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Sunday, February 12, 2006

moon 3

Sunday Post ~

To be brave is to behave
bravely, when your heart is faint.

So you can be truly brave
only when you really ain't. -- Piet Hein

Psalm 121:5-8

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33 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Jim said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo and the quote is VERY true. My heart's been faint while I laughed in the face of death. OK, well, not death, but a friend's naked sister who wanted to 'do it'.

Blogger Susie said...

Uh, Jim? I thought we agreed that would be our little secret? How could you . . .

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Happy Sunday Susie.

Blogger Candace said...

Happy Sunday, Susie...this is very appropriate for the sad thing happening to Torrie tomorrow.

Blogger abcd said...

I love the quote, I mean love
the quote. BUT I don't understand
the psalm connection?

Since it is Sunday, and I know
Christians confess on Sunday. I might as well confess right on your
site Susie. I am a Pierre Deux
Slut. I love that stuff. Sam would
tell you I need the Pierre Deux
12 step program.
I think I told you a few posts ago
when you go on tour you are going
to be doing a whole lot of different artists. If you get
a chance last night at 2am Sam
and I saw PINK sing this song called STUPID GIRLS. We laughed
ourselves into a stupor.
Did you get your 10" inches last
night. MY SIL lives on "the island"
as in Long Island. Good Lord she
was in a panic she thought she
was going to have 15 inches. I won't go there on your blog.

Have a blessed day Susie.

Shoshie who has had too much
java because her kids had kids
sleep over last night.

Blogger Squirl said...

I saw that full moon in the middle of the night last night. That's a gorgeous picture that you got of it. And that quote is so true. How can you be brave if you're not scared?


Blogger Andrea said...

Uh, Susie? Coughing sister here. QUIT MAKING ME LAUGH SO HARD!! I only have two lungs! I may have to stop visiting here until I'm well :)

Blogger Susie said...

Happy to you, too, william!

candace, I know, I've been thinking of her and Dr. Torrie. It's such a tough thing to go through.

shoshie, sometimes, the connection between the photo, the quote and the scripture only makes sense to me, and no sane person can understand it. I guess, the quote is that we do our part, by being brave, and the scripture is, that God does God's part, by staying with us.

Oh, I'll bet your house is so pretty. I have started just tossing the catalog, because I could get in serious trouble. I do love it. The platter is not in the catalog anymore. I always think that that platter, which I love so much, will land me in prison some day. Because, I swear I'm not a material girl, but if anyone ever breaks that, I shall kill them.

I'll have to check out Stupid Girls. I'm still rockin' the Aretha, this morning ;)

Now, thank you for asking. I did not get 10 inches, but I did get 5 twice.
ba dum BUM!

haahaaaaaa I am so easily amused. I was waiting for someone to ask, and I should have known I could count on you. And the above is totally not true, and I would never have said such a thing without the prior consent of my totally HOT husband (that is, if "consent" means rolling his eyes and shaking his head), about which the above quip is totally not true. Gee, was it worth all that? YEAH, it was! heheeee

Seriously, we have over 12 inches of SNOW, here now :)

squirl, that was taken right out my back door, 2 nights ago. Last night I got snow pix. I like quotes about courage. And you're right, there's no courage if there's nothing scary.

andrea I can't make any promises, honey. Are you on drugs, because you're pretty easy these days ;)

Blogger abcd said...

I read your Sunday quote several
times. I have now written it down.
Very, very good. It's a keeper in
my humble estimation.

Shaking my head at Shoshie-if you
only knew about her Pierre Duex


Have a great day!

Anonymous lawbrat said...

This was my favorite part:

the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

Love to you Susie!

Blogger JessicaRabbit said...



The moon, THE MOON!!!



Blogger abcd said...

I must be brave in this snowstorm.
Susie your future neice/nephew came
to Rhode Island with her husband
may never get home. I saw what
you said to Shoshie-she is so BAD.
However I will come to her defense despite her "dirty mind".

She has a Pierre Deux bathroom
which is lovely. That is all the
Pierre Duex the woman has, BUT
we all tease her something awful.

Pray that I don't lose my mind worrying about my kiddies at home.


I can practice singing when we
tour this summer. I should be
really FAT by summer.

Susie I don't tell you this enough
but we do really love you.

I love your home. I could marry your family room.

A special blessing to you on this
very snowy Sunday.

Blogger Susie said...

hi, nikki! I must give credit for the discovery of this quote to my friend, Nilbo. Indeed, he may have left it at Deb's one day. I do like quotes about courage. I sometimes fear that Shoshie's problems may go deeper than Pierre Deux . . .

lawbrat, lots of love back to you, darlin'. I like that part, too :)

jess, you must be a wolf; somewhere, I have heard, there are women who run with the wolves. You got any of 'em there? ;)

lisabeth, oh, you'll get home just fine, with little Johnny or Johnette Mathis :) Shoshie should post a pic of her bathroom. I have a tiny powder room I need to re-do, maybe I could afford to Pierre Deux it!
Your kiddies are FINE. You're such a good mama. Pregnant is BEAUTIFUL. You'll be my hottest backup dancer, for sure.
I love my family room, too, and I'm very thankful for my house, but it really isn't all that. These are really the only two rooms I like, so far. Still working on it.
Snowy blessings and lots of love to you, too, my sister.
Jif just come in from sledding, going on about having 14 inches! This is getting scary . . . enough is enough already...

