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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ten Things About Me #5


41. I loves me some socks. I love to buy socks, and to receive socks as gifts. I love the pretty, silky patterned, trouser socks. And fuzzy socks. And socks with monkeys, ladybugs, flowers and whatnot on them. And plain socks in pretty colors. And practical colors. And sneaker socks. Lotsa lotsa sox.

42. I hardly ever wear socks.

43. I collect some things:

Miniature porcelain boxes. I have um, a few dozen, maybe. Some cost $100s -- Limoges, Halcyon Days -- one cost $1 at an antique store in Wyoming. Their monetary value isn't the appeal; just their appeal to me is the appeal.

Hedgehogs. I love them. I have a few -- stuffed; cast iron, on the hearth; resin for the yard . . . I'm not sure when I started liking them or why. Long ago, and just because they are whimsical, I think :)

Mother and child sculptures. And this can be interpreted very broadly. People, animals, little girls with dolls . . . One of my favorites was given to me by a friend and sits on my desk at work. When I removed it from the box, I noticed there was a chip in it. She was immediately embarrassed and apologetic. I loved it even more for that. How perfect -- there is always a chip in the mother-child relationship, always some blemish. And it's no less beautiful for that.

44. I am medically weird. I don't respond the way most people do to medications. And I have had bizarre symptoms appear (e.g., about 6 weeks when my hands "didn't work," off and on -- scary) and then mysteriously disappear, without ever having been diagnosed or treated. My own doc understands and believes me now. So that, I can call her and say, "I think I have pneumonia, because I am really tired all the time," and she'll send me for an xray, and I'll get my pneumonia treated. This has happened, more than once. No cough, no fever, just feeling limp. I always tease my doc that I am there to keep her from getting bored. I am SO rarely a textbook case, with anything. But I am pretty much in tune with my own body and what's going on in it.

45. I did not attend my own father's funeral, in 1994. I had surgery, actually, two surgeries, the day that he died. I was not able to travel for the funeral.

46. Seven years ago this month, I had a client commit suicide. It was one of the worst things that has ever happened in my life. I almost didn't want to do what I do anymore. I might write about it some time. Her family actually gave me permission at the time to use her story to write anything that might ever be of help to anyone. A lot of things changed in me, then.

47. I have Panic Disorder. It is very rare that I have symptoms of it, now. I pretty much have it under control. But once your brain "goes there," it can always go back. I'll write a post about it some time, because I know now that many of you reading have it, too. And maybe we can be of some help to each other. So, yea, some day I'll write about that.

48. A few times a year, I get serious bouts of insomnia. Most recently, just a week or so ago, I had maybe 2 nights with no sleep at all, surrounded by maybe 3 nights with 2 or 3 hours. This is not good. Someone functioning on that little sleep is literally not in her "right" mind. Thankfully, it always resolves itself and I go back to sleeping normally.

49. I have encountered a few famous people. I ate dinner in local restaurants next to Pat Sajak and his family, and (another night, another restaurant) Charles S. Dutton and a woman who was not his wife (probably his sister, I'm sure). I once had a brief but lovely conversation with Mary Chapin Carpenter, in a club where she was performing before she got "really big." And I once had a long, enjoyable telephone conversation with David Copperfield, when I interviewed him for a newspaper article I was writing. I never cared much for him before that, but he was charming as all get-out. He informed me that he was in bed, in his underwear, and I woke him up. (Um, just to be clear, that is not evidence of his having been charming; that's just um, more information; the charming came later.) And of course, I must mention that Rosie O'Donnell commented on this blog, because I've been thinking about this blog and all that's happened here, because . . .

50. Today is my blirthday! My first blogiversary! I swear I never thought I'd be here for a year. I read blogs for about eight months before I took the plunge. I even "guest posted," if you could call it that, on Bucky's site, after emailing her soft-porn Gumby pics :) (Um, the later hardcore stuff, that was all her, OK?) When I first started looking at the whole blogging phenomenon, I thought it was a total freakshow. I could not believe you crazy-ass people on here telling everybody your business.

And now, I have to say, this is the most fascinating, most fun hobby I have ever pursued, and it is, by far, the hobby in which I've made the most and dearest friends.

