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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Taking Names

I didn't think I could be surprised and/or amused by a strange name anymore. I thought I'd heard it all. Today, though, I encountered a young woman called "Kleshea." Pronounced like (I kid you not), "cliche." When I told Jif about this, it led us down memory lane, through a few of the unusual names we've heard in recent years.

Jif reminded me of an old favorite, a story told to me by my friend, Elaine, who is an obstetric nurse. She helped with the delivery of a wonderful baby girl, born to a very young, unmarried teen, who arrived at the hospital without friends or family. The new mom had not decided on a name for the baby before her birth. My friend knew this because during labor, to help pass the time, she had discussed baby names with the mom-to-be. After the baby girl was delivered, Elaine went in to check on mom and baby, and once again asked if the baby had a name. The young mother said, "I didn't think of one, but the people in the nursery gave her one, and I like it, so I'm going to keep it." My friend found that odd, but the girl seemed so pleased, she didn't argue, just inquired as to what the nursery staff had named the baby. "They named her Famolly," said the girl, holding up the baby's tiny wrist with tiny ID bracelet. Elaine looked at the bracelet: Female Smith. Fe-ma-le.


A few years back, I was at a community service fair at a local high school, representing the counseling agency where I now work. A surly-looking student approached my booth, and she said, "I know where you work. My family got counseling there. We used to see Miss Theresa."

I said, "What's your name? I'll tell Miss Theresa I saw you." She told me her name. It was unfamiliar to me, and I wanted to check that I was hearing her correctly. "Serenna?" I asked. She repeated her name. "Saranna?" I tried again.

She was losing patience with me. "I GIVE UP!" she said emphatically.

For just a moment, I thought she was dismissing me as too dumb to get her name. But then I got it: "Surrender?"

"Yea. As in, 'I give up.'"

Instinctively, I said to her, "No! Don't give up!"

She smiled and said, "That's just what Miss Theresa used to tell me."


Jif belongs to a business networking group where one of the members is a restauranteur. He told Jif about a woman who came in and interviewed for a waitressing position. Her name was, or so it seemed, "Chataid" or "Shahtayd" or something like that. Unusual, but that wasn't a problem. Until she wrote it down for the man: S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D. He said he didn't hire her because he couldn't put that on a nametag.


Then there was the one that has us both (and I think most of our church congregation) shaking our heads every time we remember it. Now you know I am not a prude, I am not particularly dignified (OK, that's an understatement). But in church . . . well, I try not to use vulgarity in church. At least not when I'm speaking from the pulpit. A few years ago, our church was in high celebration mode because we had completed a wonderful, long-awaited addition to the building. The time came to have a ribbon-cutting, and to dedicate the new wing to the service of the Lord, and whatnot. It was a big deal in our little community, and a state delegate came to speak. He was not (nor will he ever be, now) a member of our church, but he was a local boy, made good, so we were delighted to have him. His name was, and is, James. He spoke about the importance of faith, and family . . . and he told some cute stories about his own family. And he told one that probably went over very well in other groups, but in our particularly setting, it went over like . . . like a fart in church.

He told how his young son, James III, refers to himself as "Jimmy, the Turd." He waited for the laugh that didn't come. Silence. Except for the sound of jaws dropping, eyebrows raising, and such. Although, I must say after a few seconds of silence, I was stifling some serious laughter, not at "Jimmy the Turd," but at James the Second, for apparently forgetting where he was when he used that anecdote. I guess it actually went over more like a turd in church. You just don't hear the word "turd" from the pulpit, you know?


Then there are, of course, those names that are funny because of how they do or don't match the person's profession or personality. I was referred by my internist to a gastroenterologist, whose name I thought was "Dr. Bott." When I went to look up the number, though, I realized I was actually being sent (for a colonoscopy) to "Dr. Butt," and I just couldn't go there. Some things just aren't funny.


So tell us your funny name stories!

