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Friday, July 01, 2005

Biscuit Friday ~ Friends

A girl and her dog.

A dog and his girl.

Stuff Portrait Friday

My keys:

Two house keys, a Saturn, a mini-van, my church, 3 office keys (2 I don't need), 1 file cabinet. CVS and PETCO cards. No fancy or sentimental keychain.

Something from a previous relationship:

This was tough, because I've been with Jif for over half my life. But going waaaaaaay back, there was this little bitty ring . . . can you see it?

It was from the boy I dated through much of high school, at least 2 years. His name was Eddie. He was very sweet.

I think we called it a "pre-engagement" ring.

Out my front door:

I just opened the door a bit, still in my nightie, and snapped this. The dark blur on the left is the magnolia wreath that hangs on the door in the summer. I see here that some serious bush trimming is in order. We'll take care of that this weekend :)

30 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Greenthumb said...

Love! Love! Love! the LG and Biscuit pics.

I'm gonna be gone all weekend until Tuesday Susie. Have a lovely holiday weekend. XOXO

Blogger Greenthumb said...


neener! neener! neener! *evil grin*

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Have a happy holiday weekend.
(damn that greenie for beating me to be first)

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Great shots of LG & Biscuit. And I think your outdoor pic looks great--at least your lawn's green, which is more than we can say.

Blogger Jomama said...

I loved all of your pictures, but I loved the view out your front door. The more pictures I see of your house, the more I want to come knocking on your door with a pillow and an overnight bag.

And have a great holiday weekend. Go play in your big backyard for me!

Blogger eclectic said...

Technically, Greenie, you were first AND second. That's just plain greedy, man! ;)

LG looks the ballerina type in these pic.s -- darling!!

Don't spend the whole weekend doing yardwork! Unless yardwork is what floats your boat, in which case, garden your li'l fingers to the bone, girl! Whatever it is that recharges you, I hope you get lots of it.

Anonymous MrsDoF said...

A pre-engagement ring, yeah, I remember those, but never had one.
A late bloomer, that's me.

A girl and her dog is such a beautiful picture. True love at its best.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Terrific pictures! I love the girl and her dog and the dog and his girl. :)

I hope you get a chance to relax and recharge this weekend, Susie.

Blogger Cindy said...

I loved all your pics! The view from your front door has me green with envy for all the green lushness and tranquility - loved it! The ring (jewelry) pics are great because they show how organized you are - go girl! The key pic showed me that you're just like the rest of us, you have those mini-discount cards on your key ring too! :-)

The pics of LG and Biscuit are adorably cute and stylish.

Great job!

Blogger Squirl said...

All the pics are great. But my favorites are LG and Biscuit. Have a great weekend.

Blogger Candace said...

Sweet Biscuit and LG pics. How do you get her hair to stay that way?

Your front yard looks loverly!

Blogger Weetzie said...

love the girl and dog and dog and girl photos!

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Kids and their dogs are so precious. I cant wait until I can actually purchase a house and garden until my little heart is content. Its one of my favorite things to do, and dont want to put that type of money and effort into a rental.
OMG- as I was typing this I realized that I could do container gardening!!! Take it with me when I move. I know I come here for a reason.

Blogger mrtl said...

Beautiful pictures of LG and VBD!

Your ring reminds me of something; I'm just not up to taking pictures to post.

Blogger Torrie said...

Hee hee. Bush trimming.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself, plus Bucky's on the road, so I thought I'd fill in for her.

Blogger SierraBella said...

That doggone Torrie beat me to it! Bush trimming indeed!

Love all the pics, especially LG & Bisquit, and the front yard!

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

Happy Independence Day, Susie.

A dog and his girl. Excellent.

You have great front yard privacy. Hopefully there won't be any "Shocker: Local therapist photographed taking photos from her front door IN HER NIGHTIE" in tomorrow's paper.

Your secret is safe with us.

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

You have a serious jewelry box! The ring is super cute, but "Eddie" just doesn't sound as cool as "Grandmaster Jif".

Please feel free to have him dance around the house singing 'White Lines' accordingly.

Happy 4th, Sweetest Susie!

