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Monday, February 27, 2006


If you didn't read my Saturday post, please go back and do that. I don't think I've written anything here more important to me than that one. Just a little more nudity today, and then I promise to put my clothes back on and get back to the goofy. I know that you are praying for Deb, and more importantly, she knows it. She says she feels it. That's what we wanted. Please take a moment and let yourself feel damned good about that. Now, you wanna feel even better? Don't stop. Keep praying. Today is the stem cell transplant. It won't all be over today. In fact, today is the beginning of the journey. I lifted this comment from Nikki, on Saturday's post:

While the transplant is Monday, 'that part is easy,' it is merely a transfusion. We have to pray it takes, we have to pray her body does not reject her brother's cells. We have to pray she does not get a bad case of graft vs host. The [possibilities for] complications are infinite . . .

In addition to being a rock star (lead singer of Nikki and the Sisters), Nikki is an M.D., (isn't she an overachieving little somebody?) so she knows what she's talking about.

I kept going to Deb's through the weekend, and seeing people I know, and love, seeing YOU there. I wish you could feel inside my heart for just a moment, to know how much that meant to me. I would hug you all if I could. I would push Beyonce out of the way to lick your faces, if I could. I mean, you know, unless you'd have me arrested for that. I was so happy to see names that I know. And then, I saw names that I'd never even heard or seen here, saying they lurk on my site, and are "coming out" at Deb's. Again, I don't have words for how happy that made me. JEANNIE? You MADE. MY. DAY.

Anyhow, you know I like to sing here. And I woke up thinking of you all, and thinking, you made me so very happy . . . I just want to thank you . . . and then I thought, "Hey, there's an old song about that!" And sure enough, I give you Blood, Sweat and Tears . . . not all of the lyrics fit you all, but take what you can use -- and for those of you who don't like any of them, notice that I left in the instrumental interlude :)


I lost at love before
Got mad and closed the door
But you said "Try, just once more"

I chose you for the one
Now we're having so much fun
You treated me so kind
I'm about to lose my mind
You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life

The others were untrue
But when it came to loving you
I'd spend my whole life with you

'Cause you came and you took control
You touched my very soul
You always showed me that
Loving you is where it's at
You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life
Thank you, baby

I love you so much you see
You're even in my dreams
I can hear you
I can hear you callin' me
I'm so in love with you
All I ever want to do is
Thank you baby, thank you baby

[Instrumental Interlude]

You made me so very happy
I'm so glad you came into my life
You made me so very happy
You made me so so, so very happy, baby
I'm so glad you came
Into my life

And if you're newish here and you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about with the nude and the naked (and whyGodwhy won't she put the oranges away?!), go here and read about naked blogging.

Thank you, dear friends. God bless you. XOXOX

27 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Susie said...

OH SHIT! I just realized, I'm gonna get even more porn searches than usual with this title! Oh, well, that's how most of you got here, anyway ;)

Blogger Traci said...

Well I've never heard the term "naked blogging" before however I will tell you that when I first read it, I looked around to make sure the windows were covered! LOL

I went to read your naked blogging post and it was enlightening. I do have a therapist and I'm not very good at being UNconcerned. I would imagine that sometimes it's difficult for a therapist to deal with things their clients bring them and not show...something. Thank you for the insight my dear.



Blogger RitaPita said...

Okay, I am crying hysterically.. go to comment, read your comment about the porn searches Oh, well, that's how most of you got here, anyway ;) and started laughing hysterically.

Susie. Do not toy with my emotions so.

Blogger Karen said...

When I saw the title of this post, I thought, "She sounds like she's trying to increase her hit count by hijacking porn searches." So, great minds and all that...

I wish I could do for Deb what you have done. But I will instead just thank you. Thank you for using your powers for good and not evil.

Anonymous Sam said...

I came and I left. And I came
back and now I will comment. I don't
buy into the theory "real men don't
cry". Listen to Susie, Nikki and Sarah's sisters, pray to God, and
thank God if you are healthy.

Deborah is in dire need of every prayer and positive thought we all have.