UPDATE: OK, Shithead is just a little too bad to be true. Jif thought the guy was telling the truth, because, as I say, he's not a joker. But I just googled and while there is some suggestion that Shithead is a Finnish name (pronounced shuh-teed, which would be sorta consistent with the guy's story), there is also a lot of mention of the name Shithead as an "urban legend." So. Don't want to mislead anyone. Particularly any of you looking for baby names ;)

file under: &Can't Make This Stuff Up

58 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Ern said...

Shithead HAS to be one of those old joke stories, right? How could a person go through life that way, without resorting to being S. Ann Smith or something?

I just saw a card on a bulletin board and one of the daughters was named Karysma. Pronounced like "Charisma". Which I thought was just weird. And, what if she grows up to be sort of cranky? Why can't more people give their kids nice, normal names anymore, like Susie or Erin? We seem to have turned out ok!

Blogger Susie said...

hi,ern! So good to see you. That man is not known to be a joker, but you have a point; surely she'd know by now to at least change the spelling. I think names like Karysma are just set-ups. She'll probably have a dud personality. This makes me think of a kid I know now called "Whisper." Yep, a loud-ass kid.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

All of those stories are funny. The Female thing is like that joke about the uncle naming twins....Denise and Denephew.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

I've always loved Bill Cosby's skit about how, for the longest time, he thought is name was "Jesus Christ." His dad got frustrated with him one day and let loose with "Dammit! I told you..." to which Bill replied, "No, Dad. Dammit's my brother, I'm Jesus Christ..."

Our kids have normal names, and the names I use on the internet are their real life nicknames. Yet, when we want to talk about the kids, but don't want to alert the kids to the fact that we're talking about them, we use "#1, #2, and #3". Apparently, though, the kids are on to us. When you ask Buddy what his name is, he'll hold up 3 fingers. (I'll bet you thought that was gonna be another turd in church story, huh?)

Blogger Andrea said...

i have one that is NOT apocryphal, because i went to high school with the guy. his name? jack knauff. say it out loud a few times...

Blogger Susie said...

william, or the twins, Pete and Repeat.

ck, my supervisor tells that her son, one of 8, always thought his name was Timmy Dammit, because that's what her husband always said to him.

andrea, trusting soul that I am (and because I've personally heard worse than this that I can't post here due to patient confidentiality), I just accepted Shithead. But your comment inspired me to check it out, and it might not be legit, see UPDATE. But then again, as I said, I've personally heard worse. Including some that suggest what your classmate, Jack, calls to mind.

Anonymous Barbarra said...

Years ago I worked for children's services, and this story came to me from a co-worker from that time period. She had to talk a very young lady from naming her daughter Vagina. She heard a nurse say it during delivery and thought it was a pretty word. She had not heard the term before and did not know the meaning.

Another very young girl had twins, a boy and girl and wanted to name them Toyota Corona and Toyota Corolla.

No, she did not make this up, and neither am I.

Don't get me started on the "unique, it will make him/her an individual" spellings.

Blogger Candace said...

These aren't bad names but they kind of toe the line of *precious* if you know what I mean. My friend J married a woman named Charity. Her last name? Counts.

Charity Counts. Her parents named her knowing full well what her first and last names together would mean .

Again, not bad per se, but just a wee bit *cute* for my taste.

Blogger Babs said...

We actually DO have a Pete and Repete in town. Ikidyounot. They went to school w/my sis.
I babysat twins Denise and Dennis. What a pain. But at least they were cute. Remember Edie Murphy in Bev. Hills Cop? In the gun club w/vitamins pretending to have explosives? He wanted to earn money for his twins Monique and Unique? LOL.
And then you have George Foreman. All his kids are named George and his daughter is Georgette. My friend's brother's girlfriend named both her kids Gladys after herself because she didn't want to show favoritism. So we'd joke about him dating Gladys, Gladys and Gladys. LOL And don't even get me started on Michael Jackson - that's one dude that should not have been allowed to procreate or be anywhere near a child. IMO.

Blogger lawyerchik said...

My sister-in-law named my first niece "Brookelyn Kaylene", the second one "Kaitelyn MaRee" and the third "Ashelyn Elizabeth." I promised that when the girls grew up, their auntie would give them name changes for their birthdays, if they wanted them.