Blogger Andrea said...

LG is just lovely.

And when I was in high school, we called them "promise rings" (maybe they still do? I dunno). I never had one, but my sister did, and no, she didn't marry the guy either.

Anonymous kalki said...

I love the photos of LG and Biscuit!

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

This is a crafty piece of photo-blogging, Susie. Nicely did.

Blogger August95 said...

Very pretty pictures of LG and the handsome Biscuit. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Blogger Bente said...

I agree with the rest, the LG and Biscuit photos = gorgeous. As does your front yard, very nice!

Blogger Susie said...

evil greenie, thank you, love. You have a great weekend, too. Hope it is delightful.

william, greenie has a rep for being very quick. Happy holiday to you and the fam, too.

sharkey, thanks. We have had pretty good luck with our lawn, most of which, landscaping, etc., was in place when we got here, lucky us.

JOMAMA!, I want to say, "Baby girl, you just bring your pillow and ring the bell." But that would be CRAZY! And I wouldn't do anything crazy . . .

eclectic, thank you. Some yard work will make me feel better, or rather, the fact of having it done will. But I do need to have me some fun; work was insane this week, no pun intended.

mrsDoF, thanks on the pix. I spent too long with that boy, but no harm done. It was a very "safe" relationship.

CK, thank you, my friend, I hope the same for you.

cindy, thank you. I am very much "just like the rest of us," I'm sure. If my jewelry box makes me look organized, that's good, but it's deceptive. I like to think my head is organized, but my environment could use a little help. You don't see all the jewelry in plastic boxes and drawers that should be put away better so I could FIND it to wear!

squirl, thanks. I like those pix, too. I hope your weekend is great.

misfit, I'm not much of a hairdresser; LG does most of the fancy stuff on her own, now. I think she just twisted her ponytail up and wrapped a scrunchie around it.

weetzie, thanks, me too. If she didn't love him, the VBD may have been outta here long ago.

lawbrat, container gardening is a great idea; I haven't done it, but I want to grow some peppers and the like, that way. Deer eat a lot of our stuff, here, so we need to keep it closer to the house. BTW, Storm Molly is a beautiful creature.

mrtl, I read what it reminds you of. THAT reminded me of . . . I'll tell you at your place, I don't think I commented there yet ;)

torrie and sierrabella, I love you guys. I thought, "Wow, we need some bush-trimming around here..." then I thought, "Oh, geez, I'm not gonna write that, because SOME PEOPLE (B4E) would be all over that," and then I thought, "Oh, why not? I'll throw it out there as a gift and see who takes it." SierraBella and Torrie, THAT'S WHO! heeeheeee. I'll work on before and after pix for you :)

crayoneater, that's funny. If I had one ounce of ambition, I'd produce a phony photo/story about me outed as a public nightie wearer. I have less than one ounce. But that's funny.

plum perfect, that serious jewelry box was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, from Grandmaster Jif, who by the way, likes the title of Grandmaster, which I bestowed upon him last night, giving props to you, of course.

andrea, that term sounds familiar to me, too. My little ring was sort of the next step after wearing his class ring. ugh, high school, the good, the bad, the ugly . . .

kalki, thank you!

You, too, hoss!

august95, I almost wished you the same, but you're not holidaying, are you? Well, have a free, independent, sparkly weekend, anyway :)

bente, thank you, the yard was one of our favorite things about this place when we were househunting. We are thankful for it.

Blogger Cyn said...

Great pictures!!! I laughed hysterically through a lot of this. Great writing!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Aw! So Shweet! Shilky and Shoft with his best friend.

Blogger momo said...

Nice pictures of LG and VBD!

Blogger Random and Odd said...

TWO DAYS to post this. Shesh...I have more trouble commenting on your blog than any other.

I am doomed.

I'm diggin on the pictures!

Hope you're having a fantastic & relaxing weekend!!

Blogger Susie said...

cyn, welcome! And thank you, glad you had fun here :)

kranki, yea, if only he weren't so BAD.

momo, thanks!

kristine, I'm sorry honey; I don't know why the trouble. I usually don't play hard-to-get :) Hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying the holiday, too.


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