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Friday, January 05, 2007

In Case You're Looking for Me Tomorrow . . .

I'll be standing on the porch pulling my dress up . . .

on the porch

or maybe one of my brothers will stuff me in a cardboard box, and I'll smile, because I'm thankful they haven't locked me in the closet, which is what they usually do . . .

boxing day

or maybe I'll just stay in my jammies and watch TV (although this TV looks just a tad Poltergiesty, so maybe not) . . .


or just whatever I feel like doing, because it will be . . .

MY BIRTHDAY! Again. I had a great birthday in blogworld last year, and I don't dare to be so greedy as to ask y'all to sing to me again, even though I wouldn't mind a bit if you did :) Sigh. Last year, I was worried about peepee troubles. Turned out to be kidney stones. This year, I long for the good ol' days of kidney stones!

Oh, well. I'll make it as good as I can. I'll start with the flashing, and the being boxed up, and the lazy jammies and TV day. They look like good times.

Maybe I'll go somewhere to wear my new birfday boots:


(Or maybe I'll just put them on with my nightgown to take a picture, like I did here! ha!) They are my gift to me. These heels are not entirely compatible with WTF, but I bought them anyway as an expression of optimism that WTF will be outta here while it's still cold enough to wear these babies.

And one more thing. It's august95's birthday tomorrow, too! It's an international incident. Please wish her some wishes :)

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42 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Nina said...

I can only imagine that God smiled the day you were born.
Happy Birthday Susie!
You will get to wear those boots, those mighty fine boots. May your year this year bring many blessings!

Blogger Nina said...

P.S. Love the pictures of you as a little girl . . .

Anonymous LadyBug said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuu
You blog in a zooooooo
You look nothing like a monkeyyyyyy
Would you like some fonduuuuu?


Love the little girl photos. LG looks a lot like you, I think.

And your new birfday boots are so pretty! I pray you'll be wearing them confidently very soon. Love and hugs to you on this special day, my friend.

Blogger Squirl said...

Those pictures are just great! You could smile in the face of adversity (brothers) even then.

I hope your day tomorrow is everything you want it to be!

Happy Birthday!

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Woo hoo for berfdays!!

Oh, sure, blame the BROTHERS. We'll all fall for that one. Uh huh. Yep, it's always the brothers.

Blogger Jomama said...

Happy Birthday, Susie!

Hugs and Kisses,

Blogger Sudiegirl said...

NICE BOOTS! I'd kill my ankles wearing them, but NICE.

This is a cool blog...I'll definitely be back, and I hope you come visit too.

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Happy Birthday, Susie! Wow, you were born on the Feast of the Epiphany. Very apropo.

Blogger Susie said...

nina, thank you, dear one. I will wear those boots if it kills me. Or the person I fall on. Really, I think the year will definitely bring blessings :)

ladybug, that song is so truuuuuue. And I know just where I can get some fonduuuuuuuue. Love and hugs to you. Big ones. Big hugs, that is.

squirl, 5 brothers was indeed, sometimes, adversity. Thanks for the wishes, sis :)

mrB, it WAS them. I never caused any trouble. Your comment calls to mind memories of riding in the car, saying to my mom, about the brother in the photo, "Mommeeeeeeeeeeee! He's LOOKING AT meeeeeeeee!" Then he'd get swatted. What? He was!

JOMAMA!, thank you, sweetie. Backatcha.

sudiegirl, thanks for stopping in! I will come and visit you :)

ortizzle, gracias. I don't know if Epiphany is apropo for me, but being born during a feast sounds right :)

Anonymous Sharkey said...

I love the picture in the cardboard box, but you look so cute in all of them! A look you maintain to this day, I'm sure.

The boots are indeed great--nightgown or no.

Happy Birthday!


WTF must be quaking in its, uh, boots, because those are some fearsomely sexy and kick ass, er, kickers! (I'm envious because I cannot wear anything more elevated than a Birkenstock.)

Happy Birthday, Susie Fairchild! We are so blessed with you on the planet.

- Lynn

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Happy Birthday Susie!

Are you having a party? I'll bring the vodka. Some ideas for party games for your birthday.

Pin the chaps on the Bucky.
Neville brothers kareoke.
Freeze Dance-Elaine Style
Three Legged Race (Nilbo will enter without a partner.)

And a Party favor gift bag idea for you to give to your guests.

X-ray pictures shrinky dinks sun catchers

Blogger Circus Kelli said...