Fortunately, the second niece won't have as much trouble - the wonderful nurses at the hospital when she was born "misspelled" her first name on the birth certificate, so her name is actually "Kaitlin."

It's not so much the names anymore as the spellings - but you never know anymore..... :)

Blogger Susie said...

barbarra, that makes me think of a woman who's often on the local news here, her name is Ragina, and it rhymes with vagina. I don't know why she doesn't just go ahead and call herself rah-jeena, I guess she doesn't mind the confusion that often occurs when she says her name.
And you would know a thing or two about having to explain/correct unusual spellings.

candace, I know someone named Precious! "Counts" is almost too cute all by itself; anything you put with it tells you that the person . . . counts. Wonder if there's anyone named "Nice Matters." heehee

babs, Those are all incredible. Dennis and Denise makes me think of the Thomas Thomas and John Johns I have known. One of each.

lawyerchik, yea, different strokes, I guess. I like old-fashioned names, classic names, and uncommon but not weird names. Of course, weird is in the ear of the hearer, I suppose. My only is Lily. Could it be more simple? Yet people misspell her name. I tell them, "just like the flower." It's amazing how many people don't know how to spell that flower.

Anonymous LadyBug said...

Those stories are hilarious.

My mother-in-law was a teacher for many years (she's an administrator now), so she saw some - ahem - unique names over that time. I know there was a Rainy at one point, which...why? Why name your child after a weather condition?

My favorite awful name, though was - I kid you not - Urethra. Wow. That poor little girl.

Oh! And we know a couple who recently had a little boy and named him Draven. HUH?

Blogger The other me said...

I knew a young girl who went into labour having just ordered lunch at KFC, her waters broke as she asked for her soda...thebaby girl was born soon after and named Pepsi-Rae.
I also sat in a well baby clinic and listened to a mum calling her baby, ooh look baby girl....have a drink baby girl. When the nurse came out she actually called for
" BABYGIRL Smith" Now, mama was a very big lady, can you imagine if this child grows up to be 300lbs?

Blogger Effie said...

there was a guy at highschool named Mike Hunt--say it out loud a couple tumes. Then a girl named Amanda Lynn. And a teacher named Frank Frankolonza.

I've never heard the name Famolly (or Female) before--that's too funny!!

Blogger Ern said...

I had totally forgotten about a kid I went to junior high with. His name was Stone. Which could be tough on a kid anyway, but his last name? Wall. We all used to tease him that he must have a sister named Brick. (What can I say? Jr high kids are cruel.)

Anonymous Heartworks said...

My good friend Joy has three sisters, Gloria, Grace and Peace. Their father is a theology professor, go figure. At least those are sweet, the Humanities prof named his son Ulysses.

Now that I think about it my sister is Saylor and my cousin is Sundai and and her nephew is Chance. Ahhh- I'm from a weird name family!

Anonymous Erin said...

- my husband and I are in the process of deciding on a name for baby #2 (who is due in July). We frequently joke about naming the child "Cain Abel" or "David Goliath". You know, two biblical enemies forever joined in one name.

- My dad worked with someone who was named Dick Whitehead. He didn't like him so he called the guy "White Dickhead". Behind his back, I'm sure.

- I heard of a man whose last name was Dickless. Which would send me
quickly to the courthouse for a name change.

- I heard a story or joke about a lady who had twins and named them Male and Female, pronounced Molly and Femolly. And another story of a woman who named her son Nosmo King after the sign she saw while in labor that said "No Smoking".

Thanks for this post, it was a blast to read!

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Andrea reminded me of a kid I went to high school with. His last name was Nie. His mother's name? Anita. Anita Nie.

And, there is a woman I work with who's name is Candy. She swears her maiden name was Barr.

Blogger eclectic said...

I have stories, but they'll have to wait -- I'm at work! But you guys have me giggling!!

