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Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloweens Past


This is LG at age 1. This photo has been on my fridge(s) all these years. I love Halloween, mostly because I love to put together LG's costumes. Sometimes I make them, with a little or a lot of help from my friends (wait 'til you see THIS year's!), and sometimes I buy them, but if I do, I accessorize them masterfully. Still trying to stick to my "no recognizable photos" rule, I'm not really showing the best of the best, here, but I love them all.



In an old house in Paris, all covered with vines,
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.
The smallest one was Madeline.

I loved LG as Madeline. She was 2 1/2, and this was the year she had an undiscovered ear infection. We could not figure out why she was such a grumposaurus, on such a happy night. She ended up trick-or-treating at Nana and Pop Pop's front door, then at their back door, and that was that. Next day we discovered she was ill! Good mama :0


At age 4, she was Jessie from Toy Story. Nice chaps.


Just a couple of years ago, a fifties cutie with her booty. Today's SPF is all about Halloween, including decorations. Our Halloween decorations are minimal because we don't stay home on Halloween night. When LG was younger, the street we lived on wasn't safe for trick-or-treating, too much traffic, not enough sidewalks. Now, the neighborhood is fine, but we continue the tradition of going to Nana and Pop Pop's neighborhood, having dinner together, then Jif and Pop Pop take LG trick-or-treating while Nana and I hand out candy at home. It is a delightful evening. I pretend to be Oprah. Not that I'm in costume, I'm not. It's just that Nana gives out full-size Hershey bars, and the kids, especially the older ones, are SO excited and grateful that last year I said to Nana, "Now I know how Oprah feels, giving out all those cars!" It's a good thing.


I told you I'd let you know what Jif and I decided to wear to the Halloween Party. We wussed out and fell back on the old reliable "'60s hippies" get-up. We looked pretty good, though, and got a lot of compliments. One very nice 20-something even wanted to hang out with us because, as she said, "Now, there are some people [geezers] who know how to have fun!" Speaking of the '60s, one of my favorite Halloween memories probably happened in the late '60s, possibly early '70s:

There was a man in my neighborhood named "Edsel." That horrid name was probably a big part of what made him such a grumpy pants. He was a 20-something or 30-something OLD MAN. He didn't allow anyone to take a shortcut across his lawn, and if one of our balls, kites, pets, whatever, ended up in his yard, it was never seen again. He was married with a small child. Edsel worked nights, probably at a car factory, and every Mischief Night, his wife and child left for who-knows-where. Of course, their house was a target. Until ol' Edsel taught us a lesson that I, for one, have not forgotten.

The usual suspects were out, armed with toilet paper, etc., but this year we were most excited about a new-fangled invention called Silly String. We planned to Silly String all of Edsel's doors and windows. We approached the dark, still house, laughing and joking -- no need to be quiet, they were never home. As I took out my Silly String and went to work on the front door, I heard a strange, scraping sound on the roof above me. Before I could even step back, I heard more strange sounds, and looking up, I was hit in the face with full-hose-force cold water, followed by the strangest sound of all, that none of us had ever heard -- Edsel was laughing. Lying on his stomach on the roof, where he had lain in wait with the garden hose, just looking over the edge now at us, and cracking up. He soaked us, but we were laughing so hard we couldn't even run out of the yard, just stumbled against each other as we slowly made our way back to my house for warm, dry clothes. I'm pretty sure we yelled back things like, "Good one, Edsel!" and "You're hard, man!" ("Hard" used to mean something akin to "cool.")

Edsel was nicer after that.

And now, the costume that we in this household are SO excited about!!!!:

2005 costume

Can you tell by the necklace who LG is going to be? Tune in next week to see if you're right . . . :)

29 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Lg is a cutie and I love the Madeline costume.

I have no guess in regards to this years costume. It looks Girly.

Blogger Effie said...

She's going to be Eowyn from LOTR, right? Pretty!
I absolutely LOVED the Madeline costume--so adorable!

Happy Friday-before-Halloween!

Blogger Nina said...

Just adorable all of her costumes.
Edsel was laughing, I would have been too.
I didn't enjoy Halloween as much as I should have. Three kids needing three costumes and one of me. We always managed somehow, to pull it off. For school parties was when they were seen . . . always seemed to snow on Halloween night and heavy coats to keep warm.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Those are the cutest CUTEST pictures, Susie! Oh my gosh! LG is SUCH a little cutie pie!

My guess is Barbie from the Pegasus movie that's on the horizon. :)

Blogger Squirl said...

That's a gorgeous looking outfit. I'll bet that Effie's right about who LG's going to be. I love all of her costume pictures.

And you were going to Silly String ol' Edsel's house, huh?

Blogger Susie said...

Good guesses, I'll tell you later who's right, if anyone is...

william, thank you; Madeline may always be one of my favorites. The Statue of Liberty was a good one, too, homemade a couple of years ago. It IS girly.

effie, hmm, interesting guess, and thank you. Happy Friday to you, too.

nina, sometimes, especially in "homemade" years, costuming can be stressful. I cannot imagine times three. It is tricky to find a "warm" costume that's still a "cool" costume.

