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Sunday, July 02, 2006

resting piggies
Resting piggies

hidden piggies
Can you find the hidden piggies?

Sunday Post ~ "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time." --
John Lubbock

Hebrews 4:9-16

And . . . you wanna hear something that will make you smile? Go here and listen.

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15 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Squirl said...

We all need to realize that resting is not only okay, it's necessary. I hope you're resting enough these days.

Were the hidden piggies on purpose? I sometimes find my own feet in my flower pictures. :)

I wasn't able to get that link to work yet. I'll have to check it again.

Happy Sunday, sis!

Blogger Susie said...

hi, squirl, no, my feet in the pic were totally accidental, discovered them when I looked at it on the computer. But since I already had the hammock piggies, I thought I'd just go with the theme ;) Yea, try the link again. It works for me.
Happy Sunday to you, too :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting close to the elements is the best rest. I have great memories of my grandfather lying on the grass in his overalls, his dog by his side. He was a man who recognized the benefits of simple living (he didn't have a car for the last half of his life!). This lifestyle no doubt balanced out some less-healthy habits and helped him live 96 years.

Your toenails look a lot better than mine. I need to do some maintenance.


Blogger Nina said...

Ahh rest is a good thing . . . something most of us do not do enough of.
I like the piggies . . . :)
I couldn't get the link to work for me either. I will try again.
Happy Sunday sweetiepie.

Blogger hellokittn said...

That was such a cute link. Kind of makes the ovaries hurt lol.

Happy Sunday Susie!!!! Roll around in the grass a little for me too :-*

Blogger Jim said...

And you have such CUTE piggies, too! I want a hammock, but I'm on the third floor with only a balcony - and although it SOUNDS cool, I'll bet it wouldn't be the safest thing to suspend myself three floors up on some rope.

LOVED the snortin monkey. I've heard about this legendary species and it was a delight to hear it in it's natural habitat. Like hellokittn, it also made my ovaries hurt.

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Can you get your toenails to snort like those monkeys? That would be the best of all possible worlds.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Susie, You only have three toes on each foot.

HOpe you are doing well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Susie! I absolutely adore your Sunday posts. I had some issues with the link too!

Blogger Andrea said...

It didn't make my ovaries hurt, but that's just because they were overactive enough a few months ago from exposure to this kind of thing to get me in that kind of trouble!

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Having now spent 3 of my 4 day holiday weekend resting, I can affirm what rest and relaxation does to renew one’s spirit!

Blogger eclectic said...

Those are some awfully pretty resting piggies! I hope your family has a wonderful 4th of July!

Blogger Susie said...

katy, I love the image of your grandfather relaxing.
It's that time of year, to do piggy maintenance. You should treat yourself to a pedicure. I can never be sure I'll feel well enough, long enough to sit through one these days, so LG and I did each other's piggies last week.

nina, thanks; I'm late replying, but happy Tuesday and Independence Day to you :)

chchchchia, that is a wonderful sound, isn't it?

jim, thank you! And be careful where you suspend yourself. If your ovaries keep hurting, you might wanna see someone about that. Just don't go to A. Radiology.

hoss, that would just be too much of a good thing.

william, please don't make fun. One of my symptoms is that my toes are falling off :p

traci, oh, I hope you finally got to hear it :)

andrea, you'll get to hear it all again before too long :)

ssnick, good for you!

eclectic, thank you, sis, and the same to you and yours. xoxox

Blogger Squirl said...

Happy 4th, Susie!

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Lordy -- I need that post about rest tattoo'd on my forehead (backward, you know, so I can read it when I look in the mirror).

Or, maybe I should just print it out and post it around the house for EVERYONE to read. "Mommy's not being lazy, she's RESTING." ;)

Thank you, Susie!


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