Blogger Susie said...

ladybug, hope Rainy's last name wasn't Day. I actually kinda like "nature" names, like Rain...but Rainy seems to have a gloomy connotation. I used to know a man called Fields. I liked that.
Urethra is wrong. Reminds me of the Seinfeld where Jerry guesses that the girl's name is Vulva.
Draven? You're draven me crazy, now.

t.o.m., I am a Coke girl m'self, but oddly enough, Pepsi-Rae sounds cute to me. Of course, KFC sounds really good right about now, too. I used to know a woman, a very large woman (I'd say 300+), called Baby. I don't know what her real name was, but for the several years I was around her family (she was the aunt of a friend, probably in her 40s at the time), I never heard her called anything but Baby or Aunt Baby. Like Baby Huey, I guess. There was a country song out at the time with the line, "Lord have mercy, baby's got her blue jeans on..." and, well . . . um, yea, I always pictured Aunt Baby in her jeans. Lord have mercy.

little mama, Amanda Lynn is kinda cute, in a precious musical way. You remind me of a story -- people keep doing that! In college, I had a work-study job at the information desk of the Student Union. One late night, while I sat there reading, some drunken athletes kept coming up to me asking me to page people (one of my responsibilities), and Mike Hunt was one of the people. Of course, I "got" it immediately, but I was bored, and they thought they were being so clever. Every time I would page Mike Hunt, or the others (I can't remember them, but they kept stepping away and thinking of other brilliant names), those guys would nearly fall out and wet themselves. And that was entertaining to me. Idiots.

ern, was it the kids or his parents who were cruel?

heartworks, I actually like Joy and her sisters' names . . . Peace, I don't think I'd do, but I really like the others. And your family doesn't have weird names. Weird . . . makes you say, "You've GOT to be kidding."

erin, you really want your child to have all that inner conflict? ;) Congratulations, and all the best to you with little . . . Mordecai Haman ;)

Your Dad's co-worker, that was just too much temptation to resist. Those remind me of Titman, the candidate I posted about here back at election time.

Thanks for sharing ;)

ck! You just reminded me of another person the college drunks had me page: Anita Dick.
Candy Barr. Get outta here. My pastor, whom I call the Rev. Dr. Fruity, her first name is Cherry. It was her mother's maiden name. She dated a guy whose last name was Diamond. I told her if she'd married him, she would have had to become an exotic dancer instead of a minister.

Blogger Susie said...

hi, eclectic! Did you get your cake in out of the rain yet? Email me when you get time, girl. And come back and tell us your stories. xoxox

Anonymous Gina said...

Hi Susie, this is fun! There were two guys in my high school named Mike Roach and Steve Reefer, and they were cousins. Another student's name was Peter Lust - the poor guy was very shy and studious and I'm sure had to put up with a lot of ribald remarks! I think he became a minister...

Anonymous deneen said...

Just this week we saw this on a work document: Latuna. WTH was her momma thinking?

A guy I worked for once upon a time was named Richard Robert and they called him "Dick Bob" just to tick him off.

My own name is messed up-do not even get me started. And my babies daddy name would make you snort. People please please make good choices when you name your children-life is hard enough without being named "Latuna."

Anonymous platypus said...

I loved that post but my favourite name for now and evermore is that of the wonderful Flannella Jo Washington. I will name my next child Flanella Jo - regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl. :)

Blogger Erin said...

I remembered a couple more...

- I met two kids this morning at Waterbabies. A girl named Killian and a boy named Colston. Killian's mother was talking about how that is a boy's name and all I could think of was "that's a beer's name."

- there was a story about a boy who is blind and uses echo location to get around (which? so very cool). His mother's name was Aquanetta.

- I used to work with a guy whose name was John Johnson.

Blogger Twixie said...

This friend of mine works for WIC and he's heard from pretty weird stuff, but my favorites that he's told me were Significance and Elegance.. twin girls. At least they should have positive self-affirmation.

But Female Smith is wow, what to say about that. Thank goodness they didn't put baby girl Smith on her bracelet.

Blogger Jennifer said...

Always good for a conversation, the odd names.

