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Monday, May 23, 2005

Recommended Reading

I notice, as I travel the highways and byways (what is a byway anyway?) of blogworld, I run into the same people coming and going. With a few exceptions, the people you run into on my site are the people I'm going to run into on yours. And I love that. I love that we all "know" one another. And I love that it doesn't take long for "new" people to jump right in and feel comfy (I think and hope they feel comfy).

There are a few places that I go, though, from time to time, that I don't see anyone I know. And I go to these places because I really like the people, and the gifts that they share with blogworld. And although I did not go to kindergarten (as Jif is fond of reminding me, in a "what can you expect from someone who didn't even..." kind of way), I did learn to share, somewhere along the way. And that's what I want to do now. I share with you:

cmo's blog
cmo is one of my "it's a small world" experiences. He lives, works and plays darn near the tiny town in North Carolina where Jif and I met. Our first alone date was to the WHATABURGER in cmo's town. cmo is a musician and well, just too many other things for me to even explain to you. His blog will play loud music at you (I mean for you), so if you're at work, turn the volume down before you go. And do spend some time there. Scroll down, check out the righthand side, play some games, listen to some music. Read some quotes. I told him once his place is like a carnival. Go see cmo.

hell's bells
This is Toren's blog. I fell head-over-heels for Toren when she came to dooceville one day, after one of those heart-wrenching letters to Leta, and she said something like, "I wish my mom had written about the early times . . . instead of just drinking Early Times . . . " She is one of the best, and most unpretentious storytellers I've seen in blogworld. She cracks. me. up. Go see Toren, and buy her a chili dog.

this is damon
This guy showed up here one day, and I'll be honest with you, I saw his profile pic and thought, "Who the . . . " because, frankly, I don't get a lot of strapping young African American men up in here. So I ran over to meet him, and . . . wow. He is another kind, funny, smart, unpretentious blogger. Spend some time over there. Make sure you read far enough to learn of potato chips, the devil's snack; and Damon's take on Cowboy Troy, the hot new Hick-Hop artist. And be sure to click on his "Listen to my music" link -- he composes and sings gospel/hip hop. Good stuff. Go see Damon.

Tell these folks I sent you. They might say, "Who the . . . " but that's OK.

And I think you'll thank me :)

15 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Torrie said...

Susie, as usual, you are bringing us all together.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Thanks for the recomended reading. Where do you find all the time?

Blogger Random and Odd said...

I went to each site. You're awesome Susie.
I think it's because you're related to Grennthumb!

Blogger Colleen said...

i didn't know you and greenthumb are related! wow... don't you wish we could have one huge real party? i'll bring the salsa!

i can't believe you mentioned whattaburger. when i lived in nm, we went to blake's lottaburger. yummy! who came first??

Blogger marybishop said...

I'm going to make my visits - wish I could do it today but am mighty busy...thanks Susie for the recommendations. Isn't the blog world amazing?

Blogger this.is.damon said...

Sweet Lordy Jesus! I'm going to be famous, son! My blog was blogged about in the blog of blogger who's blog was visited by Rosie O'Frickin-Donnell!

I'd like to thank the Academy, Jesus, and My Momma.

I don't know if me commenting here takes away from the magic of Susie recommending my blog ... but, oh well.

I'll never wash Susie's blog again!

Blogger eclectic said...

Well done Susie, and you too, Damon! Just reading your comment cracked me up, so now I'm going to head over for a visit. And Susie, thanks for your kind words, but I just couldn't handle the exposure.

Blogger Susie said...

torrie, what a lovely thing to say. I would be very pleased if that were true, sometimes.

william, I'm still looking for it! Oh, don't get me started...I'm always having that conversation with myself, that "I had a very full life before I started blogging, now I've added this whole other WORLD, between writing and reading..." I don't, of course, read everyone I'd like every day, and I also don't really watch TV anymore. That has been my rationalization -- blogging is better than TV watching, because it's active engagement with other people, not just sitting and looking. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

kristine, thank you for that. Being greenie's sister has many perks :)

colleen, I called dibs on greenie many moons ago, and we become adopted blog sibs :)
Somewhere there's probably a "whattalottaburger!"

MB, it IS amazing, in ways that I think one can't really know until one "dives in" to it. Trying to explain it all to someone doesn't really work, I think.

damon, you never fail to make me smile. But what do you mean you're not washing my blog? We had a deal! It's REALLY dirty after all that went on here over the weekend!

See, people? If you like goofy, and you apparently do because you're hanging out here, then you'll like Damon ;)

eclectic, I understand. I am totally impressed at how hard you must have worked to look that great; you've earned the right to expose :)

Blogger Candace said...

Wow, my mom tells stories of her dating years at the Whataburger in her hometown in Mississippi!

But darn it all to heck, Susie-Doozy, I don't have time to read all the blogs I read NOW! And now you've gone and made me visit MORE blogs that I want to read every day!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

You are so sweet to do this. Thinking of others, as usual.

Blogger eclectic said...

Eureka! Must've been the good karma you left Susie, because I figured out the links problem shortly after receiving your comment. Don't know how to say thanks other than to list you on my newly-working links. Thanks!

Blogger Indigo said...

I love it! I've been planning a blog like this too, because every once in a while you find a really good blog that you must read all the time and it seems almost like it came out of nowhere.

Blogger Kitty said...

Toren just cracks me up. LOVE her. The other two were great but I just dig her the most!

Thank you Susie! Always a fun time in the WWIT realm!

Blogger Susie said...

misfit, simma down nah! You'll be OK, I think none of these 3 updates EVERY day. There, just pop in every now and then. That's what I do.

kranki, I am always trying to lose that no-kindergarten-trainin' rep of not being a good sharer ;)

eclectic, thank YOU for that, that's a fine thank you :)

indigo, I think I will do this from time to time. I know a lot of other bloggers do -- feature a "blog of the week" or something like that. Summer (notahamsandwich.blogspot.com)did that for me once.

kitty, she hits me at just the right spot, too. Very warped, she is. She even wrote in an entertaining way about her recent breakup, God love her.
I like all 3, for different reasons; they are quite different from one another as you've seen. Variety is the spice.

Blogger Tigerlily said...

THANKS, you are the bee's knees! What a nice thing to do, really gets this old goat smilin' again! Toodles noodles-


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