*sniff* Thanks, you crazy-ass freaks. *sniff*

For the other "things about me" lists, for which I am too lazy to write links, see March 28, May 5, July 13 and August 15, of last year. After a whole year of blogging, I still don't have my "100 Things About Me" that every blogger really should have. So, if there's anything you want to know, ask me here, and I'll either answer in the comments or save it for elaboration in the next "10 Things..." post. You know, unless it's something that's none of your damned business :p

39 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger eviluncledave said...

Happy Blirthday!

Blogger Nina said...

Happy Blog birthday, love. I am glad you hung around for a year, and may there be many more. You are not the only one who hasn't done the 100 things. I have done ten and have been blogging for over a year.

I understand the suicide thing and how hard that is to deal with. After my heart attack I understood it more. I was in such pain that all I could think of was give me something to stop the pain or let me die. I didn't think about John or my kids, I just wanted the pain to stop.

Three weeks after my heart attack John had a patient commit suicide. Like I told him then the pain was so great that at that moment they needed the pain to end, and no one could have made a difference. I knew this again when at the end of this last June, my 16 year old nephew took his own life. I knew at that very moment his pain was so great that none of us could help him.

The hedgehog made me smile. Mateo's new puppy toy is a hedgehog.

Mother and child sculptures, I have many. . . I love them.

You have blessed many here Susie, keep it up! ;)

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Happy bloggaversary!

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

Happy Blirthday, baby! I love odd socks, too. I wish the guys at work wouldn't make fun of them when they are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them under my trousers.

Maybe I should switch to thongs? I don't like being teased.

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Let's see, what do I want to know about you?

Um....What color is your small intestine?

(I hope that's not too personal.)

Blogger Susie said...

eud, thank you! Here, have some . . . cake and ice cream!

nina, Wow. I read in a book once, one of Irving Yalom's books; he was talking about trying to get a suicidal client to agree that she would call him if she reached that point. And she said to him, I will never forget the word, she said that if she reached that point, he would be "incidental." I know what you mean, from having been on both sides of that equation. "Everything to live for" is incidental; is irrelevant when one gets to that dark place. I am SO thankful you left that place, thankful that so many of us left there alive. And my heart goes out to John. I know how that turns us upside down and inside out. And wow, at that point, you had info to give him that no one else would have been able to communicate to him. Amazing. They say 25% of therapists will lose someone to suicide. And I'm sure you and John know, how few of us talk about it. It scares the hell out of us. I have someone in the hospital now who has attempted twice, and God help her, I think she will eventually "succeed." I just met with her and the family, to tell them that they can't keep her alive. And I can't keep her alive. It is entirely her responsibility to keep herself alive, because she's the only one who ultimately has that power. Of course, the family, the hospital, I, will do what we can. But the time will come when she will do it if she's determined. I learned a lot through that experience, I'm sure John did, too.

bloggy, why thank you, that means a lot coming from one as bloggerific as yourself :)

crayonbreath, I know there is a question I could ask here that would clear up my confusion, but I'm just not sure what it is . . . Just where are you wearing the socks? OR . . . Do you show the boys at work your underwear?

hoss, are you kidding me? That's not too personal at all . . . I even have pictures I can post :)

Blogger LadyBug said...

Happy Blirthday, Susie! I'm glad we wound up in the same little corner of the Blogosphere. I'm so proud to call you my friend. You are such a blessing to me.

Love and hugs, dear.

Blogger MrsDoF said...

Happy Blogiversary, Miss Susie!
I love your list of famous people encounters. Mine would be some good blog fodder some time later when my mind draws a blank.

Don't wanna go there about the S word. And I probably won't ever blog about any of my close-ups either. You and Nina are dear to my heart on that score.

As a follow-up to the Early Memory, I wrote one this morning for my own place. I had to link back the kudos to you, of course.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Crazy-Ass Freaks, UNITE!

Unless you mean "crazy Ass-Freaks", then I'm just going to be a silent observer, thanks.

Happy Blirthday! :)

Blogger Susie said...

ladybug, and you are blessing to EVERYONE, my friend. Thanks :)

mrsDoF, thank you. Um, yea, thank you :) I'll come and see ya.

ck, you have me laughing so hard. And I so need it today, as you might be able to tell by the slightly dark tone of my 10 things today. Oh, girl. No, you are a Crazy-Ass Freak. Bucky is the Crazy Ass-Freak, and I love her, too :)

Blogger Jomama said...

Happy Blirthday, Susie! I'm so happy that you started this blog and continued with it. You are a ray of sunshine in the blogworld.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Wow a whole year. Congrats and Thanks for all that you do with your blog. You are an inspiration to many. You define Class.

