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Friday, December 29, 2006

For Auld Lang Sucked

One year ago today, I did a year-end retrospective of the goings on here at WWIT in 2005. That was a fun year here. When I started thinking of such things to write today . . . let's face it, friends, 2006 has pretty much sucked around here.

Some good things: I discovered, in ways that still amaze, delight and a-tiny-bit scare me, how close I could become to people I don't know. On the flip side, I will say here, and probably never elaborate here, I learned how much I could be devastated, really made heartsick, by the deception of people that I don't know. The former so very much outweighs the latter, that it's OK. It really is OK.

I didn't write much this past year. And what I did, for the most part, was the stuff I hate to write, which can be condensed into, "I'm sick. I'm still sick. I don't know what's wrong. I'm scared. I'm still scared. They don't know what's wrong." You probably can't imagine how much I want to leave that place. How much I want to post, "They figured it out and I'm getting fixed!" Or even better, "I woke up and it was all gone!" It could happen. Things happen. Like that. Sometimes.

Anyhow, there are only two things from the past year that I am inclined to share with you again. There came a time, in late April, when I knew something was wrong with me, and I thought I'd stop posting until I got better, except for the Sunday Posts. At that time I thought, mistakenly, that "better" would be right around the corner. I did come back to posting, though, because I missed it (and you) too much. But my favorite Sunday Post, one whose meaning has taken on new dimension since I originally published it in June, was this one:


Sunday Post ~ "That which doesn't kill us . . . is gonna wish that it had." -- Starla Grady, Head Hornette, in the movie "She Gets What She Wants"

2 Timothy 1:7

And my overall favorite post of the year was one that didn't have many words at all. I liked it most because it still makes me laugh, and because it made my girl, eclectic, laugh so hard her husband banned her from the computer for the evening. I have heard Shari's voice, her cry and her laugh, and the thought of making her laugh enough to get her in trouble still tickles me tremendously. That's why I love this post, from last February:


Those turkey farmers across the hall from my office are at it again. Apparently since the turkey holidays are over, they have some time for recreation. And their recreation of choice is the building of snowmen, or, as one of them corrected me, "snowmans."

low self-esteem snowman

This snowman has low self-esteem. His nose is running, he slouches, and his mom dresses him funny.

formal snowman

This snowman is going to a formal affair. See his top hat? His self-esteem is better, although he is out of touch with his body. Especially the bottom third of it.

corrective footwear

This snowman will need corrective footwear. But he has a very fine hat. See the round, fuzzy thing on top of the hat? When a round, fuzzy thing is on top of a hat, we call it a "pom pom."

only one

What do we call it when it is located here? This snowman may have had an accident, or even an illness, but he can still live a normal, happy life.

happy snowman

This snowman is smiling from eye to eye. Why do you think that is?

Thanks for hanging in with me, you bunch o' ratsasstafarians. Bless your hearts. Sorry to suck so much. Hope next year finds more funny and less sick here. Or at least a funnier sort of sick. Maybe even a sicker sort of funny . . .

file under: &Meta-blogging &WTF Disease

33 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Andrea said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Susie, I had forgotten about the snowmen! I think I must be laughing as hard as eclectic did (except I can still type, so perhaps not quite as hard :) )

I hope if those turkey/snowman-makers do more artwork, you'll document that as well!

Hoping the crazy laughing will make the baby come out...

Blogger The other me said...

I did it, I not only laughed out loud but I snorted, twice.....it seems extra funny because I have 3 little boys who have made such things this year, priceless calendars and reindeer but no snowmans. You cheer my days even when you are being funny sick and sick funny. Happy New year and I am praying for waking up and reading that the WTF means WHERE TF did that WTF go?

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Bloom COunty the comic strip with Opus the Penguin, by Berkely Breathed, tried the "only Sunday thing". Bill Amend the creator of the Fox Trot Comic will be doing the "only Sunday thing" as of 2007.

These two strips, that I admire immensely, are only 1/10 of the Sunday Only posts that you did. Coming from me...well that only mean that it is coming from me.

I hope, pray, and wish that your 2007 is better than 2006.

Also I would like to know who the decievers were on the web that hurt you. I know I could form a posse of Hello Kitty Helmet wearing sword carrying people that would hunt them down for you at a moments notice.

Blogger mrtl said...

Love. it.

Love you, too. :)

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Oooh, I wanna be in William's posse!

(I said POSSE)

And I'd really like to meet that last snowman...