I'd heard the Male/Female story in the context of Malaysian (I think) refugees who saw the check mark on the immigration form and thought their children had been assigned these as names. In this case they were pronounced Mal-Eh and Fa-Mal-Eh. Beginning to sound like urban legend to me.

The other story I was told (I think by the same person) was of twin boys whose names were pronounced Or-An-Joo-Ees and Le-Mon-Joo-Ees. Spelled, of course, "Orange Juice" and "Lemon Juice".

Sadly, I can't remember any of the ones I actually know are true (my Mom worked as a school district administrator at one point).

Blogger eclectic said...

OK, I'm back, but I confess I don't get the "cake in the rain" reference? I'll email after I pull the 13th birthday oatmeal scotchies out of the oven.

Story: My dad went to medical school with a classmate HONESTLY named Richard Butcher. I've met the man myself. The only salvation is that at least he did NOT become a surgeon OR a urologist.

Blogger Erin said...

I remembered another one I was thinking of earlier. There is a urologist around here whose name is Dr.Stop (I'm not sure of the spelling, but that's how it is pronounced). Many, many babies have been prevented by men going to see Dr.Stop for the big snip. That just cracks me up. There also is a Dr.Goh.

Blogger Lynn said...

A fart in church? I thought I was the only one who said such things. Thank you, Susie.

Names? I knew a lady whose younger twin sisters were named Lovey and Dovey. What was that mother thinking? -- My husband's last name rhymes with jerk-off. We hyphenated our daughter's last name. I hope no kids ever call her Jerk-off Johnson. She will be heartbroken. What the hell were we thinking???

Anonymous dawn said...

I went to college with a girl named Precious.

And, I had to sign off a parcel to a man named Ashit, no word of a lie.

Blogger Susie said...

gina, I went to school with people named Reefer and Roach, too; it just wasn't "official." Rev. Lust is just too funny.

deneen, your name is perfectly fine, but I am curious about your baby daddy name now ;) Poor Latuna. She could tweak it just a little bit, to LaTonya or Latana, or . . .

platy, oh, be still my heart; I fell deeply in love with Flanella Jo. I have been known to google her and go back and read the comments from when she was "there." Who the heck was she?!

erin, I know a little Killian, too. Curiously, his dad is an alcoholic. All I can think of is that he named his kid after a beer, too. It's a wonder there aren't more beer kids: Michelob, Bud Light... I have known an Aquanetta, and a John Johnston.

twixie, since you came over, I assume you forgive me for being such a HORRID neighbor and not seeing your wonderful news earlier :) I wonder if they'll be called Siggy and Ellie. Female's last name wasn't really Smith; I don't remember what it was.

jennifer, I think my friend's patient was American, which made it that much sadder that she didn't recognize the word, "female." It's really not surprising that someone unfamiliar with the language would make such a mistake. Orange Juice and Lemon Juice? Yikes.

eclectic, I'll write to you about your rainy cake ;) Doctor names are particularly disturbing, or can be. Nobody wants to go to Dr. Butcher, for sure. There is a dentist here called Dr. Bonebreak.

erin, just don't tell us that Dr. Stop and Dr. Goh are in the same practice. Maybe Dr. Goh reverses the vasectomies?

lynn, what were you thinking?! I'm sure no one will say that. If they do, they'll have you to deal with, and surely they'll be wiser than that ;)

dawn, Precious is relatively common, it seems. I met someone in a store named Mercy, which I hadn't heard before, but I thought it was pretty. May have been short for Mercedes. Ashit. Like, Ah, shit! Nice.

squirl, wait a minute now. Are you saying those names are at the company where you work, or those are the names of the "company" at your house. Because if that group is at your house tonight, I want to know just what kind of par-tay you are having there. (You didn't move into the PDBSH, did you?)

Blogger Squirl said...

Sorry, it's from my company where I work. The company at my house is family. :)

Blogger eclectic said...

Update to earlier comment: My mom informs me that the gentleman in question spells his name "Bucher" without the "t", and that he does, in fact, go by "Dick". Just wanted to keep the record straight.

