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Tuesday, May 03, 2005



LG: Andrew's pants fell down at recess again today! Everyone saw his . . . Daddy, what's that called when boys don't have boxers . . . what do they have?

Daddy: Briefs?

LG: Yea! Everyone laughed at him 'cause they saw his GRIEFS!


I don't like tags, they don't make me happy, but I'm doing this for Rina as-cute-as-she-can Bee, only because she is in a family way, and I have a soft spot for preggos:

The Floater

Turd in a punch bowl
At the church coffee hour
Turd in a punch bowl
No wonder the deacons look dour!

I will pass this poopy assignment on to Bucky Four-Eyes, poet laureate of blogworld, and one of my oldest blogfriends, because she might even write an epic and read it on audiopost. Have you heard that dude?

And to William, one of my newest blogfriends, because I know he can handle it; he was raised on Poop and Boogies.

And to Katie-be-bored-at-work, because I've seen her wax eloquently on related topics.

Here's the tag thing: 4 lines, the first and third are "Turd in a punch bowl;" the second and fourth must rhyme, and can be on any topic. Not SO bad, as tags go. Pass along to 3 unsuspecting punch drinkers.


My Very Bad Dog, Biscuit, has run amok. That's not the same as R-U-N-N-O-F-T, although he's done that, too. He has taken to writing celebrities, asking their advice. Check out his shennanigans here. And may I also add a bit of advice, if you are new to the canine genius that is Mouse, read what he says ALOUD. It helps.

file under: &Family &Memes &Biscuit

14 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger The Lioness said...

Poop is making the rounds in the blogosphere, as I see.

You know what Mouse reminded me of? When I first tried to read Trainspotting in that bloody impossible Scottish. Hell was it hard to get into the rythm!

Poor Mouse.

Blogger little sister said...

uh-oh...we're playing poetry tag in the blogosphere?


LOL at they saw his GRIEFS! That's even funnier in a law firm ;-)

Blogger Squirl said...

We luv Mows

Anonymous Roxy said...

Dun't say min things abut 1 gud dag Biskit. Yur min for call him that.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

I may be the only dissenter on the Mouse thing, but I just cant read it. I've tried. And tried. Then I took your advice and read it aloud. My brain wont go there. I get frustrated after 5 words. Oye! I'm just not meant to read that site, for whatever reason.

Griefs!! LOL. That, I can read.


Blogger Ern said...

I'm with lawbrat. I've tried, but it hurts my brain. r-u-n-n-o-f-t! I love that movie!

Blogger Susie said...

lioness, poop does get around. I had a hard time for a while, but then it clicked and I can read Mowsian pretty well. Poor Mouse, indeed. It's a dog's life.

little sister, that's right, you probably handle Griefs all the time:)

squirl, Mouse is a hero, even tho I think he called me "not viry nas."

Roxy, does Nilbo know you're using the computer?

lawbrat, It took me a while, but the outloud thing did finally do it. I'm sorry you don't get it. Although you understand a lot of things the rest of us don't, like legal Griefs;)

ern, hurray for you! I didn't know how many people would get it; OBWAT is one of our very favorites. You're bona fide, ern!

Blogger Nicolette said...

I've now bestowed on my dogs native american names -- they have every reason to runaway.

We have Cindy Two Bears

Riley Laughing Moose

Zelda Crazy Squirrel


Wild Pony (Rhiannon da Greyhound)

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

One of my turd poems at SP is for you, sweet Susie...

Blogger echrai said...

Oh my freaking god - griefs... legal griefs *snicker* nothing like a floating poop poem... Biskit... the dog site... can't stop laughing... sides hurt. If I crack a rib from laughing, I blame you. entirely. 100% and then some. But not in a legally liable manner of course. In the more people should make me laugh like this manner.

Blogger Jomama said...

Hey Susie, sorry about the tag. You did a great job if it's any consolation. I hate chain letters, etc. too. My mom sends me that crap everyday. I started blocking her email then she found out and her feelings were hurt, so I reinstated her. But she still does it.

Blogger Susie said...

nicolette, just make sure they never write Mouse at www.savemouse.com to ask for his help in his Monday advice column;)

spurious pluam, you are my hero.

echrai, you must have one of those contagious laughs, because now you're making me laugh!

rina bee, all is forgiven:)

Blogger echrai said...

I do! I do! I've managed to make entire sections at wedding receptions - during those parts where people expect you to pray - errupt in laughter thanks to my red-faced giggling. :) Man, I hope my dog doesn't start writing to Mouse, or I'm in trouble. I can just imagine what's going on in her beady little doggy mind behind her black glares.

Blogger Mamaramma said...

I saw that VBD made a cameo on Mouse's site, and I was so excited! I love it when people I like get together... ahem... I mean dogs I know.


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