Don't tell my wife I saw a live nude
girl topic. She may think that is why I stopped by. I sometimes lurk
but today I felt I should say something.


Thank you Susie

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Susie, you know we love you and your naked oranges.

Blogger LadyBug said...

I love you, Susie. HUGS to you, dear.

Blogger eclectic said...

I absolutely howled at your brazen headline -- GENIUS!!! Now you'll get all sorts of hits you might not have otherwise gotten, and even MORE people will be alerted to support Deb!

My hat is off to you, but that's as far as the disrobing's going for me today...!

Blogger Susie said...

traci, I see you at Deb's, and you make me smile; you make me smile here, too. And thank God you have a therapist, you're pretty crazy ;)

ritapita, hello, girl, I'm always so happy to see you. You know, I'm just like that, toying with people ;)

karen, seriously, I don't think it's true of commenters, but most of the "hits" I get are already porn searches . . . people looking for BOOTY . . . what can I do? Might as well go with it ;)

sam, don't worry, you are NOT the first man to start crying when I go LIVE NUDE ;) Seriously, what a lovely comment, and I am very glad you stopped in. If Shoshie gives you any trouble, you send her to me. And please do give her an extra hug and kiss from me, I miss her.

bucky, homies like to eat oranges . . .I'm just sayin' . . .

ladybug, I love you, too; and thanks to you, I'm getting a new computer -- I still can't visit you, and I still don't know why, but we can't have that, so I am getting a new one :)

eclectic, oh, come on, Miss Buns of Steel! you're cracking me up, because this really could have unexpected positive results for Deb -- maybe it will be the Praying Perverts who really tip the scales in her favor! PWAHAAHAAA! Wouldn't I love to be responsible for that? You kill me.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

SUSIE!! I havent read the post yet, just the part about p#rn, live p*rn at that on your site!
I'm appalled. Not really, but, it sounds good.

Time to go read about p#rn

Blogger lawbrat said...

Hmm. Not what I thought it was, but BETTER!

Thats so true, this is the beginning for her. I know we will not stop praying, no way, no how.
I've even stalking the poor thing! I did plead with her not to get a protection order against me ;-)

And to Sam- it takes a 'real man' to cry.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Now i'm stalking you.

Totally unrelated. But, to not lose your bookmarks again - if you use firefox (mozilla).

Go to bookmarks
then to manage bookmarks
then click on file
then click export
then save on your desktop- or wherever.

If you lose them again:
Go to bookmarks
click on manage bookmarks
click on file
click on import
the open the file the 'exported' ones are in.

Blogger Annejelynn said...

mega watt love vibes, always comin' your way via the blogosphere

Blogger Squirl said...

I didn't come here through a porn search, I came here through Bucky.....OH!

Anyway, yes I've been thinking about Deb today but I just went over and commented. You're so sweet Susie.

And thanks for that song. I like, always have, musical interlude and all. :-)

Blogger abcd said...

I for one never ever came here
looking for porn. I come here for
a little peace and quiet. A laugh,
a cry, some silly stuff, some
serious stuff.
I always feel like I am coming
I left work early today because
we have all "hooked our star" on
DebUma. We all hope 2/27/06 goes
down in the record books as the
day the power of these bloggers
helped her kick cancer the UMA way.

Susie-the shrine that we build
for you. What size navel oranges
should we purchase? You know they
sell different types.


How much $$$ should I try and
squeeze out of Sam-I can tweak
the story and say he was here
talking about big hooter's

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Susie -- I just have to say it.

I love you!



Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're doing more than your share, Susie. We'll spell you for awhile.

(God bless, Deb.)

Blogger Susie said...

lawbrat the stalker, I will do what you say. Right now, I'm operating bookmarkless, which is partly why no one is seeing much of me. That and too much going on. I'll be around soon, though.

annejelynn, love to you, too, Your Cuteness.

squirl, I can always count on you to appreciate my musical selections. Yea, it's the really hardcore perverts who get here the way you did :)

nikki, like coming home? Aw, that makes me feel so good. That's what I hope people will feel, at my real home or blog home. Now, a shrine, you say? Well . . . size is not of such importance to me as quality . . . really round and firm and . . . appealing . . . um, now I really do feel like a porn site! :p

ck, you know I love you, too. XOXOX backatcha.

hoss, thank you; keep praying and visiting; and entertaining us :)

Anonymous lawbrat said...