Still, Dr. Dick Bucher?? Eeep! SOOOO good he's not a urologist!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My oldest daughter went to school with a young man named Forrest. His last name? Vines.

I knew a guy in Nevada named Mike Barf. Yea, he actually found someone to marry him and take that name!

I know I have more but I think two is plenty for tonight!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In high school, in my Yearbook class, the teacher was calling roll. At one point he stopped and said loudly, "Oh, this has *got* to be a joke!" A small female voice in the back of the room said, "No, it's not." The teacher turned very red, and went on taking roll. Her name? April Mae Schauer. (I didn't learn about the "Mae" until later.)

Blogger Susie said...

squirl, thank goodness! I thought you were up to monkey business there!

eclectic, he should go with boo-shay, I think.

traci, I wonder why people keep names like that, when they don't have to. I guess family loyalty.

anon, some parents are way too cute. April Schauer. Then I wonder, did it suit her? Was she fresh and light? Creative? Hmmm.

Blogger Amy said...

When I lived in Nova Scotia there was a guy we knew whose name was Randy Dickhout. Terrible.

And when i worked for the parking authority there was a big buzz about a new girl, her name was Candy Divine. And all the guys were dying to get a look at her. So they went down to the parking lot booth where she was working and came back VERY disappointed. She was NOT attractive AT ALL. She was sweet, though. heh.

Blogger Mamaramma said...

My husband teaches at a low income school where the parents are fond of innovative names. My favorites are Jaqaviian (djuh-qua-eee-ahn) with 2 I's, Lirical-Locket, and Question, because the mother doesn't know who the father is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think her parents were Cheap trick fans. Mommas alright... Daddys alright.. They just seem a little weird.

Williams Brother

Blogger eclectic said...

Ooooh, oooooh.... Amy just reminded me of a girl that lived across the street from me when I was little. YES, there were houses with indoor plumbing back then, thanks. Anyway, her name was Kandy. We went to school together from 5th grade through college, where she married a guy from the class ahead of us named Kurt Shugars. And yes, their kids' names all start with "K" too.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The most absurd names I can remember—and during my social work years I encountered quite a few—were twin sisters who supposedly went to high school with my cousin. I hope the story was a joke (like the Female one, which I heard many, many years ago): supposedly their last name was “Hore” and the twins were named Ima and Ura.

Blogger MrsDoF said...

Goodness, I can't read the Comments right now, but this post reminds me of something Mostly Cajun (http://www.mostlycajun.com/wordpress/) does on Sundays when the new baby names are printed in their local paper. He's there every week, with commentary.

My sister graduated high school with a Thomas Thomas. Middle name Ira, for a grandpa. We never gave him anything with his initials embroidered on it.

I was in school with a girl name of Melody. Her sisters were Harmony and Lyric.

I know 3 sets of twins, who live in different states, named Bonnie and Connie.

All through grade school, with classes and ages over-lapping somewhat with my three sons, there were 3 sisters Stephanie, Melanie, and Destanie.

Blogger MrsDoF said...

Oh, I worked with a girl who had a baby and named her Autumn, just because she liked that name.
Trouble is, the birth happened on March 23.
Very confusing.

Blogger Susie said...

amy, that was a TERRIBLE name. And poor Candy. I had, have actually, a cousin named Cookie. She was Miss Texas, back in the day. I think there is an expectation that women with delicious names will be ... delicious. Doesn't always go that way, though.
Speaking of delicious -- your singing Lucy is ... oh, indescribable. I go there when I need a smile, never fails :)

mamaramma, make my day, why don'tcha? ;) You remind me of a child I know of named "Chance," also because of unknown paternity. I'll write to you soon :)

WB, which parents? Oh; I guess it doesn't really matter, here, does it? :)

eclectic, Kandy Shugars. Oh, puh-leeese. Don't you think the cute name is part of the reason for the attraction? Are you old enough to remember the laugh=in bit, "If x married y . . . " then they'd come up with bizarre married names. Shoot, none are coming to mind. Where are all my golden girls when I need them ;)

ssnick, I cannot imagine parents actually doing that. I do believe the Female story here, though. I was only once removed from that source; and that was a long, long time ago.

mrsDoF, I'll have to check out the mostlycajun site. People giving seasonal or monthly (like April) names out of season or month is a bit confusing, I guess. Parents must just like the words.