I am sorry to hear about 45,46,47,48 and the Pat Sajak part of 49.:)

What I would like to know about you? It may have been mentioned here before, but what is your all time favorite film.

Blogger Squirl said...

Susie, it's been a year now. Wow.

I've loved reading your blog. I got started a couple of weeks into it but I caught up everything I'd missed and am sure I've read everything since. Wouldn't miss it.

I'm proud to be one of the Crazy-Ass Freaks here. You're so good to everyone. You know how to have a good time and throw a great party. You really know how to pick out socks. ;-)

I hope you're doing okay today. Much blove and many hugs to you! Happy bloggiversary!

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I'm talking to you with my Crazy Ass! Because I am, apparently, a Crazy Ass-Freak. And I'm okay with that.

It seems like it could hardly be a year, and yet, it seem like, only a year? I feel like you've been part of this Ass-Crazy family for a lot longer than that.

Now, let's all get nekkid and drunk, then play hedgehog leapfrog.

Love ya, sis!

Blogger abcd said...

A big Woo-Hoo on your one year Anniversary in Blogs World. This is a compilation by all the
SWLF crew. We read your list and it was pretty scary. We know you are a true blood sister.
Shoshie collects Herend and Limoge, Rachel and I both have a huge collection of socks. Sarah
had the same sock fetish. We know Nikki could be your doctor. And the list goes on, and on.

Now we are going to be serious. Susie and Sarah found each other. We are not sure how, or why.
Susie opened her heart to Sarah, made her laugh, made her feel loved. The best part about blogging
for Sarah-she met some wonderful people; she could talk about her disease. But yet nobody would
give her “that OMG look”. That was the beauty of the blog.

Susie never made Sarah feel like she was different, never made her feel like she was the cancer blogger.
After Sarah died (fuck that shit) Susie held our hands, all of ours. She has made us laugh, she let’s us
all cry on our blog. And she let’s us make fun of her love of NEIL SEDAKA. She checks on us, she cares
about us. She even lets Shoshie sing on her blog. Shoshie singing on a blog can be very dangerous stuff.

In honor of the big day we have 2 songs for you. And no we are not letting Shoshie sing.

Susie you are the best and WE ALL LOVE YOU.


Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind
Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind

Ooh yeah, happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind
Ah yeah happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind

Oh, have a happy anniversary
'Cause I've got you on my mind
Always on my mind

Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary

"We Are Family"

Wow..., say it to me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah..., wow....

We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
Everyone can see we're together
as we walk on by...
and we fly just like birds of a feather
We know that's no lie-a-ie
All of the people around us to say...
Can we be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose, yeah

We are family
(Sing it to me...)
I got all my sisters with me, wow..., wow..., yeah
We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah
Get up everybody and sing

Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
High hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
(WE!,) no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule...
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong, oh-no
This is our family Jewel, yeah

We are family, wow...
(Sing it with me...)
I got all my sisters with me, yeah yeah
We are family
Get up everybody and sing, whoa-o, yeah
We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah
I got all my sisters with me, yeah yeah
We are family
Get up everybody and sing, here we go

We are family
(Are you gonna sing it)
I got all my sisters with me
We are family, (come on everybody)
Get up everybody and sing, wow...-o..., yeah...

We are family, wow...
I got all my sisters with me, yeah
We are family
Get up everybody and sing, yeah-ie yeah-ie yeah
We are family, wow...
(Sing it to me..).
I got all my sisters with me, wow...

We are family, yeah yeah yeah yeah-ie yeah
Get up everybody and sing, wow...
We are family, wow..., (I got all my sister with me)
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
We are family

Is this a record for the longest
post? We will say a prayer for your
patient :) we sorta know how difficult that is for "you" people:)

Blogger Effie said...

It's your blirthday ..doodoodoodoo
Happy to you...

That's wonderful--just after mine!

I love your lists--that you collect socks and rarely wear them! Teehee!

My hubby has a bit of insomnia now--I think it's the massive amounts of coffee that he ingests because he feels tired but then when he gets to bed he can't sleep and in the morning he's tired again, so more coffee, etc. He won't stop with the coffee though...I called him a substance abuser--is that wrong? ;)

I love your site darling--keep up the good work for another year, k?!

Anonymous Sharkey said...