CK, thank you, and good guess :)

squirl, yep, I was BAAAAD like that :) But I wasn't drunk ;)

Blogger Candace said...

I have no idea. My expert on the subject of everything sparkly doesn't recognize the necklace.

I can't wait to know, though! It's such a pretty necklace and the fabric of the costume looks GORGEOUS!

Blogger _Summer_ said...

Hey...isn't that Arwen's necklace?

I'm dressing as a scandalously mysterious Rogue.

Blogger ieatcrayonz said...

"a fifties cutie with her booty"

That was so cute and scandalous considering the period of the costume. Does your LG know about your booty flies?

I'm in awe of all the costumes. I was also thinking something from LOTR, but if not, then I'm definitely going with Harry Potter something or other. That fabric is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Blogger Random and Odd said...


The Madeline costume was flawless.

Anonymous Sharkey said...

I guess the Edsel incident was a good training ground for your high school spray-painting escapade, huh?

And it's the same thing everyone else said, but it bears repeating: what a beautiful little girl LG is! And the Madeline costume rocks. Happy Halloween!

Blogger Nilbo said...

From the looks of the purple dress, she's going as JessicaRabbit. Treat or trick!

Blogger Susie said...

misfit, LG and I fell in love with the fabric, too, even though it isn't EXACTLY true to the character....

summer, you smarty, don't you dress every day as a scandalously mysterious Rogue?

crayoneater, LG sort of knows about booty flies, just about the funny pronunciation. It IS a pretty dress, she's a lucky little girl to have a sewing friend who helped us out.

kristine, thank you :) Madeline is sweet and simple.

sharkey, thank you. How is Maggie Malarkey? You know, you have detected a pattern of delinquency that I hadn't realized . . .

nilbo, oh dear. You do know how to strike fear into a mother's heart ;)

Blogger Andrea said...

I loved the Madeline books as a kid, and am jealous that there are now Madeline costumes! Commercial costumes are SO much better today than the hard plastic masks and polyester one-piecers when I was a kid.

And I'm anxious to see what this costume is, too!

Blogger SoozieQ said...

My goodness, she was just like a little doll! Seriously too cute to be REAL!

I too really enjoy your stories. I always feel like I'm right there without actually having to get sprayed by a stream of cold water!

Blogger eclectic said...

Did Biscuit go as Genevieve?

Blogger OldHorsetailSnake said...

Bald eagle? Flight of the BumbleBee? Medusa? I give up.

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

OK-cutest child EVER! And look at those full sized chocolate bars. Pay dirt.

Blogger Maja said...

LG is a beautiful child! It looks like a cinderella costume this year... great story about Edsel :)

Blogger Susie said...

andrea, as a kid, I started making my own costumes as soon as I could. My mom was not a costume maker, so I wore my share of those acetate jumpsuits and masks that fogged up when you put them on. Ugh.

Aw, thank you, soozieq, I'm glad you enjoyed.

eclectic, Biscuit was not born, but now that you mention it, there was a little stuffed Genevieve that accompanied her :)

hoss, you are a man of many talents. Costume-guessing is not one of them.

kranki, thank you, and yes, full-size candies are where it's at. Especially if you're a dentist :0

maja, thank you, and LG is going to be "a princess," whose name we shall reveal shortly...

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I'll have to say Arwen from LOTR is the first thing I thought of.
And I used to have a neighbor named Edsel, too, but he never turned out to be as fun as your Edsel.

So, what does the winning guesser get? I can tell you from experience, don't ever promise Rice-A-Roni (the San Francisco Treat). No good can ever come of it.

Blogger mrtl said...

You were quite the delinquent growing up, weren't you?

LG is too precious.

word verification: hawmy

Blogger eclectic said...

OK, nice red herring to focus on the extraordinary cuteness of LG -- it threw us off the scent for a time; but on closer inspection, that pic of you and Jif is sporting hoots. Yes, I spotted a definite hoot, I'm certain of it. Scandalous!!

Blogger Dawn said...

oh wow, her costumes are awesome! love your toilet paper/silly string story-lol
have no clue as to this years costume, can't wait to find out though. happy weekend

Blogger Susie said...

bucky, I have to think of a prize for the big weiner. Maybe I'll consult with mrtl, she's always giving out major awards . . .

mrtl, I would have said, "no," but my blogging seems to have revealed the True Hollywood Story of Susie Fairchild :)

eclectic-the-hoot-detective, you caught me! There is one (I think just one) deflated B-cup sized, brown-crocheted-sweater-covered breast in the photograph in question.

thank you, dawn, you have a fun weekend, too :)

Blogger LadyBug said...

Those costumes are TOO cute! I just don't get that 'into' Halloween, so my kids never wear anything that original or cute. (Bad, BAD Mama.)

Love and hugs to you, Susie.

Blogger momo said...

I love all of LG's costumes, especially Madeline...it's beyond cute.

I'm with effie on my guess for this years costume.

Blogger little sister said...

LG is adorable! cute cute cute! like everyone else, love love love the Madeline costume!

I have no idea who she'll be this year, but I'm sure she'll be adorable :)

verification word: bhinlxsf

Blogger Annejelynn said...

#1 Arwen rocks
#2 Edsel rules


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