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Friday, July 15, 2005

Stuff Portrait Friday Lite -- Now with 2/3 Less Stuff

I'm still in the midst of hell week at work, and it's gotten even more bizarre. I want to play SPF, but no time to dig up everything. This was handy, so here's my SPF installment, I might complete it later today, or maybe not. Feel free to make all the fun you want, offer captions, etc. ;)

This is not really representative, because a nonsmiling pic of me is rather rare. I think the photog must have said, "Now let's try a thoughtful look..." But this was stuck in a book, and it is from 1980 (college yearbook proof), and all other 80s pix are boxed up, etc. I look exactly like this now. Except subtract some hair. Add some fat. Add some wrinkles. You know how skin loses elasticity and starts to droop? Yea, add that, too. You know how after age 35, your ears and nose continue to grow, and your lips shrink? Yea, factor that in, too. There, that's me, almost exactly the same. Well, here's something that's the same: I still frequently turn my head to the right, stare off into space and look pissed.

Ooh, look at that add-a-bead necklace. That was '80s jewelry. Where the hell is that thing? I could melt those babies down and make something useful . . . a minivan . . .

60 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Renee said...

Oh i love it! Very pretty!:-)

Blogger WILLIAM said...


Blogger Bente said...

I agree with renee, Suzie. You're very pretty! I love your eyebrows.

Blogger dashababy said...

Susie, you are gorgeous!!! And like fine wine, im sure you have aged very well and are probably more beautiful now than then.

Blogger eclectic said...

Stunning. Truly.

I remember the beads, the hair, the whole nine yards. This post just said, "Welcome back" to me!

Blogger Squirl said...

You are one beautiful woman. I love that photo. Have a great time on your vacation!!! We'll miss you. Take lots of pictures, we'll want to hear the whole story.

Blogger Squirl said...

I forgot to mention that, yes, you definitely have booty flies.

Blogger SierraBella said...

Dang, you're gorgeous!
Perhaps the photographer wanted a sophisticated college look.

Blogger Nina said...

Wow, you look like a model, I love this picture!
I was going to try to play today, but I have nothing in my life from the 80's. Well, except Shawna ~ March 1982, Ben~ December 1984, Michael ~ May 1986. Since they are my children, I guess they are not really "stuff."
Their father moved out of state and left us in November 1987, so I do have an ex-husband from the 80's. So three children, college and an ex-husband sums up the 80's for me. :)


Blogger August95 said...

You are beautiful Susie. VaVaVaVoooom!

Blogger Dang Cold.. said...

I'm speechless...


Anonymous Julie said...

Love the portrait ... I had an add-a-bead too.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

I added all the stuff you told me to add, even if I thought you were making it up, and you're quite lovely! Stunning, actually... but then, I already knew that.

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Lady, you are HOTT! Look at you looking all smouldering and stuff. You know, mysterious. Oooh la la!

Blogger Jomama said...

Wow Susie. You are really beautiful. I don't know why I pictured you as a blond though. It doesn't even make sense now that I think of it. Anyways, you are gorgeous and I'm glad I know what you look like now (actually I know what you looked like then, but you know what I mean).

Blogger WILLIAM said...

You kind of look like Lois Lane from Home Fires Blog. Any relation?

Blogger marybishop said...

It's a lovely photo...so you're one of those beauties on the inside and outside..geesh!

Blogger _Summer_ said...


You're stunning. And you look so smart. Those eyebrows say, "I know quite a lot about quite a lot, thank you."

With that as your foundation, how could age do you wrong? You're still smart and beautiful. And you have lovely fingernails.

Blogger Torrie said...

You are stunnigly beautiful.

How tall are you?

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

First - you're gaw-jus, girl!

Re: your ten more things. LG makes me laugh until it's dangerous for the dry state of my pants. "Homocaust museum"? "more variety in the shape of our lunch foods?" That's the funniest thing I've read since "reptile dysfunction." I kept sayin' that every time we drove past the Repile House.

Vacation, good for you guys!

Anonymous MrsDoF said...

Nice portrait of you, no matter when it was taken.

Anonymous kalki said...

That's classic beauty if I've ever seen it. Wow.

(And darn if you don't have the most perfect eyebrows ever!)

Blogger Random and Odd said...

Dear God you're beautiful!

Blogger Ern said...

Yea, a pic of Susie! You are beautiful, and it looks like you managed to avoid some of the major 80s pitfalls: high bangs, ridiculous shoulderpads, blue eyeshadow. Maybe you're wearing an acid-washed denim skirt that is out of the frame?

Blogger No_Newz said...