Medically weird is something you don't want to be. Now, regular weird on the other hand . . . what fun would life be without it?

Happy blirthday, Susie!

Blogger Susie said...

JOMAMA!, thank you sweetheart :) For some reason, your comment today makes me sing Winnie the Pooh's "I'm just a little black raincloud..."

william, as always, you are too good to me. All-time favorite? I can't pick just one . . . I like to laugh . . . I like Raising Arizona a lot; O Brother Where Art Thou . . . not funny, I liked Remains of the Day . . . and um . . Driving Miss Daisy; Schindler's List; Fried Green Tomatoes; The Spitfire Grill . . . I like all those. Can't pick just one :)

squirl, I'm OK, sis. I hope you're enjoying your squirlsox ;) I would love to have a real party with this group sometime. Stranger things have happened, maybe some day.

bucky, are you saying you're talking out your ass, like um Jim Carey on that awards show? Cool. Wait, do you have the assless chaps on? Do I want to know that, really? You know you are my blog godmother, in addition to being my sister and fiancee (I'm a hillbilly, it all works out). Now, since it is before 5 p.m. here, and decorum is everything (well, it's ONE thing), I will not get both drunk and nekkid at this time. I will however, choose one, and get that way.

SWLF, ohmygoodness. You mean girls overwhelm me. I can't believe Shoshie with Limoges and Pierre Deux, and her R&B singing. I don't know how Sarah found me. But as I told Nikki recently, I had to run and meet her at her place, as soon as she commented here, and there was an instant "blove." She was so my kind of girl. And I miss her. And I am very thankful, you have no idea how thankful, to have all of you to help me know her even better, and to laugh and sing and be silly with, and to cry and pray with. My only sisters are adopted blog sisters -- Bucky and Squirl adopted me first, then you all. I am very blessed with sisters, now. You all are so welcome here. Shoshie is even welcome to sing. And Sam can come to the strip club, if Shoshie will let him. I love you all.

effie, he is a substance abuser, indeed. You must cut his caffeine back. Maybe sneak some decaf in? Thank you for the kind words and the wishes :)

sharkey, regular weird is good; medical weird is a little frustrating sometimes, that's true. Thanks!

Blogger Andrea said...

Happy Blirthday, Susie Fairchild! Thanks for sharing Jif, LG, but especially yourself with us.

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Happy BLIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad you blog!

I am the same way re:44-being medically weird. The pharmacist at the teaching hospital knows me because I get the very rare side effects to medications.

Anonymous kalki said...

This is a nice little corner of the internet you've got, Susie. Thanks for being here.

Blogger mrtl said...

Happy Blirthday, Susie!!

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Okay seriously I think I like you even more now. Raising Arizona? "hell I don't know Yoda's and shit were on his jammies" Too many from that movie. And Remains of the day if you are referring to the movie with A. hopkins and E. Thompson as butler and maid that is really wierd. I can watch that movie over and over and over and it is one of the most boring and fascinating movies ever.

Blogger eclectic said...

I have a crazy-ass, does that count? I'm not sure if I'm truly a freak, though I've often thought it would be a lovely adventure if I were...! All of which is simply to say, I'm sooooooo bummed that you left me off the list of adopted sisters. Though Bucky and Squirl have not officially signed the paperwork, the SWLF gang has already added my leaf to their family tree, so you and I are at least half-sisters!

[BTW, for the record, Dawn, my middle child looked like Bert from Sesame Street when he was born, except his little tuft of hair was bright orange and ridiculous-looking. Though I adored him and still do, even I had to laugh at his appearance.]

Happy, happy blirthday, my very own crazy-ass, freak-sister! Thank you for being. love,

Blogger Susie said...

andrea, aw, shucks, thank you :)

kranki, it's kind of a dubious distinction, isn't it? I mean we don't want to be ordinary, but still . . .

