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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Cow Has Nothing

blue cow at sunrise

really, to do with the post
unless strange silly

Creatures belong here
and maybe they do I mean
there's Gumby dammit

What Was I Thinking?
is terrible two today
Happy Blirthday, blog

I thought it would last
a little while, give or take
but then neighbors came

So I stayed and I
am mostly really happy
about the staying

It's a beautiful
day in the neighborhood a
beautiful day for

OK, that's cheating
Thank you for being a friend
traveled down the road

OK, that is, too
I really like to blog but
really can't haiku

Can you?

17 heads are better than one . . .

Anonymous Michelle said...

I can't haiku well
but I love the blue cow shot
and your blog is great

*ps did I do haiku right??? 5/7/5 I think it is.


blue cow, blue cow swing
those udders low and bat your
sweet eyelashes high

(hey, I'm still on my first cuppa jo this morning...)

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

take a bow, blue cow
strange funny creature who moos
all the blue cow news

take a bow, blue cow
strange funny creature who’s two
smile and don’t be blue

take a bow, blue cow
can you say you don’t know how?
take a bow… right now!

I can't haiku, either. But I love the cow.
Happy 2-year Blogaversary, Susie!

Blogger Nina said...

Happy 2-year Blogaversary, Susie! Okay I'll moo happy birthday to yooou.

I only haiku with John, oh wait you are talking poetry, right? Never mind. :)

Blogger Heartworks said...

Friends of ill repute
Mrs. Fairchild we salute
Oh her booty-flies

Happy B-day!

Blogger Squirl said...

I might not haiku, but I'm so glad you started your blog! I love you and am thrilled that you're still going with it.

Love and hugs, sis!

Blogger Arlene said...

I so CAN NOT haiku, but I like yours, and your picture :-)

Blogger Naomi said...

my sister effie
and i would like to say here
happy blog day dear!

composed for you
on the phone! Enjoy!

Blogger WILLIAM said...

That cow looks somewhat chalky...is that where Milk of Magnesia coms from?

Happy blog birthday Susie. The Blogosphere is such a better place with you in it.

Blogger Lynn said...

Happy Blirthday, Susie.

Hee... Heartworks said booty-flies!

Blogger Traci said...

Haiku? No!

But, Happy Blog Birthday sweetie!

Thinking of you every day.

Blogger eclectic said...

Happy Blog-irthday!!
Haiku and I are not friends
But you're my sister.

So I tried.

See? That's the problem with haiku -- it needs that fourth line with three syllables.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

When you milk the cow
Make sure your hands are warm and
Watch out for the teats

Happy terrible twos, WWIT!

Blogger Susie said...

Thanks for the blirthday wishes and haikus, everyone. I've never haikued(?) before blogging, I don't think, so I can't do it either. There are some impressive attempts, here, though. One thing I think I discovered while reading haiku on someone else's blog: I think Captain Kirk from Star Trek spoke in haiku.

Blogger tkkerouac said...

Nice haiku
and I love your gumby

Anonymous kalki said...

Nothing terrible
about What What I Thinking?
You are wonderful

In two years you have
shown love, wit, grace, and humor
All my love to you.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Roses are read
Susie is too
Violets are blue
Happy Blogoversary to you!

(blatant cheating)


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