Caption: "Just look at him. Acting like he doesn't have a care in the world with that tramp at his side. All he ever gave me was heartache and these stupid beads. I shall melt these down and build myself a dagger to puncture his cold heart with. Or maybe I'll just turn them into a van and run his ass over. (insert sinister giggle here)"

I bet you are still smokin' hot! Have a great weekend!
Lois Lane

Blogger Amy said...

Jeez Laweez you look like an old time movie starlet in that picture. You musta had the boys lined up at your door when you left the house.

Blogger Susie said...

you people are way too nice, and WRONG. I thought this looked kind of funny, the expression and all. Whatever image you had of me from the George Michael post and from the Kohl's senior discount post, I'm sure is a more accurate likeness of me today than this one here is. Except JOMAMA! She was just plain wrong.

thank you, renee, and welcome.

william, such flattery will get you free admission to this blog, including rides and snacks, 24/7.

bente, thank you, same to you :)

dashababymama, thank you, but I think you're wrong. I have aged much better on the inside than on the outside, but that's OK.

eclectic, you must post an '80s pic, too.

squirl, you're very sweet. Everyone's being so complimentary, now I'm thinking, holy crap, there's NO WAY I'm posting a current pic now; y'all would say, "Aw, what happened to you?!" heeheeeee

sierrabella, thank you; most everyone's pretty at 20. You are an excellent PR person. "Sophisticated" sounds so much nicer than "pissed," for a description of my expression.

nina, gee, shame the '80s were so uneventful for you ;) Thank you. I was hoping for 80s babies, but didn't get one until 96!

august95, thank you, and so are you, with all your greenery there. Like Eve in the Garden.

dc, yes, I've noticed. You've been freakin' speechless for weeks, boy! Come around here and SAY SOMETHIN' sometime, why don't ya? ;)

julie, thank you. This does have me wondering what happened to that thing. Probably boxed up somewhere.

CK, you're such a NITE ONE!

kranki, ya think? Yea, you and sierrabella can do my PR, I had "pissed," but you guys have me mysterious and sophisticated. Spin it, baby!

JOMAMA!, that makes me laugh. I am SO not blond. I even used to post at dooce as "so not blond," sometimes, when I was talking to someone called, "yes, I'm blond," or something like that. FUNNY. And this is what I looked like then, not now.

william, no, but that is quite a compliment. Actually, when I first saw her profile pic, I did think that I resembled her as a child, too.

MB, you're very kind to me, as always. Aging better inside than outside, I am.

summer, I am not going to argue because you would *know* magnificent eyebrows. Thank you.

torrie, you're very sweet, and I was once 5'5", I peaked there and I am something shorter than that now. Maybe 1/2" shorter? And I weigh %&@ (yea, that's gonna happen here)

bucky, thanks. LG is FUNNY; I do really enjoy her company. Vacation is still almost a week away. ohlord, I need it. I have to come over and see if you're still at Geek School.

mrsDoF, thank you. I did think it looked kind of funny, too serious, but now seeing it through strangers' eyes, it's perhaps not as goofy as I thought.

kalki, that's so nice. I never thought that of myself. In fact at any given moment I can run down a list of what's wrong with me -- the huge zit that's barely covered by makeup, the overbite -- funny, when I probably looked my best that's how I thought of myself, critically; now I don't spend much time doing that at all. Age is a GOOD thing.

kristine, thank you, love. Long time ago.

ern, thank you, actually I never did the mall bangs, all through the 80s I avoided that. I did have an asymmetrical cut in the early 90s, a real what-was-I-thinking moment, and I've never been too big on makeup beyond lip gloss. Don't really leave home without that. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm wearing ridiculously high-waisted, pleated, gray wool pants.

lois, YES! That's what I thought the look was saying, something in that neighborhood. Great minds ;) You have a good one, too.

amy, you know what, by this time, I had met THE boy. Some time I will have to dig up an old pic of my mom in her day; SHE looked like a movie star.

Anonymous MistressMary said...

Yes, the eyebrows are awesome. I don't understand how to do my eyebrows. Or anything about makeup for that matter. Anyway -- great picture!

Blogger Dawn said...

i was just saying over at another blog yesterday that when I don't know what people look like, my mind starts to "make up" their faces for me. my brain thanks you for not having to "make" you up now.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

You are beautiful!

Blogger Precisiongirl said...

Mmmmmm.... tasty piccie!!

Blogger kenju said...

You are pretty; were then and probably still are now.

You write so funny!

Blogger Kitty said...

Absolutely boootiful Susie!!!

Thank you for participating in SPF despite all that's going on :).

Blogger Nic said...

Holy cow! You're a babe! Even so, it's your inside that is radiantly beautiful. Your outside just happens to match.

Bless you dear friend for showing us a pic of you!

Blogger mrtl said...

Oh get off it, Susie. You're beautiful!

Blogger LadyBug said...