Blogger Ortizzle said...

Love the "snowmens"!!!

2007 has got to be a better year for you, my dear. You deserve it too much for it not to be. I also think that Sunday post pretty much sums it up. Or... let's put it this way: "For auld lang sucked WTF wight off the map... and stuffed it in the twash."

Anonymous SoozieQ said...

If we're forming a posse, I know just the Dog to take along with us. Deceitful people are big ole dookie heads.

Oh HELLO there Mr. Snowman. Is that a pom-pom snake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

May 2007 be formally named "Kick WTF Disease's Ass" year!

Anonymous Daphne said...

heehee and HA HA. I hope laughter is the best medicine for WTF and I'm just really, really glad to know you, Susie.

PS Here's to an entirely different and very good 2007.

Anonymous sharkey said...

I always get a little jolt of excitement when my feed reader tells me you've written a new post. "Oh, Susie's here today!" Anticipation builds as I click on the link and the page loads. "I hope she has good news about kicking WTF's ass."

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much of that, but I can't tell you how much I admire your perspective on life and your sense of humor through it all.

Count me in on William's posse. Hey, maybe Kelli can make us a badge so we're official!

Anonymous platypus said...

Oh I snorted and laughed at the snowmen too! I remember them now but they are so wonderful that they are well worth a second visit - although the WTF turkey will forever have a special place in my heart.

2007: the year WTF gets to regret meeting Susie!

Oh and I'm so there with William and the posse. I have a pointy stick which will do the job perfectly and, of course, a telescopic fork...

Blogger Nina said...

2007 holds promise . . . I just know it. It has to because I said so! I love the turkeys and snowmen . . . things to re-post for years to come. I'm glad you continued to blog, really truly! I love you!

My word verification is~ hotshes ~

Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, look how many ways people have to say that they love you. You may never have met most of us in person, but we still have your back.

I'm so happy that you're still blogging. It would be a bleak blogosphere without you. Thanks for bringing so much to our lives.

Here's to kicking WTF's ass in 2007!

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Lord help us all if we find a sicker sort of funny... ;)

"For auld lang sucked WTF wight off the map... and stuffed it in the twash."
That made me waugh wight out woud! Wight on, Owtizzle!

Sharkey -- badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges... (ok you just knew I HAD to say that, wight, er right?) Consider it done.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Susie, I am definitely glad that you resolved to continue posting more than you inspiring Sunday posts. You have been a bright light in my life.

2006 was a horrendous for both of us, but more so for you. I pray that 2007 will make up for this past year with elation and delight and lots of wellbeing. Much shalom to you!

Blogger Susie said...

You wacky kids crack me up :)

andrea, I hope I can help make the baby come, too. I don't often get to the office where the turkey farmers are these days, but when I do, I'll take my camera with me.

t.o.m., thank you; I hope WTF stands for something new in the new year, too. I really, really do.

william, you've been drinking again, haven't you? Thanks for the offer of posse :)

mrtl, backatcha, honey.

bucky, you and william would be a formidable posse indeed. I can hook you up with the snowman :)

owtizzle, you made me laugh, and then you made me laugh some more when you made ciwcus kelli laugh! In the twash!

soozieQ, your dog is much more suited to posse service than mine, so that's a good idea. I like the new name of the year, too ;)

daphne, whatever TF WTF is, I am counting on laughter being good medicine for it. If not, I'm REALLY screwed. Happy to have met you, too, and all the best to you in the New Year :)

shawkey, thank you for that, and for all your kind support and encouragement. And now look what you did, you got ck making posse badges!

platy, jif was reading comments aloud to me, at my request, and when he read yours, I said, "Hey, she really does have a telescopic fork!" The things I know about people now! ;)

nina, sorry about the backwards word ver. When you commented it was supposed to say, "sheshot." Thank you for your persistent hope and optimism. I count on it. Mine droops sometimes.

squirl, you're right, I didn't think of it quite that way, thank you. Thank you for everything :)

ck, ohmygock, I love you :)

ssnick, thank you, and you have been a blessing to me, as well. Here's to MUCH better health for both of us in 2007.

Blogger Lynn said...

I want a better New Year, too. Susie, I sure hope we get it.

Guess what? Effie had her baby!!

Blogger August95 said...

Hi Susie, I still love that poor turkey. Those little devils better be more gentle.

I am also glad you kept on posting. I know we are a bit scattered these days but the blove lives.