kalki, thank you, I like it here, too :)

mrtl, thank you, my one and only REAL person from blogworld ;)

william!, get outta here! You make me sing, "I knew I loved you before I met you . . . " which is, um, pretty much um, still. Um, now. And then I have to say, "Son, you've got a panty on your head!" OK, I'm pushing it here, but do you remember the very last shot of Remains of the Day? *gasp* Oh, William. I say that shot changed my life. Aerial view, the camera pulls back on the shot of the estate where A. Hopkins works . . . and that place that has been such a huge, powerful deal in his life gets smaller and smaller, until you see how very small it is, in the whole scheme of things. And that shot? That shot, combined, of course, with the story from that movie, made me resolve not to live a small life. To not be constrained by the familiar, the safe, but to leave the freakin' estate sometimes. *sigh* *blush* Did I go too far? Look for that the next time you're in the mood to be bored/fascinated ;)

shari the bona fide crazy-ass freak AND sister, you know, I knew when I wrote that . . . eclectic is a sister too, but I was just saying, first Bucky and Squirl adopted me, and then SWLF adopted me, and I KNOW that SWLF adopted you, too, which of course, makes you my sister, and probably Bucky and Squirl would love to have you, if they haven't already, um, had you, in a manner of speaking, so YEA, it's like that ;) And thank you. You know I love you.

Blogger Dawn said...

happy blogiversary :)
i think it's funny how a majority of us all started around the same time give or take a couple of months.

i love toe socks, they're like individual toe warmers-wonderful. Plus, they totally freak my boyfriend out :)

im really sorry about 46. i've had 2 close friends commit suicide within the last 5 years. it changed me as well, in ways no one will ever know.

so, i guess my question for you is this: how did you learn about blogging, initially? i'm always curious as to how people 1st hear about blogging and make that step to check it out and/or start their own.

have a good night. i hope the insomnia has passed now?

Blogger Squirl said...

Now I thought I had officially declared Eclectic a sister. I'm saying right here and now.

Blogger butterstar said...

happy bloggaversary, darlin! Thanks for all the laughs (and that serious stuff too). xxoo

Blogger abcd said...

Thanks for what you did tonight at
Deb's. We are all a little teary.
We do know Sarah is smiling down at
you, she is one happy camper tonight.


That's the great thing about sister's
you will do anything for each other.

Tell Jif and LG thanks for lending you out for the cause.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

I cant think of a better way to spend a Friday night! Tonight was great.

You are a riot!
Happy Blogaversary!

Blogger Susie said...

dawn, thanks. Um, when dooce went in to the psych hospital, one of my clients who was a reader of hers, told me about it, that this person was blogging about her own psych hospitalization. So, as a therapist, I started reading. Then I got hooked, then I met Bucky, and I embarked upon this life of crime :)

squirl I knew you'd claim her for the fam. She's cute, isn't she?

butterstar, thank YOU, my dear. It is really nice to see you:)

SWLF, if Sarah's happy, I'm happy. I was reading to Jif every now and then. He knows this is important. I don't know anything to really do for Deb. I can pray, and Lord knows, I can be goofy, so if goofy can help, I'm all over that :) I had fun. Laughed, and wiped away tears. You know how that is.

Stalker Dawn, you cowgirl, you! You are a fun date, girlfriend. I'll go to a bovine sing-along with you any Friday night ;)

Blogger eclectic said...

Awww, I've been adopted for real now. And by the classy sister, at that!! This is one of the happiest days of my life!

***group hug***

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I got your message about Deb and posted most of last Monday's jokes. Thanks for your being at my blog when I needed you!

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

P.S. ~ Happy Blogiversary!

Blogger Karen said...

Susie, I'm so glad you're here, still blogging after a year. You've been here for me since almost the first day I started blogging, and you are the link to many blogs I lurked on for a long time before I started commenting.

I liked the movie Remains of the Day. I thought the book was better, though. Now I'm feeling the need to renew my acquaintance with both.

Blogger momo said...

Happy Blog-Birthday...and many more!!!

Your blog was among the first ones that I started reading, and commenting on. Thanks for all the laughs, and words of wisdom.

I've missed you while I was away. I'm glad I got back in time to join your party.

Blogger Susie said...

eclectic, group hugging you :) The classy one, and the assless one, and what are you and I?

ssnick, thank YOU for going visiting when you weren't feeling well yourself. I hope you're doing better now :)

karen, thank you, that is very kind. As you know, I don't do a links list, but I would highly recommend visiting any of the crazy-ass freaks who visit here ;) And I have not read the book, but I think I would like to.

momo, thank you, I'm glad you made it to the party, too. Wisdom, I don't know about that . . . :)

Blogger Annejelynn said...

Happy Happy Most Blithesome Bloggiversary/Blirthday to you, Susie!

Blogger Hippo said...


Congrats on 1-year. Still reading, still enjoying, and I'm still demented and perverted.

Dr. H.O. Potamus-Metal Fabricator


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