Lovely, Susie. Just lovely.

Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

You are lovely, then and I am sure now as well. Its always more about who you are then the outside anyway, but damn girl. I would totally hit on you. :)

P.S. I am still up because of a barking nibbling excitable puppy, you want some company over that way? I bet I can box her right up..

Blogger abcd said...

Not being a blogger myself, I must say I have read a few very fun posts along with some very thought provoking posts. We are waiting for the "transplant team" and I have been reading to Sarah.
You are incredibly kind, and very
kind to Sarah. Please continue to
pray for her.

I believe we could be close in age.
My senior picture was a disaster.
That was the one and only time I let my Mother help me with my hair.

Nikki (Sarah's partner)

Anonymous La Pix said...

So...that's the source (or one of them) of your daughter's gorgeous, big, dark brown eyes. I remember that toddler pic of her you posted a while back.

Very humorous, thinking of melting down the beads to make a new minivan! I wish it was true. You could take it on your upcoming trip.

That would be so cool, really, if we could recycle everything and re-use it another way. I've been to some cool but also scary garage sales... and junk shops this summer as well as summers in the past, and I am so amazed at the sheer volume of stuff we humans make along the way.

I think the cavemen made stuff too, but most of it was easily returned into the land.

SPF always makes me think about the stuff piling up... and about how resources are limited and there are cycles to everything, like the dinosaur age, with a beginning and an end. And I wonder, because I think human brains can't really grasp it, what the earth will be like in 2 million or 6 million years. If any of the stuff will matter.

Every time I set a boundary on how I think about this it slips. Because it's easy to think that the earth has a "natural" way of life, and life cycle, and how we are separate from it somehow. But we're not. We're part of it. How can I say for sure that our behavior (piling up stuff and using up resources) is not part of the earth's "natural" state, if we're as much a part of it as bears or rocks or hurricanes.

My mind spins.

Thanks for the horizon broadening kickoff thought.

P.S. You're beautiful.

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

Like I need to say it, but you are so beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes. Okay, so it doesn't actually do that, but I'm feeling a little left out because I haven't found any SPF pictures that have done that for me just yet.

Yes, I'm a stinker. But I'm not as much of a stinker as that little girl I see in this picture that just emptied an entire roll of paper towels and has the pouty lip to prove it.

Hoping you get that minivan mold done before the big trip. That'd be one sweet paint color.

Blogger dashababy said...

Hey Susie: re: your comment on my comment,,,, "whatever, I bet youre still cute".
Mom the Fonz was over here and I showed her your pic and she said "WOW, SHES BEAUTIFUL!". She also made some reference about you looking like some movie star. Then we read your comments to peoples comments.... you are a funny funny lady, we were crackin up. What you said to Squirl was hilarious. "holy crap, theres no way im posting a current pic of me now...."
We love you. MAWH!

Blogger Closet Metro said...

The words have a face!
A beautiful one at that!

Blogger ducklet said...

you've come out! i bet you feel more liberated already. so next week you'll be posting half-naked Thursday pix, right? :)

Blogger Andrea said...

Wow, an almost recognizable photograph! Mrtl has to tell us: does she look like that now? :)

(Gorgeous, dahling, just gorgeous).

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

You look ATTENTIVE, perhaps on the way to amusement. I know, because I've got those same wrinkles....

Blogger Susie said...

mistressmary, hello again! Thank you; your comment reminds me of a Seinfeld where Elaine was talking about someone having great eyebrows and Jerry and George didn't get what all the fuss was about. Eyebrows are a woman thing. I have dark, thick eyebrows (years of plucking and they pretty much stay where you see them here, though), have never had to draw any in. God help me if I had to do that. I'd look like a clown, I'm sure.

blogaholic, I still say, read the George Michael post and the Shop Talk post, and make me up; you'll be more accurate than this 25-year-old photo is!

precisiongirl, thank you, I always think the same when I see your little funny bunny.

kenju, thank you, I'm glad you find me funny sometimes. That makes me feel very happy.

kitty the unbridled, thank you, darlin'; blogging is a great escape, don't you think?

nic, hi sweetheart, I have to come back over and see if you answered my question; wondering how you made out at the doc and how you're feeling :)

mrtl, you are the only one here who KNOWS, having dined directly across the table from my fat, graying ass. Well, my ASS isn't graying . . . IS it? Ahem, if you can believe this pic is me, after having seen me "TODAY," then fine, we'll just take your word for it. You are a fine and generous woman who shall be rewarded with pie when next I see you :)

thank you, ladybug, but do read all the disclaimers here :)

jessicarabbit, Hermione can come and visit me for: cuddling, looking cute; dressing in small people clothes; playing. Barking and nibbling . . . yea, NO. You keep her for that.

nikki, welcome! Oh no you don't, can't let you get away with that "I'm not a blogger" business. Once you click that "Publish Post" button, WE GOTCHA! You're one of us, now, MWAHAHAHAHA!
Just being silly as I am so prone to do here. I absolutely am keeping Sarah, you and her entire cheering section in my prayers. I hope every single little thing, and all the big things, are going miraculously well.
I know what you mean about the moms doing the 'dos. Not pretty. ;)

la pix, our eyes are dark, but actually, they're green. Hardly ever shows up in an online pic, though.

