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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Odds and Ends, Nothing Really

If Kristine keeps up with the Stuff Portrait Fridays, my house could actually get clean. This week I'll be sprucing up the fridge and the closet, getting ready for their close-ups. In case you haven't seen, this week is : your religious symbols (pictures, statues, etc.; I'm sure the term "religious" can be interpreted VERY broadly :); your fridge, inside and out; and your purse and/or shoe collection.


Help me out. We have 3 tickets, 3 tremendously expensive tickets (to us) to The Lion King. They were purchased last Fall. We learned a couple of weeks ago that LG's school chorus concert is on the night of the performance for which we have those tickets. At least 2, possibly 3 of us have wanted to see The Lion King musical for years. Last week I learn that the choral performance is "mandatory" and the class grade will be based on performance at that, well, performance. LG is in 3rd grade. An "F" in chorus will not look pretty, but it will not follow her all the way through her acceptance of the Nobel Prize. On the other hand, following through to the performance part of a class like that is important. Making sacrifices is important.

What do you think, blogfriends?


This is a story Jif told me from his work day: He sells direct marketing, direct mail advertising. He was talking to a potential new customer on the telephone for quite some time, explaining all of his company's services. After a while he mentions a particular option that they offer, and all of a sudden the lady says, "Well, that's interesting! That's the first thing you've said that's of any value." He cracked up, and the lady got all embarrassed.

Wouldn't you just love to say that sometimes, I mean, you know, if you were totally lacking in manners, tact, and the like? He ended the call on good terms, probably having made a sale, because he's amazing like that, and promised the lady he'd never call her just to chat.


Oh! Did y'all see? Leta walked this week! If that doesn't make a Dooceketeer smile, I don't know what will.

24 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger JessicaRabbit said...

Ok both my boys went through that whole "mandatory" school sing stuff, once they were outside and they both ended up with terrible sunburns, didnt make one bit of differance with their grades. Both my sons felt they only said it was mandatory so kids would come. The sunburn one they held in the middle of the school day. If its mandatory, make it during school hours. How many parents work nights and have sitters they leave their children with so they can support their family? Are they supposed to take off work for a mandatory sing? That is crap. I would totally go to the show that you guys have been planning for so very long, that will be a much bigger better memory for her them some half way organized school sing.

Hmmpff. Sorry, that type of stuff annoys me.

Anonymous kel said...

I agree with the post above Susie, go to Lion King -- it will be spectacular. I saw Phantom of the Opera as a kid and it still stands out as one of the most fantastic few hours of my childhood. Granted, I was older than your girl, at least 12 or 13, but the spectical of it all was magnificent.

And Hooray for LETA! I bet there were many who silently thought "You go lil' frog!" whilst sipping morning coffee. I start my work day with a read of her blog. If you haven't yet discovered Ian Williams, xtcian.com, you may enjoy. Talented writer for TV & movies, wife a NY producer, battles depression, new Daddy,good stuff.

Got here via Nilbo -- enjoying your blog, thank you for finding the time to write and share.

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

I would totally go to the musical and just write a note to the teach saying you had a previous family commitment. Surely LG can be graded on another performance.

Yay for LETA!

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Gotta go with the other ladies here and say, HELL YEAH, go to the Lion King. You've planned it that long, and can they really, really hurt LG's grade by missing this performance?
And if they get pissy about it, you can always sick your Internet Legions on 'em. As a group, we're pretty good at kneecap bustin' and the like.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Oooo... Lion King vs. Chorus Thing. Hmm. That's a toughy. Maybe LG can make the call? Wait, how old is she? Hmm. I think I'd skip the chorus thing and go see Lion King.

Hooray for Leta walking! That's cool.

I took a bunch of pictures of our stuff, but haven't gotten my arse in gear to post any of it. I'd love to participate in Stuff Picture Day! Maybe this week will be the week!

Ha! That's a great story from Jif! It says something about who he is -- a good something. :)

Yeah... the more I think about it, the more I think "Lion King". I saw The Nutcracker when I was a little kid and that was really cool. Make a memory -- take her to see Lion King. :)

Anonymous MrsDoF said...

My sons skipped so many of those extracurricular activities that one teacher was surprised when the boy did show up. The middle son did not even march at Commencement, I had to go pick up the piece of paper at the office the next day from the secretary.
They then went on to college, oldest on full academic scholarship, the others have partial academic goodies.
Tickets to The Lion King for grown-ups should be a priority.
ps Neither DOF nor I went to our proms due to lack of interest.

Blogger Andrea said...

I am dying to see The Lion King, personally.

I'm not usually one to skip "school", but this is ridiculous. I agree with Jess, it should be during school hours if it's that mandatory.

Maybe she could conveniently get sick that day (but not too sick to see TLK...maybe laryngitis?).

Blogger Squirl said...

I don't see the comment I just published. It may show up and make me look redundant. But go to the show. Kneecaps beware. (see Bucky's comment.)

Blogger SierraBella said...

I'm voting Lion King too!

