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Sunday, July 09, 2006



Sunday Post ~ "If we imagine we have to put on our Sunday moods before we come near to God, we will never come near Him. We must come as we are." -- Oswald Chambers

Psalm 37:3-6

I know a lot of you are praying for me. Please keep it up. I have had some conflicting results from recent tests. I'm having a fancy new test this week that I hope will offer some helpful information. As I understand it, the images produced from this scan "light up" any areas where there is cancer. This is one time I don't want my little light to shine. I hope they will tell me that they see nothing at all. But if they do see something, I can actually get a treatment plan started, and that would be a good thing. Mostly, I hope that this test will give accurate results, that someone reads properly.

Thank you for sticking around, and for your prayers and healing energy. I wish I could show how thankful I am. I really am. :)

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43 heads are better than one . . .

Anonymous Emma said...

Love to you as always, Susie. Here's hoping you get results that mean you can move on and start getting better.

Emma x

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Hoping and praying for good results.

I love today's quote. Thanks for the reminder.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Results that bring a treatment plan together would be a good thing. *fingers crossed*

Love you Susie.

Blogger Nina said...

Well darling you are stuck with me. I am sure you are conflicted as well. Not wanting the test to be one way and yet hoping they find out what the hell is going on. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending lots of love and good energy your way!

Blogger Closet Metro said...

fingers crossed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got absolutely EVERYTHING crossed for you my friend. I'm not so great at the praying thing however, I send every positive thought your way I have whenever you cross my mind...and that's ALOT! MWAH!

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Here's lots of positive vibes that everything stays nice and dark for those scans.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Susie I love the way you say this one time you don't want to "SHine" but the Psalm verse you have listed ends with "Shines like the dawn" and "noonday sun".

Again great pics.

Anonymous kalki said...

Oh, Susie. I wish I could hold your hand during the test. Not because of the procedure itself, but because all of this is so scary. Obviously, I can't hold your hand, because first of all we don't live near each other and second of all, I don't think we'd both fit in the tube. But picture me there. Picture the whole damn blog world, squeezed inside that tube. Holding your hand.

Blogger Candace said...

Man oh man. I hope they don't see cancer, but if they do, I hope it's teeny tiny and it goes away quickly with the right treatment.

Mostly, I hope you feel better soon.

Blogger Kat said...

I am praying for you to have the strength to come through whatever this is and come out well on the other side.

Blogger Greenthumb said...

I know I'm not around here much...like ever lately. One thing is for sure though, I do check, I read, and quietly move out of the room and...basically go into denial. I've tried to figure out why I'm not here like this, verbally.

It's because I don't, won't, can't accept that anything could, would be wrong.

It KILLS me to think that.

I'm going to chalk this situation up to one thing and one thing only. Seeing as how there has been no real medical diagnosis, it leads me to believe that it's the only really logical reason for the malady.

A sever decline in Booty Flies.

You are Booty Fly deficient and since the medical world doesn't recognize the importance of Booty Flies, it stands to reason that this can be the ONLY reason that you are ailing.

Going shopping for Booty Flies now.

I love you Susie...never doubt it.

Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, where would we go? Of course we're sticking by you. Like Kalki says, just picture the whole blogworld in there with you. :)

Lovely pictures and great quote. I was taught as a child that God is everywhere. God takes us as we are. And good thing for most of us, too.

Hang in there, sis. I know this is so hard for you. But we're all here with you and nobody's leaving.

Love and hugs!

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Got rabbit's foot out, stroking it mightily on your behalf, Susie.

Oh, by the way, your Biscuit is a LOT cuter than my Muffin was. Thanks for the closeup.

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Susie, you continue to be in my prayers. I pray especially that you will soon have a valid diagnosis—and the treatment is calls for.

Anonymous Heartworks said...

Sing it with me now.

These little cells of mine,
Please don't let them shine.
These little cells of mine,
they're gonna be just fine.
Be just fine, Be just fine,
Be just fine!

Best wishes for some resolution.

Blogger momo said...

I haven't been around much at all since our move. However, you have been in my prayers and will continue to be. I'm trusting God that He has his hand upon you and that all will be okay.

Love and prayers,

Blogger Andrea said...

Oh Susie...I know it would be nice to know definitively what is ailing you, but I just don't want it to be that! (I can't even type the word). That would be the worst. I'm like Kalki; I want to be there to hold your hand (or do I want you to hold MY hand? :) ) Anyway, still praying that our God will bring you healing no matter what it is. Much love...

Blogger mrtl said...

Hugs and love, girlfriend.

Anonymous sheryl said...

I've been thinking about you, my friend... and I really wanted you to know.

I'm just coming out of a wicked stomach virus, but I'm fine. And I am sending you my best wishes and most healing thoughts.

I'm so glad you keep posting and updating us, because even though I haven't been commenting (because of tongue-tied-ness or flu), I come back every day to see how you are.

I just *love* the pictures of LG and Jif, and your piggies. I think everyone should have a hammock at their disposal, and I hope you are making great use of it. It's an excellent de-stresser.

Hugs and more hugs.

Blogger Ern said...

Geez, it's crowded in this tube.
Squish over, everyone.

Hey, no groping!

Well, maybe just a little.

Hugs to you, Susie.

Blogger Vajana said...

lots of good thoughts heading directly straight for you Susie!

Blogger LadyBug said...

Love, hugs, and lots of prayers coming your way, Susie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susie, ditto what Kalki said. I'm claustrophobic, but for you, I will join the crowd in the tube. Be sure and picture us there. Lynn

Blogger No_Newz said...

Big healing hugs and positive vibes for you! My fingers, legs and eyes are crossed for you too.
Lois Lane

Blogger Karen said...

Sending hope your way. Here's to the best results possible. I know you will make it through.