Anonymous sheryl said...

Rock on, sista.

One of the concepts that helped me learn about myself. All my life I thought I was brave. Truth is I just had really excellent nip-it-before-it-even-becomes-a-bud control over my feelings.

I used to think to myself, Courage is only courage if you're afraid to begin with.

Now I sometimes think, It's courageous to know you're afraid.

That's custom-made affirmation, that's what that is.

Every week I come here a couple of times to read or review your Sunday post if nothing else, I know I don't comment enough to show you how I feel boucha.

I think we are sharing part of the same consciousness. Love your heart, Susie.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s rather like “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Or, more probably, “Our behavior can dictate to our feelings.”—whatever that means.

Blogger Nina said...

Wow I love the photo, and the quote, well I needed it so much right now. I don't know how you knew I needed that quote, but I really, really did. Thanks!

Blogger abcd said...

I think I could be buried in all this snow. If that is the case I don't want Shoshie raising my children. They are all yours.


Thank God my husband had the good sense to get me oodles of food. And he has his laptop. I would be going crazy. I have called my chidren 100x and my sister as many.

This is too much snow. We don't get this kind of weather where we live.

I hope you are safe.


I should start singing that Anne Murray Snowbird song.

PS. Was it today you realized something "was not quite right with my siter?"

Blogger abcd said...

oops that was sister.



Blogger Susie said...

sheryl, you know, looking at it that way, saying, "I'm afraid" has often required a lot of courage from me. Just to say it. You know how I feel about you; if I am sharing some of your level of consciousness, then I am in better shape than I thought, my friend :)

ssnick, for a long time, I had a little note pinned to the visor in my car, that said, "Do it afraid." Short version of what you said, here :)

nina, I'm not sure what's up, but I sure am glad there was something here of use to you today. Hugging you.

lisabeth, I've suspected that Shoshie was "special" for a while ;) Actually, the scary thing is, the more I learn about her, the more alike I think we are!
Spread your tiny wings and fly away . . . . and take the snow back with you where it came from on that day...
But then it goes into "the one I love is untrue, blah blah" we don't want to sing THAT!
Frosty, the snowman . . . hey, did you visit for my snowman post a few days ago? Go look at them, it'll give you some ideas, and you can go out and make one!
I am safe, not going anywhere at all until at least tomorrow. I hope you are safe. Thank God you have the laptop! I was thinking, if our cable/internet went out, it could get ugly around here today. Your children are perfectly fine. RELAX, you'll upset little Johnny/Johnette.

Blogger Andrea said...

Am I on drugs? Hydrocodone, baby! Vicodin's generic sister! Unfortunately, it's not always working as well on the *cough* as I would like (hence you nearly killing me three times now...)

Blogger Andrea said...

Oh, and Susie, I wasn't laughing at your post this time (I see now why you think I'm easy, hee), I was laughing at your response to Jim :)

Blogger August95 said...

Happy Sunday Susie.

I love your quote for today.

Blogger MrsDoF said...

That there's a real purty pitchur of the moon. And some nice words, too!

Blogger Susie said...

andrea, you're too funny, "vicodin's generic sister." I hope you are well, soon, and safer around here. I have a very low fatality rate, I'd like to keep it that way ;)

august, thank you; I KNOW that you know a thing or two about courage :) XOXOX

mrsDoF, thank you very kindly :)

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

What a lovely picture!

"Be brave"

As Sweet Pea says: "You gots to be bave of the dark."

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Aw, CKelli, Sweet Pea should have her own advice column.

Blogger Susie said...

ck, yep, you just gots to be :) I wish you plastered pix of your littles all over the place. I understand why you don't, and you know, I agree with you, but the little hints of them I see, especially the philosopher, Sweet Pea, I just want MORE!

bucky, isn't she somethin'? I hope she writes a book :) Are you in captivity now or what? You being held by Scarface and his leetle friend?

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

I think this is a great quote to be explained to kids. I think kids think that to be brave is to not feel fear. I wish I knew this when I was a kid.

Blogger Amy said...

I love "do it afraid"! I do so very many things afraid.

Nice sunday post as usual, Susie. Now I am off to google this Pierre person.

Blogger Hippo said...





Dr H.O. Potamus-Sleepy's buddy Dopey

Blogger Susie said...

kranki, oh, I'm glad you said that. I don't think I've ever discussed that with LG, but I surely will, now :)

amy, Pete Two! I guess that's the translation. It's REALLY pretty French country things and stuff, I hope you enjoy. If I did the things you do -- the comedy (not that I even COULD) -- I would surely be doing it afraid.


Blogger hellokittn said...

I don't know how I missed the Sunday post, I usually at least stop by and see it. I always adore mooning through the trees. It's just a rare experience to see such light eminating from it. My tushy has never been so pasty :P

Blogger abcd said...

I just spend 15 minutes writing]
a post about the summer tour.
Blogger eats it. I move on to Sams
computer and now I have to pack
lunches. I don't want to be the
evil mother whose children don't
have a lunch at school.I wish
the little dears would buy lunch but they tell me "MOM" your lunches are better.....
grrrrr I will try tomorrow and hope
blogger behaves. Damn this was good


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