Yea, I am still entertaining fantasies of that golden add-a-bead minivan ;)

I am guilty of having way too much things and stuff, even though I claim to not be materialistic. I still have too too much. I don't know if you've ever encountered "Veggie Tales" movies/videos, scripture-based, character building stories for kids. There's one called Madame Blueberry, which I would encourage anyone of any age to see. There's a line in a song there that goes, "Happiness waits at the Stuff-Mart; all we need is lots more stuff." Madame Blueberry's stuff is almost her undoing. A very good message and great songs.

I do know what you mean about setting the boundaries and then slipping.

YOU. Are beautiful. Both before and after I saw your photograph.

crayoneater, I KNOW that little girl! You are funny. I am working on that minivan.

dashababymama, you are such a sweetheart, and HEY, FONZ! You are incredibly ageless, I assure you I am not in your league, but thank you for saying such nice things, and it SO tickles me that you and your mom got tickled here ;)

closet metro, thanks! Please read all my disclaimers and mrtl's lie :)

brando, hell no. I don't feel liberated at all. I feel like the unthinking middle-aged lady who posted a pic of herself in college as (almost) her first-ever blog pic, and has raised expectations WAAAAY too freakin' high, now. THAT is how I feel. I'll have to go the mall for a freakin' Glamour Shots session before I ever post another picture! But after that, I'll participate in half-naked Thursday. Or even fully naked Saturday -- what kind of freaks are blogsurfing on Saturdays, anyway? ;)

andrea, ha! "almost" recognizable, indeed. I have disclaimed all over the place. mrtl has weighed in here; mrtl will lie for pie ;)

HOSS! Now here's a man who gets me. I am damned attentive, and quite often well on my way to amusement! heeheeeee ;)

Blogger lily said...

Every one of these comments is spot on. You are absolutely stunning!

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

How lovely are you? Gracious! Sorry I haven't been 'on the scene' much...I've missed you too, sweet cheeks!

Rock that add-a-bead!

Blogger Susie said...

lily, welcome! Thank you; I love your name. See Sunday's photo!

Plum, I know, Your Deliciousness; I'm not getting around like I used to, either :) Almost done making the golden minivan!

Blogger Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

They say as you age you only look more beautiful....

I am sure that is the case with you, by looking at your picture you can see your beauty as well as on this inside.

What I want to know is, in my case where are those people that said that? (lol) I got lost in all your comments...how nice! Actually I relate so well to your post and what you wrote. It is a bitch when early menapause hits too...as well as the humpteen 100 other things to add to that.

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

'Your Deliciousness'???Wow...Can I put that on my business cards?

How about one for you? Maybe...Susie, Queen O' Lunch Hunches?

Anonymous Susie said...

hi, suzie, thank you for the kind things you've said. I expected to get teased for that picture, but you're right, these good people who stop in here are incredibly kind. I really blove them!

Plum, you don't have that on your cards already?! You must print the new ones immediately! Sure, I'm in favor of being the Queen of Lunches . . . dinners, desserts . . . the occasional liquer . . .
On yours you can also put things like, "juicy, refreshing, cool, sweet," they will take you far, my friend.

Blogger The Lioness said...

You're gorgeous! And white! I, for some reason, thought you were black. Despite the kid being obviously white but then I figured Jif was white. Don't even ask.

Blogger Susie said...

lioness, you have given me my first laugh of the day. I could speculate on all the reasons that you might have imagined me black, but where would that get me, really? HEEEHEEEEEEE Are you blond? I ask because one of the few black people who comment here thought I was blond; and there I was just this past weekend at that person's site (JOMAMA!), coveting her "I *heart* being black" T-shirt! These are confusing times we live in, lioness! ;)

Blogger SRH said...

Oddly, initially, I too thought that you were a person of color. I think it has to do with your writing stlye.

Nice pic. Much more attractive than any of the therapists that I have been to.

Blogger Annejelynn said...


Blogger The Lioness said...

Yes I'm blonde.

And offended. I think.

Blogger Twixie said...

You look like an actress in this picture... it's very nice. You are lovely (read that with a British accent!)

Blogger momo said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Blogger Jen said...

I can't say a word that anyone else hasn't already written. Beautiful.


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