Those boots are awesome! I say you and me put on our boots, do up our newly colored hair, don our best nighties and go out and paint the town! I'll drive! :D

Whaddaya think?

Blogger Kentucky Brat said...

AWWW!! I love the lil Susie pics!

I have no brothers to blame stuff on, it was/is owful!! I should have had brothers.. I deserved brothers!

Happy early Birthday to you, I will try to remember... to come back tomorrow and sing, something. ?? Who knows.

yah, them boots are for kickin WTF's ASS!! oh yeah!

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Hey, hey, hey, William - no pins, please! Scotch tape will do just fine, thank you.

Happy birthday, Suuuuuuuuuusie!

I shall sing you the nontraditional birthday song:

We're going to dance,
We're going to dance,
We're going to dance
And have some fun
(Fun fun fun)

The chills that you
Spill up my back
Keep me filled with
Satisfaction when we're done
Satisfaction of what's to come
(I) I couldn't ask for another
(I-I-I-I-I I)
No I couldn't ask for another
(Oh that's right)
Your groove I do deeply dig
No walls only the bridge
My supperdish, my succotash wish
(Sing it baby)
(I) I couldn't ask for another
(Uh-huh uh-huh)
(I-I-I-I-I I)
No I couldn't ask for another


Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart
(Ask me mama)
Groove is in the heart

(Watch out!)

The depth the hula groove
Move us to the nth hoop
We goin' through to Horten
Hears a who-ooh
(I) I couldn't ask for another
(I-I-I-I-I I)
No couldn't ask for another
DJ Soul (soul) was on a roll
I've been told he can't be sold
He's not vicious or malicious
Just de-lovely and delicious
(I) I couldn't ask for another

(Sing it)

Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart-ah-ah-ah

1-2-3 bl-ble-ooh-ooh
(Blow them on the lawn)
(Groove is in the heart)

Groove is in the heart
Ah-ah-ah-ah (yeah)
Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart
Groove is in the heart

Come y'all
Y'all are crazy man!)

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

...hmmm a fellow Capricorn, I have been reading you for sometime...I must have missed last year's entry, or did I..somehow I knew you were a January baby..your brothers stuffed you in boxes and closets, too?..good times. Happy Birthday!

Blogger The other me said...

Lovely boots and nighties, perfect, your birthday is sure to be perfect. May you have a glorious day and a splendid year with no sign of WTF.

Blogger Dawn said...

woah-nice boots susie :)

have an excellent birthday.

Blogger Susie said...

shawkey, You're too kind. My daughter got all my cuteness. Seriously, she got it; I don't got it no more! But I do have better boots :)

htgt, I am mostly about comfort in footwear, too. Just that I've felt so old and droopy for so many months, I needed something ass-kicky, you know?
What a sweet thing to say, thank you so much.

william, you are clearly, a party ANIMAL. Nilbo should pay you.

ck, that is an offer I can't refuse. We'll have hope (among other things) swinging back and forth! ;)

kybrat, you don't deserve brothers! What did you do that was so BAD? ;) I like the idea that these are WTF-kicking boots :)

bucky, I was all down wit dat song, until I got to "blow them on the lawn." Ahem. All I ask is that you wait until it's dark. The neighbors, you know.

elizabeth, sounds like birthday wishes are in order for you, too? Many happy returns of the day :) Yes, my brothers really did put me in a closet. Rather often.

t.o.m., thank you for that. My b'day is always my second chance at starting the new year, so that's what I aim to do.

dawn, thank you! For the compliment and the wishes :)

Blogger eclectic said...

Epiphany baby? Wait. I KNOW I've been around these parts long enough to know it was your birthday, but I somehow missed taking note that it's the 6th: you SHARE your day with Mr. Eclectic!!!!! Holy Guacamole! No wonder I love you!! Just another in the growing list of reasons...


Older brothers can be okay once they become adults, but having only three of them myself, I'm thinking five is just waaaaaaaaay too many. Congratulations on surviving that, and only being mildly weird in normal ways.

Those boots make me wish I gave a damn about fashion so I could emulate you. They really are striking (which is NOT an endorsement of actually striking someone with them, nor to be construed as such).

Here's to 07 being the year of rebirth for Susie -- more authentic, more beautiful, more humorous, more energetic, more loving than ever. And let me tell you sister, those are some large boots to fill. Cheers!

