a really unattractive person. I mean . . . who would do that?

t.o.m., ruh-roh. If you're not you, that could lead to all sorts of trouble. Here's a similar one: since I've been ill, I very often hear, "You don't look like yourself." I say, "Yea, sometimes I don't feel like myself either." But I think, "Well, who the f&*k do I look like, Ernest Borgnine?" I don't know why I pick him, but I do.

judyp, Happy Easter to you, too, dear. Humor is a Godsend, truly.

amy, those are both very pretty ladies, but you look like an even brighter, more beautiful star: Lucy.

htgt, I love your comment. It makes me think about who I look like in my mind. I think . . . the Law and Order lady, Mariska Hargitay (probably spelled that wrong), or a young Isabella Rosellini. And this is, mind you, purely in my wishful mind; my mirror would not confirm such things AT ALL. Here's my best "Are you pregnant" story: Sitting in church, years ago, and this lady beside me, not known for her social graces, stares at my belly and whispers, "Are you expecting?" I look down to where she's staring at the front of my pants, and say, calmly, "Nope, just fat." And she says (I kid you not), "Are you SURE?" Gaaahhh!

oddmix, ha! Well, I wouldn't claim her, otherwise. Of course, I still don't know if she would claim me. And a little news: my appointment was moved up to today. It went pretty well, all things considered. Lots more tests scheduled for next week. I'll post a tiny bit about the appt. soon.

ladybug, no, honey, see comment to Oddmix. You're PSYCHIC! Thank you for your prayers :)

karen, thank you, it's good to see you, too :)

nina, I think it would be very strange to come face to face with someone who really does look like us, don't you? But I do wonder if I (and/or she) would agree with these people who see such a resemblance.

cindy, good for your Mom. He shoulda said something early on, rather than make you uncomfortable with the staring. And I DO need sunshine. My vitamin D is still quite low.

mrsDoF, thank you! I'll be over :)

peaches, I love you, too, honey, and I remember when I told you you look like her. I never paid much attention to how she looked on Mad About You, but when I saw her in As Good as it Gets, I just thought she was incredible. Phil is clearly confused ;)

effie, wow, sounds like that happens often enough that the other you must be out there. Thanks for the hugs and prayers, and keep them coming :)

gina, oh, tall and red-hair, that sounds nice. Cynthia Nixon, she's very pretty; I don't know the other one, though.

lawyerchik, some days my big head is stubborn enough to overtake my little arms ;) How embarrassing for your teacher! My neighbor used to teach at Ohio State (I think), and she recently told me that two doors down from her now is one of her students from maybe 30 years ago. He came to her door with some mail that was misdelivered, and she remembered him, his grade in her class (which he didn't even remember taking) and his then-girlfriend who is now his ex-wife. Total opposite of your professor!

ortizzle, my body feels kinda the same, but my mind is more hopeful today. Personality really colors how we see people. I often see someone I think is really attractive but then get to know them and it fades fast; or vice versa, someone who's not so special on first impression, but becomes beautiful to my eyes, as I get to know them.

pat, thank you, so much. I saw the doc today, they rescheduled me again. But I do have some tests tomorrow, and throughout next week, too. I'm sure the world would be blessed to have at least one more of you :)

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Squirl and I were often mistaken for twins when we were younger. Then we'd tell them the age difference, and they'd guess ME as the older sibling. :)

Anonymous Barb said...

I was adopted too, and when I finally met my biological mother, I finally saw someone who actually looked like me! Someone told me once that I reminded them of "Bill", but when I met my biological brother BILL! I knew it couldn't be him, as he is 6'7" and about 400 pounds, and looks nothing like me, thank goodness.

So glad there are more interested doctors, and investigations to come. Still can't help but think the Vitamin D deficiency could be a strong possibility. Have sent you an email with a link, although you have probably read them all!

Looking forward to the next post!

Blogger Brown Moth said...

I have been visiting you quietly forever. It's time I came out of the shadows to tell you that and to say how much I adore you. I am so glad to see you posting again Susie.

My youngest sister and I have been taken for twins once or twice, she however is never going to let me forget that time I was taken to be her mother, oh dear, so unfair.

Blogger Lynn said...

Hi, Susie. My husband thinks I look like Uma Thurman. The catch? He needs Lasik soon. *sigh* I think I need a makeover first!

Good twin joke: My twin daughters compete and argue A LOT. Once when swapping insults, one said to her twin, "You're ugly!"

Blogger Nilbo said...

A couple of years ago, I shaved off my beard on a whim. First time since I was 15 years old. I came downstairs, where my wife was at the kitchen sink. I tapped her on the shoulder, she looked around, and horror is the only way to describe what her expression said.

She said "No. No. No. Go somewhere and don't shave for two weeks."

I was hurt, then she got out a picture of my father and said "I will not sleep with this man."

I looked eerily, spookily identical to my dad. Not the standard familial "you could be brothers" look - I'm talking dead on, scary, precisely the image of my Dad.

Now, that's not a bad thing - unless you think you're gonna get lucky, because she was so busy shuddering she couldn't even look at me.

Other than that, my only twin is Danny Da Vito. That's good, right?

Thinking of you today and sending out every positive vibe I can muster.

Blogger lawyerchik said...

Hey, Susie: Hoping all went well today - or at least that you got through it OK. I've been praying for you - have a wonderful Easter!!


P.S. Word verification is: boyeld. Is that instead of fry-eld?

Anonymous Amy the Mom said...

Susie! This is a Great Friday! I'm so glad to "see" you!

For a few years now, I've gotten the "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Minnie Driver?" question. If you look at the picture on my blog, it's not that obvious. Some people act just weird about it though-like the dental assistant who was creating a crown for me. She was telling me in a very heavy Russian accent that when she watches movies, she's always studying jaw structure and that Minnie and I are identical in that respect. She went into incredible physiological detail about this. I listened for a good 10 minutes with no ability to respond. That was the weirdest experience. My family groans collectively when a waitress or store clerk brings it up, and before they can finish the question the kids shout in unison, "She knows, she knows. She hears it all the time."

I pray that you're hearing some very good news today, and hope you'll share it with us!

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

When I was a kid, I used to have people tell me that all the time. "You look just like..." Because I was adopted, I always wondered if I had a twin no one knew about. I didn't. :)

Blogger Susie said...

bucky, it's because you come off as so mature :)

barb, your link is very interesting, thank you for that. And see the new post!

brownmoth, welcome, it's nice to meet you. Thank you for being so kind. Your sister sounds like a truly dreadful human being ;)

lynn, uma, that's good. Jif needs Lasik, too. His parents once said they'd pay for it, since it's their genes that caused the trouble. I told them they could be opening a can of worms, because for the first time in his life, he'd see what I look like when he first opens his eyes! That's funny about your girls :)

nilbo, it's a good thing to know that your wife never wanted to sleep with your dad. Just ask anyone who's ever been on Jerry Springer :) I think Danny DeVito is very appealing. What? I do.

lawyerchik, thank you so much; I feel hopeful that prayers will be answered soon, are already being answered. Happy Easter to you, too :)

atm, Minnie Driver is very pretty, that's a good one. I don't like it when the dental person carries on those one-sided conversations; especially when I'd like to disagree!

ck, but you do look just like your grandmom. Very lovely.


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