Hugs and Very Happy New Year to you and yours.

Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

I came to say happy after the holidays to you and yours lady

Blogger gina said...

I just caught up on your blog, cause I spent 2006 writing very little also.

Thanks for the snowmen pics. It's so nice when you can make their equipment whatever size you want. Of course, that melting body thing can be a hassle. (Why can't my body melt? I'm mostly water too! Okay, water and cake.)

I'm sure that everyone who reads about your symptoms has some sort of diagnosis (what's the point of watching ER and Grey's Anatomy if you can't diagnose your friends and family?) but you don't take any cholesterol medications do you?

If 2006 was the year of WTF, I'm praying that 2007 will be the year of the cure.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

'Tis done. Email me at kelli3 at gmail dot com if you want a posse badge. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Susie, I'm still talking to God about the "most deserving Susie" and HE says you do deserve the best! I pray that 2007 is the year of WTF- Over... I'm with everyone else for joining the we've got Susie's back posse DonnaJo

Blogger whfropera said...

I'm thinking that snowman is going to have a very happy new year, with all the ladies who want to meet him

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the snowman post the first time around! I can laugh all I want too because my husband wouldn't DARE ban me from the computer for the night! hehehe...

Susie, honey, I love you. For reasons that I don't care to get into right now, I didn't think I would. But I do...so there.

I hope 2007 is a much healthier, happier year for you my friend. I think of you always. Peace.

Blogger Susie said...

lynn, I hope the new year is better to both (all) of us. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news. I checked the previous afternoon, but I hadn't heard yet. Wonderful :)

august, thank you, and hugs and a painfree, healthy 2007 to you :)

jess, thank you, and the same back to you and yours :)

gina, I'd like to get in on that melting body thing too. Thighs, maybe? I don't take any meds except supplements, but I don't mind anyone asking anything. Someone somewhere will know what this is, I hope, and it won't be ALF, I hope, and I'll get better. I hope.

ck, simply the best, you are. xxx. And that is one scary-ass badge, as befits a bad-ass posse.

donnajo, thank you for your continued prayers and your generosity where my deservedness is concerned. I was raised Baptist; learned to be grateful that none of us get what we deserve or else we'd all be a lot worse off. Or, I should say, I would be in even worse shape if I truly got what I deserve. (A little down today, can you tell?)

operagirl, he's the ladieth' man :)

traci, for reasons I don't even understand, that makes me laugh, so there. And thank you. And if you're ever in the mood, I'd be happy to hear why you didn't think you'd like me. I always thought I'd like you. You sang to me. xxx Peace to you, too.

Anonymous Michelle said...

I love those snowmans I had not seen them the first time around since I started reading you over the summer, but I did love the turkeys too.

2007...may it bring blessings, miracles and happiness to us all.

Here's to blog friends, real friends...what ever form they come in...real friends

Anonymous platypus said...

Ahem, Susie, I'm so sorry to do this to you but I've ... um ... discovered another condition that's afflicting you. Details at my place. I'm so sorry... ;)

Blogger SassyFemme said...

Hoping that 2007 allows you to kick WTF right out the door, and out of your life!

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Oh.My.Gock Susie. I loves you too, baby. Tell me something... what are you wearing? ;D

Anonymous LadyBug said...

I love you, Susie. And I pray 2007 is good to you. You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your sweet family.

Blogger Amy said...

For 2-0-0-7 I wish for you,
The nicest chocolate for you to chew.
For WTF to take a hike,
For more and more prayers from people you like.
For Jif and LG to hug you tight.
And end this year with things made right. Dammit.

Happy New Year, Susie F.

Blogger Lioness said...

What Was I Thinking, that's it! Oh, if only you know how much i googled possible blog titles looking for you, I wanted to find you and read abt your being all better! Sadly, it seems not to be that way, will forage in the archives shortly. Also, now that i found your blog OF COURSE I remembered the post i found you through, it was the Booty Flies, how could I have forgotten that as well! Susie, I AM happy to have found you again and hope 2007 will kick ass, preferably not yours.

Blogger Lioness said...

I my hysteria I forgot to add, I know exactly how betrayal by someone we don't know feels like, I too am still shocked at how ugly Ugly can be. But I too know the former surpasses the latter, and for the former I am and will always be grateful.

Blogger eclectic said...

Oh dear... it made me laugh just as hard this time. But thankfully I am alone, and will not have to go on time-out.

'07 is going to kick the crap outta '06. Love you!


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