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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat!

halloween biscuit

I can already hear you PETA types, "Oh, poor thing has no eyeholes again!" Yea, yea, I know. He has an appointment coming up at the Dog Wash soon. Believe me, with the way my hands work these days, you don't want me near his eyes with scissors. And frankly, a seeing-eye dog (that is, a dog with eyes that actually see) is low on my list of priorities this week. And besides, when he can see, he's only looking for trouble.

I've had lots of tricks and very few treats so far this week. I'll try to rant post more later. In the mean time, I hope your Halloween is sweet.

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10 heads are better than one . . .

Anonymous Barb said...

Neat camera angle, Susie...Biscuit's head popping up through the floor. I'm sending you wishes and prayers for more treats and NO tricks.

Blogger Nina said...

I love it your not so seeing eye dog. Not the tricks that have been on your plate this week. Wishing you more treats than tricks . . . Love ya!

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Happy Halloween.

Anonymous Katy said...

Are you sure Biscuit hasn't been smoking something? Has he had the munchies lately?! Feel better.

Anonymous LadyBug said...

Happy Halloween to you, Jif, LG, and Biscuit, Miss Susie. I'm looking forward to your update. I've been wondering about you.

Love, hugs, and prayers, my friend.

Blogger Lynn said...

Enough tricks. You deserve a treat today. I hope you get one! There aren't any at my place, though. I'm giving out toothbrushes.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Come on over to our house! We're nearly all almost healthy!

Love you!

Blogger Platypus said...

I love it! What a Very Good Dog he is! I don't know how you manage to get him to stay still like that though, must be drugs... when I try and put stuff on my cat she's not having any of it!! ;)

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Orange is totally his colour. Happy Halloween!

Blogger Susie said...

barb, Biscuit's head pops up in all sorts of unexpected places :) Thanks for the prayers and wishes, keep 'em coming.

nina, thanks, honey. I am hoping your yesterday was good and reassuring.

william, hope you had fun with Farmer Pimp and the Wiggly Piggly :)

katy, Come to think of it, Biscuit always has the munchies. And don't you think he looks remarkably like Mike Jones, back in the day? heee

ladybug, I've been wondering about me, too, honey :) Probably a little too much. I'll update soon, here or in email.

lynn, I have tons of candy here, now. We'll be needing more toothbrushes. I like your style.

ck, way to look on the bright side. Nearly all almost healthy. I look forward to saying that :)

platypus, the VBD will cooperate for a brief moment, if there is the promise of a treat. Just for a moment though.

kranki, yes, I suppose he can wear orange. Happy belated Halloween to you and Yoshi. I'm sure she's costumed, I'll come see :)


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