Regarding manners and tact- We constantly get wrong number calls from an unknown young woman.
I'd dearly love to hear her say "Hi, is so-and-so there" and feel comfortable enough to answer "Sorry, he's dead!"
Actually, nice person that I am, I've learned the caller's first name and sometimes we chat for a second.

Blogger Greenthumb said...

I don't know what the heck is wrong with all you mothers, but I say it's more important to be at the school sing song event. Your kid needs to learn to sacrifice 'I want' events for those that are expected. It's a good learning experience and a valuable lesson.

Oh who am I kidding...I so would ditch the sing song brigade for the Lion King. You had your tickets before the event and I'm sorry, an F for not attending an after hours school event??? BAH!!!

Blogger Weetzie said...

Totally agree with everyone else...in the long run the Lion King is going to be a better experience than a mandatory school event.

Blogger Andrea said...

And speaking of Leta...I'm loving the spaghetti sauce poop in the hair picture today!

Blogger Spurious Plum said...

Super Jif's so brave. I couldn't sell my big ass to cannibals.

Blogger Dawn said...

That's a hard one. I saw the Lion King 4 times(yep I'm broke now)and you really really don't wan't to miss it. Trust me! Is there any way you could talk to any other parents at her school to see exactly what the consequences are for LG if she misses the concert. Technically, you will be at a place where there's singing, ask if she sings along there, does that count? Just kidding, but good luck with your decision.

Blogger Candace said...

1. See what LG thinks. She should have a say, no matter what the ultimate decision is.

2. If you decide to do the Lion King, talk to her teacher and see if LG could do a report on it. Maybe the report could replace the performance grade.

3. Screw everything I say and do whatever YOU think is best!


My MIL has no tact. There just isn't a social filter in her brain. It's been difficult to learn that she doesn't say and do things maliciously. She just DOES them. The other daughters-in-law still don't get it.

Saw the Leta walking post. Awesome! My cousin didn't walk until she was 2, and she ended up being the star on her high school basketball team. And a cheerleader. Oh, and a pageant winner. (Yeah, try being HER cousin!!)

Blogger Nic said...

That was such a totally cool Jif reaction!

In other news, not that anyone cares...Carrie won, Carrie won, Carrie won.

Anonymous LadyBug said...

I hate doling out advice, but you DID ask...

I pretty much agree with most everyone else. I think (really expensive) theatre tickets outweigh the school thing. (I also agree they should make 'mandatory' performances during school hours.)

I think I'd visit with the teacher about it. Let her/him know what's going on, how long ago you committed to the Lion King thing. Misfit's idea of doing the report on the Lion King was pretty cool.

Blogger Susie said...

jessicarabbit, thanks, I agree, not everyone can get to those "after hours" things

kel, welcome! Thanks for stopping in and letting me know you were here :)

kranki, I'm going to send that note in tomorrow, and hope the teacher (who is also a mom) has some mercy.

bucky, it's good to know I have a posse if I need one. That's POSSE.

CK, thanks, love. Get your STUFF together.

mrsDoF, skipping anything will be new to us, but I think that's what we're going to do.

andrea, the lack of sugar has gone to your brain. You, of all people, encouraging us to fib!

squirl, if the teacher gives me any trouble, I'll forward that double-bird picture of you to her!

sierrabella, you're very kind. Repeated wrong numbers . . . there's no excuse for that.

greenie, you scared me there for a minute!

weetzie, LG does love chorus and she loves to perform, but she votes Lion King.

plum, that is so not true. Cannibals have already been contacting me here, just since you posted that!

losc, I'm sure that singing along could be arranged.

misfit, thank you, excellent advice.

nic, Jif is the coolest. Good for Carrie! I didn't see it.

ladybug, that's what I'm going to do. I hope she's a reasonable person. No reason (yet) to think she's not.

Blogger what a life said...

No, no, don't clean before taking the pictures for SPF! We want to see it like it really is!

Oh and screw the school, go to the show! If the school really tries to do something because it was "mandatory" just go raise some hell with the principal and they'll drop it.

Blogger Closet Metro said...

The Lion King is REALLY good (but you knew that already, hence spending the big bucks for the tickets).

If it's "manditory" it should probably be avoided at all costs: When I was in High School, I missed seeing the Beastie Boys open for Madonna, because I had a "manditory" band concert.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Lion King all the way. LK is not something that will happen again in the near future or ever. You bought the tickets IN. THE. FALL.

If the school gives LG an F for having a prior family commitment, thats just wrong. And, LG will learn that when you make a commitment, ie LK, you keep it.

Have fun at LK.

Blogger Susie said...

what a life, my blog would be too frightening for even the bravest visitors if I didn't clean first!

closet metro, so "mandatory" means "don't do it." Got it.

lawbrat, I've written a letter to the teacher today. We'll see . . .

Blogger marybishop said...

I vote for Lion King...and underline everything that jessicarabbit said.

Remember, private school or public school, you pay the teacher's salary...now with that in mind, you have no reason to bend to her/his arbitrary edicts.

Lion King!!!

Blogger The Lioness said...

I'm with the boob lady up there, FWIW.


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