Blogger Susie said...

oops, amy, I keep getting in trouble here after I write things and then google them. A correction. The Cookie cousin wasn't Miss Texas; she moved to compete in North Carolina. That's where she was Miss.
That is all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gotta couple...
I've heard a different take on the orangejuice and lemonjuice....or-ronge-jello and le-MON-jello.

Also I heard a radio station story on some names when I was in college. There was a guy with the last name of Stain. He joined the navy and became Seaman Stain. And a guy with the last name of Seaman. Was in a football game and the announcer says "And Seaman was ALL OVER HIM!"

heheh--anyways--mostly lurk and love your blog
Ivy's Mom

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

In Spain, many years ago, children used to get stuck with the name of whatever saint's feast day was on the calendar the day they were born. These saints' name calendars also used abbreviations for "obispo" = obi. = bishop, and "mártir" = mar. = martyr. So there were these parents who named their kid "Obimar!"

Blogger Susie said...

ivy'smom, thanks for lurking and for letting me know you're here. Seaman Stain made me SNORT.

ortizzle, Obimar. Better than Obi Wan, I guess.

Anonymous Undercover Mutha said...

I haven't had a good laugh in a LONG while, and I needed that every so badly, Susie.

Blogger Susie said...

umutha, do I have to come out to freakin' OK? You need a good laugh EVERY DAY or terrible things can happen. Take better care of yourself, missy.

Anonymous kalki said...

You always have the best stories. I love that about you.

I know two doctors with funny names: Dr. Shouey a podiatrist and Dr. Loynes a gynecologist.

Blogger Loki said...

There was a guy in my high school named Lance Lansing. A childhood neighbor was John Johnson. A guy at the office was named Hung, who changed it to Hank (for obvious reasons). His younger brother (Tony) worked in my department.

Hank transferred into our area right after the name change - and during a staff meeting I was explaining that they knew each other...saying, "Tony's brother is Hung, by the way." Dead silence. Then, I just moved on hoping nobody caught it...

Blogger Shell said...

My friend has a proctologist named Dr. Butts and a dentist Dr. Perl. I keep asking him why he picks these people and he says he didn't notice it until later.

My name (Shell) is my Mom's maiden name. When I go out with my Grandma (Mom's Mom) in her small town people say "Miss Shell how are you today?" and I keep thinking they are talking to me.

Blogger Nina said...

We have a urologist who is retired. His name is Dr. Peter Standard . . . In 1976 a 16 year old in my high school had twin girls and she named them Mari & Juana. Then there was Carol, who married Ken Carol and so she was Carol Carol. Then Kelly married Charlie Kelly and became Kelly Kelly.
There is a reason I kept Hawk ~ Not just any last name will go with Nanina. :)

Blogger Susie said...

kalki, thank you; and you know I love your stories, too.

loki, welcome. So you're saying Hank was really Hung?

shell, welcome to you, too. I like your name. I would think people were saying, "Michelle," when they say Miss Shell.

nina, those are way into weird territory. And having seen Dr. John's last name, you made a wise choice. People would be tripping over Ns, for sure!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to school with two girls named April. One was April Flores (spanish for flowers) and the other was April Rainwater.

My friend Michelle's parents wanted a son to name Michael, but got a girl first and thus, Michelle. Of course a year later they got their son whom they still had to name Michal. I think they also named the dog Michael.

I also knew a boy named Justin Case.

Blogger mrtl said...

Me again. In college I worked for an answering service. We handled Dr. Butts' calls. I'm sure it's the same guy. He was very nice, and had some form of BUTTDOC on his license plate.

While working there I took a call for a peds office from a mother. Her daughter, Microwavenia, was ill.

I heard the Female joke with the name Nosmo King (No Smoking) -- mom said she looked up and saw a sign.


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