Blogger judypatooote said...

A prayer is said for you my friend. Keep a possitive thought.

Anonymous RzDrms said...

oh susie, i pray that all they find is that you have booty flies.

please please keep us posted.

Anonymous Buffy said...


Oswald Chambers is wonderful isn't he? I keep 'My Utmost for his Highest' in my desk drawer.

Blogger Effie said...

Need some more company, girl? I'm still here for ya, and, yes, I take up more room than usual, but both of us are praying for you still!

Here's hoping you keep them in the dark--no shining around in that test, OK?

Like Squirl said--we're all here for you and we ain't leaving!

Lots of love to you! Big hugs too!!!

Blogger eclectic said...

You know what I will say, so there's little point in actually saying it, except to confirm that you knew what I would say. So instead, I'll say you owe me a drink, and I'll be danged if some nasty medical thingamabob is going to cheat me out of it. Feel better SOON so we can drink and giggle our collective fool heads off. Please? Love you!

Blogger Michele in Michigan said...

Sending many, many hugs & prayers your way, hon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you today my friend.

Blogger Susie said...

kalki, squirl, andrea, ern, lynn, effie & baby, Get out. I mean it, GET OUT! I'm claustrophobic and anxious about being stuffed through that little donut already. The LAST thing I need is a bunch of "handsy" bloggers/commenters stuffed in there with me. What are you trying to do to me?!! Cheez! I do appreciate the thought, but kindly sit in the waiting room and read the antique magazines. Thank you.

CK, metro, traci, lois lane, and all the rest of you going around with things "crossed." You look ridiculous! And you're liable to trip. Don't I have enough trouble without worrying about you cross-eyed, cross-legged people stumbling around out there? goodlord. Relax. Untangle your parts. And thank you, too.

emma, I like that hope; and thank you for bringing the international to the party.

thank you, sharkey, your support means more than you know.

nina, I'm happy to be stuck with you (that's a song!) And yes, I do not want them to find anything, but if they do, the bright side will be that treatment will begin.

kranki, thank you, my friend. Here's to darkness.

william, you make an interesting observation. I would love for my "righteousness" to shine like the dawn -- I'll have to work on that -- but my cells, not so much ;) Thanks.

thanks, candace, that's mostly what I hope, too.

kat, thank you for that. Sounds good to me :)

greenie, I know. I do. And you're right, docs just don't understand the role of booty flies. Good luck with your shopping. Make sure you find mature ones. No booty maggots, you know what I'm sayin'?

hoss, thank you, my friend. When I was little, I had an actual rabbit's foot keychain. Kinda creeps me out, now. Please don't dismember any more small furry animals on my behalf ;)

thank you, ssnick, I am very grateful for your faithful prayers.

heartworks, I love it. The last time I had to go into a spaceship contraption, the song in my head was "Ground Control to Major Tom" or whatever the name of that one is. And that is not a particularly optimistic song. Now I have a new song to sing in my head while I'm being "launched." Thank you so much :)

momo, thank you so much. I know I'll be OK, whatever happens.

mrtl, same backatcha, sweetie.

sheryl, I've been thinking about you all the time, too. I'll write soon. xoxox

jana, thank you, you're in my heart, too. I hope you get a good doc and good news soon.

ladybug, hugs back to you, my friend. Thank you.

karen, thank you. I'm not even sure what the best possible would be. But I do like the sound of that, and God knows what it is.

thank you, judyp, I am trying to stay positive. Succeeding a lot of the time.

raz, thank you, my friend. I will let you all know as soon as I hear something.

buffy, yes, I keep it in my purse. It gets a lot of use now in waiting rooms. :) Thank you for your prayers.

eclectic, the sooner the better. As soon as I can, sis.

MinM, thank you :) Seeing you here makes me smile.

traci, thank you, you got in just before I posted this:

the test is today, and I don't really expect to hear anything before Friday at the earliest.
However thankful you think I am for your kindness here, multiply that by a million. Hugs to each of you.

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Even though your original post didn't say the test was today, somehow I *knew* that it was. I think that's why I found my way here.

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you, and you'll especially be in my thoughts and prayers now that you're entering the "waiting" period again--half-hoping the phone will ring, and half-hoping it won't.

Blogger Squirl said...

This antique magazine is not keeping my attention very well. Just sitting here in the waiting room, thinking about you a lot!

Blogger hellokittn said...

I'm with Squirl. I can't doodle moustaches on these stuffy bastards forever.


I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm thinking and hoping for you. May Friday come on swift wings. Hopefully they actually do get the results and have some kind of idea of what to do.


Anonymous Pat said...

I haven't visited your blog for several months and have never commented but I have to say I was blown away when I checked in today. I'm sorry life is so hard for you now and will keep you in my prayers for His healing, strength and comfort, both for you and your family.

God bless and good luck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a feeling the test was today. I don't know why...but I did. I kind of thought that this morning before work and then this afternoon when I was at the POST OFFICE, I knew somehow. {{{{{Susie}}}}} Peace my friend.

Anonymous Denise said...

I rarely comment, but please know that I am thinking about you and praying for you.


Blogger eclectic said...

Aw heck, I'm here everydamnday, and I comment waaaaaaaaaaay more than is decent, so I'll make this short: I miss you, I love you, and I hope they're fixing you now.

Blogger eclectic said...

Well, maybe not "fixing" you... because they did THAT to our dog, and well, I'm sure that being neutered did him far more good than it would do for you. I DO hope that they are in the midst of curing/healing/treating the problem which by now they must have accurately diagnosed, or else I will have to fly out there and start going all ninja on their asses until they do.

See? I TOLDJA I comment far more than is decent...

Blogger SierraBella said...

Love your hydrangeas and love you too!
All these good vibes people are sending just have to do you some good.


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