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Friday, April 20, 2007


I misspelled a word in a letter to the elementary school Gifted and Talented Committee. (Now they'll know I'm not really one of them.)

LG knows that we are on the fence about whether we want her in that program in middle school. Last night I told her about my discovery of the misspelled word. She said, accusingly, "Now they'll think I don't have smart parents! Is that what you want them to think!?" I love it when a plan comes together.



And I'm not embarrassed, but they should be:

On the phone with the tree service, I tell them that we need an estimate on removal of the one fallen tree in the front yard, and the two standing, but damaged, trees in the backyard. And I ask them to please itemize the costs on the estimate, because the neighbors will be paying for the fallen tree, which is theirs.

Tree lady: Oh, we don't do that.

Me: You don't itemize on estimates?

Tree lady: No. But we will break it down for you so you know what each service costs.


Me: Oh . . . well, that'll be fine, then. Just . . . go ahead and break it down.

17 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger judypatooote said...

That is so fun, and I know how you feel.....my daughter Linda, her hubby and I went to a gifted presentation (I'm terrible at spelling) and my daughter shook the teachers hand and said hi I'm Linda, hi I'm Linda, hi I'm Linda... like three times....(she was nervous) and I followed her with hi I'm Linda's grandma....Linda is my daughter.... Jenson is the granddaughter.....Jenson just rolled her eyes.....we felt so dumb... So it happens......LOL

Blogger WILLIAM said...

What word was mispelled?

Now I may be confusing blogs...but didn't you have a little christmas tree coming up somehwere? I hope that is not being itemized

Anonymous Sharkey said...

I'm thinkin' the tree lady's kids DEFINITELY aren't getting into the gifted program.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gifted programs are definitely NOT all they're cracked up to be. In our district, the Challenge program is only in middle school. WTF? You mean to say they're gifted in middle school but by the time they get to high school you've beat it out of them or what? My oldest daughter was in the program and while she did fine, I'm not sure I'd put her there if I had it to do over again. Of course, now she's carrying a 3.98 GPA in college and stresses herself out enough without help from anyone else!

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*wonders if Susie had asked them to "break it down" if the band would have kicked in with a funky beat*

Blogger Nina said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning.
This reminds me of a call I received once.

Caller: I'm running late for my appointment because I am having a breakdown.

Me: What is causing the breakdown?

Caller: My car.

Me: Your car?

Caller: Yes, it won't start.

Me: Oh I see, your car is broken down?

Caller: Yes and I won't be able to make it since I am having a breakdown.

Me: All right then no problem we can reschedule.

Blogger eclectic said...

LG cracks me up! As for itemizing, maybe Tree Lady thought you said "atomizing", which, even if you had a really big atomizer, would be complicated when you're talking about trees. ;)

Blogger mrtl said...

So close to tax time, it concerns me that she's not familiar with that term.


p.s. I'm home May 10-17 with Jem. Please let me know if you're up to getting together!

Blogger Squirl said...

I sympathize with you for the misspelled word. It drives me nuts when I misspell or make some stupid grammatical error.

As for the tree lady??? Definitely not the gifted program there.

Anonymous LadyBug said...


Break it down now,
Daaah nah nah nah, nuh NUH, nuh NUH
Ya can't touch this
Daaah nah nah nah, nuh NUH, nuh NUH
Ya can't touch this

Happy Friday, Miss Susie!

Blogger Sandi said...

Very funny! Oh, well, at least she was trying to be service-oriented. It would be interesting to know what she things "itemize" means!!!

Anonymous platypus said...

I love the tree lady's comments, and laughed even more at the mental picture of a giant atomizer. I was thinking of the old perfume ones and how if you had a giant one you could just blow the trees down and that would solve the problem. Then I started thinking ray guns and decided I should stop the drinking... ;)

Blogger Squirl said...

Did you just add the tree picture, or was it there before?

Blogger The other me said...

*blink* blink* and also, snort! And then...word verification is susoc, could that be your new name?

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

I am a terrible speller and have often mispelled embarrassing.

*shame spiral*

Blogger little sister said...

I think ladybug broke it down the best of all!

btw, I secretly HATE when I misspell, then I hate things further when I realize I should have waited 5-10 more minutes after adding a coat of nail polish before typing. gah.

Those gifted programs were sort of popularity contests among the cuter geeky kids, as I recall. Mi hija was rejected from one in a new school district on Indy's NE side until I made them realize her IQ of 145 was definitely HIGHER than the min of 135, even though she had a single mom who's means of support was :::gasp::: being a secretary full-time with a part-time job at a Chinese restaurant!

horror of horrors, I tell you.

the nail polish, not my kid's high IQ ;)

Hope they broke that tree down as ladybug suggested :)

Blogger little sister said...

btw, I should have typed "whose means of support"....AUGH! I have to remember to drink coffee before AND after painting nails...can ya tell the good meds are kicking in? ;)


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