Nude and bookmarkless- what a combo!

I had just thought of you when I imported my bookmarks from Tory to my new laptop- HAD NO IDEA IT WAS SO EASY!!

You're in my prayers too. I hope everything is going ok with you.

Blogger abcd said...

Grace wants you to come and play with
us. I promise she won't dress you.

I am here with some of my sister's and
pulled the little Princess out of

If we say "pretty please will that work"


Blogger Amy said...

LOVE Blood Sweat and Tears! Love this song! Also Lucretia McEvil and Spinning Wheel. My big sister Jen loved this band. I can still see her lip synching these songs in the front hall, her red hair swinging from side to side.

Susie! Catching up with your blog has been memory lane for me tonight!

Blogger Traci said...

well you know, being crazy is one of the reasons i found a therapist you silly girl! you make me smile too. thanks.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Amy! You said "Lucretia MacEvil"!

That is one of my all-time favorite songs. I even own a (get ready for it) 45 rpm record of it, with "Lucretia's Reprise" as the B-side.

Now you've made me do it:

Lucretia MacEvil
Little girl what's your game?
Hard luck and trouble
Bound to be your claim to fame

Tail-shakin' heart-breakin' truckin' through town
Each and every country-mother's son, hangin' 'round
Drive a young man insane
Evil that's your name

Lucretia MacEvil
That's the thing you're doin' fine
Back seat Delilah
Got your six-foot jug o'wine, woman

I hear your mother was the talk of the sticks
Nothin' that your daddy wouldn't do for kicks
Never done a thing worth-while
You're just an evil woman-child.

Ooh, Lucy, you just so damn bad

Devil got you lucy
Under lock and key
Ain't about to set you free
Sign sealed and witnessed
Since the day you were born
No use tryin' to fake him out
No use tryin' to make him out
Soon, he'll be takin' out his due
What-cha gonna do?

Lucy MacEvil
Honey ya been all night?
Your hair's all messed up, babe
An' the clothes you're wearin'
Just don't fit ya right
Big Daddy Joe's, payin' your monthly rent
Tells his wife he can't imagine where the money went
Dressin' you up in style, evil woman-child.

Aaaaaah, now I feel better.

Anonymous lawbrat said...

So, I come on over here with the boys in the living room with me. I thought nothing of it- for the most part, your posts are not XXX rated, and not even R rated-mostly.

So Brennen sees the title. He all...MOM! your going to a naked girl site? IN FRONT OF US?

We had to have a discussion on what 'nude' meant in the context you meant it. Quite interesting, let me tell ya.

Blogger Greenthumb said...

Geez LOUISE!!! Put some clothes on Susie. It's not enough that you have booty flies, but now you have to flaunt your oranges too?

Blogger Susie said...

lawbrat, thanks, I owe you an email, and a snail mail, and I am doing OK, really OK. Thanks :)

lisabeth, I would love to come and play with Grace, but I really was hoping she'd dress me. I envy Nikki her personal wardrobe consultant, and I love to play dress-up. Grace would have fun with LG, we have enough dress-ups here to open our own costume shop.

amy, that makes me smile :) I had forgotten those songs, but, yep, now I remember too. The whole "painted pony" thing, I liked that one :)

traci, it's the reason I found one, too ;)

bucky, I love it. And I must share it with Greenie, who has his own Lucy McEvil now, have you seen her? Glad it helped you feel better.

lawbrat, that is too funny. Even though you explained everything, you know you're still at risk of the boys going to school talking about how mom looks at nude girl sites?

greenie, alright, alright . . . I was getting so comfy, though . . . and I was going to bring you the Lucy McEvil song, which I still will :)

Anonymous lawbrat said...

SUSIE! Thank goodness today is a snow day, and now we can have another talk.

The thought of getting an email or a call from one of the teachers...I'd have to explain, that really- is says nude, but its not.

Like they'd believe that?


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