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

How about if we blow them on Spacey's lawn?

Blogger Susie said...

eclectic, I KNEW there was someone else! Me and August, and MrE! Thank you for the lovely wishes. I would truly like to be more of all of those things. The large boots are size . . . 9! That is pretty large.

bucky, heee; Ima call her up and make sure it's conveeeeenient :D

Blogger mrtl said...

How quickly Bean Day rolls around AGAIN!

Happiest of birthdays to you!

Blogger Andrea said...

how could lg get all the cuteness when, from what i can tell, she looks just like you?

happy birthday, susie! sorry arwyn didn't hang on a couple more days ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanna sing you a song, too!
Happy Birthday!

I got buttons bursting in the air
I got apple orchards everywhere
I got grapes swinging from the vine
Swinging in a line, lined up in the sunshine
I'm on time, fresh, fast, I'm a sweetheart
I'll watch your back
I'm all swing, a swing from the shoestrings
Right or wrong, to me it's the same thing
You, especially you
You have my loyalty
You in wartime,love, and peace
I need to walk you down the street
I'm right here, I'll watch your back
In case the wind blows off your hat
You - you're on time
Your eyes are like a diamond mine
Deep and bright inside
I got buttons bursting in the air
Ideas run fingers through my hair

(That's Swing It Low by Morphine, one of my favorite songs ever. It's upbeat and sung just above a whisper)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me, sheryl! MWAH.

(As usual blogger won't let me see the name and url boxes)

Blogger Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Susie!

Anonymous platypus said...

Happy birthday Susie!!! Have a great day and may you be spoiled rotten! We love you. :)

Anonymous kalki said...

Happy birthday, Susie! Those boots are dead sexy.

These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots are gonna
Walk all over you.

(Wherein you is, of course, WTF.)

Blogger Squirl said...

Duh duh duh duh duh duh
You say it's your birthday
Duh duh duh duh duh duh

Well, no, it's not my birthday too, but you get the picture. :)

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous hemlock said...

Those are some SHMEXY boots!!!

Thanks for sharing those awesome kid pics!

Anonymous hemlock said...

And duh, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!

Blogger August95 said...

Happy Birthday Susie! I love your boots of optimism. They look great and so do you in all the childhood pics :)

I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you do what ever makes you the most happy :)


Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Happy Birthday Susie Loo!

Those boots are made for kicking ass. Perfect. And anyone who survived brothers (as in plural) will kick WTF right out of the park. No need to be nice about it.


Blogger Susie said...

mrtl, BEAN day? I was born on bean day? As in full o'? Happy Bean Day to you :)

andrea, she does look a lot like me, except I gave her all the cuteness and forgot to keep any. See how that works? I know, I hoped Arwyn might have been born on my b'day, but she was right smack in between mine and Jif's :) She's wonderful. Congratulations again :)

she, I thought it might be you even before you said so. That is a beautiful song; I want to hear it. Thank you, honey. xoxoxo

lynn, thank you! :)

platypus, thank you. I will probably be rotten, whether or not I'm spoiled. I love you, too.

kalki, thank you, and I sure hope so. If that's the case, I will have those boots bronzed or something like that. Or I'll auction them on ebay and use the money to throw a huge blogger party :)

squirl, yay! Nice singing! Ima call you in a minute. Or two :)

hemlock, thank you, and you're right on time, not belated at all. I was early; didn't think I'd get time to post today, so I did it yesterday :)

august95, thinking of you today, of course. I took a nice walk, too :) Hope you're having a great day, the start of a wonderful, healthy year for both of us.

kranki, thank you, dear heart. Yes, I think the boots are becoming endowed with special WTF-kicking powers, now :)

Blogger eddie said...

Happy birthday dear hope it is a wonderful one

Blogger Susie said...

thank you, eddie!

Blogger Mainline Mom said...

Happy happy Birthday!!! Nice boots!

Blogger Amy said...

MMM HMM you are WORKIN' THOSE BOOTS, GIRL! Nightgown or NOT!

(trying to be Antoinette here)

You have yourself one SEXY birthday, okay honey chile?

Blogger Annejelynn said...

from one Capricorn to another, Happy Birthday Susie!

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Susie, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the coming birth year brings you many blessings.

Anonymous Cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm sorry it's belated, but I truly hope you had a wonderful day and that this year will be a great year for you (with a good news resolution of WTF) and your family. You're a wonderful gal. :-)


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