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Monday, May 07, 2007

Loaves and Fishes

In order to keep my head-shrinker's license current, I must endure receive 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Last year, I got zero hours. I was too ill to sit all day in a hard chair under fluorescent lights and listen to someone dumber than I for 6-8 hours. (I have an attitude about continuing ed. in my profession. Not that I don't think we should be required to pursue it; I absolutely do. Just that it has become a big money-making racket for the providers, and their offerings are often of little value to those with years of experience in the field.) Anyhow, last year, I kept thinking that at any minute, someone would diagnose and treat me, and then I would feel more like sitting all day in a hard chair . . . yadda yadda. Well, ya'll know that didn't happen. So now, because I still hope to return to my work full-time some day, I must get 40 hours this year. And I'm more ill than I was last year, but that reality just is what it is. I try to pick out continuing ed. events that are of maximum interest, and require minimum travel; then I pick a seat from which I can exit quickly if I just can't bear to be there any longer.

A couple of weeks ago I attended such an event, just five minutes from my home. And there was an excellent presenter, and an interesting topic, and a remarkably comfy chair in a very pleasant ampitheater kind of place in a resort hotel. And I had the seat just by the back exit. All good. I remember much of what the presenter said, because it was interesting and educational, but I remember more vividly a moment that was not officially part of the "show."

About ten minutes into the presentation, the back door opened, and in walked a handsome young man with an open face and brown skin, in a waiter's uniform, carrying a large tray. He paused for a moment when he entered, taking in the room. He then proceeded to the front and presented the tray to our speaker. He appeared slightly flustered as he said something to her, quietly.

She then said to us, "They screwed up my breakfast this morning and I had to get started, so they're bringing it to me now, and I'll eat it at our first break."

The gentleman then stepped to the microphone and addressed us, in a thoroughly charming Caribbean accent, "I am sorry I do not have enough for all of you. If I were Jesus, I would bless this breakfast and make it enough to share with you all, and we would have baskets of food left over."

We all laughed and applauded, as he smiled warmly, and the woman next to me called out to him, "If you were Jesus, we wouldn't need to bother getting our continuing ed. hours." Amen, sister. And thank You, Lord, for the unexpected delightful people that happen across our paths from time to time.

24 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Cindy said...

Very cute! Delivering food to one person of many in a room could be a dicey predicament for anyone - he handled it perfectly.

Have a lovely day - and by the sounds of your previous post, you may be on to something with WTF. I hope it pans out and that you're back to feeling better SOON!

Blogger WILLIAM said...

"blessed are the head-shrinkers for they shall have continuing education."

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I saw your title today and I was sure I would be requiring tissues to dry the tears...I was right..thanks for the happy tears of laughter...too funny!!

Good stuff.
(ok, so I didn't have fits of laughter that produced tears, however you did make me giggle.Most times I leave here with a lump in my throat and a good chunk of well needed humility..as usual I get what I need when I visit you. Thank you

Blogger Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*would love to have some blessed waffles right about now*

Anonymous LadyBug said...

I know time at the computer is difficult for you sometimes, so I am even more grateful for these little stories you bless us with. Thanks so much for sharing this, Susie. Love, hugs, and prayers to you, my friend.

Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

What a great moment in life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Blogger Circus Kelli said...

Hee hee... what a great story!

I'll second Bloggy's comment... and maybe add "...a hot fudge sundae that melts pounds off, not puts them on..."

What? A girl can dream, can't she?

Anonymous Ortizzle said...

That waiter is going to be a hotel manager one day.

If I were Jesus, I would allow pod casts of continuing ed. classes.


What a delicious,graceful human being! Thank you for this lovely story.

Blogger Lynn said...

Just because I'm out of commission right now (ha, ha!) doesn't mean I'm wiling to give up my license either. The same money racket exists for the continuing ed. for real estate licensees. Ugh. This is my year, too. We usually get boring Ben Stein sorts of people (think Ferris's teacher) or Zig Ziglar types who appear to be hopped up on amphetamines. The latter is nearly intolerable. I'm doing a home study course this time. Sure, I have to pass a test this way, but the nausea I will be spared...

Blogger Squirl said...

I'm with Ladybug, this can't be easy for you, being at the laptop for so long. But I love your stories. They're always good, and usually have a moral.

I have some new pictures up if you feel up to checking them out.

Blogger Nina said...


That is all~


Blogger Momentarily_Distracted said...

Wonderful story!

Blogger Karen said...

And yet in technical professions where continuing ed. is necessary and useful, it's the first thing to go when budgets are cut.

Oh, the irony!

Anonymous stringmuse said...

WHO is this guy Continuing Ed? I've never met him but it looks like most of you have. Durn. Sounds like a pretty dull sort anyway.

Well ... next time you see him, tell him to straighten up or we're going to turn him into Discontinuing Ed.

Blogger The other me said...

Wonderful! Splendid people indeed are what makes life so much more enjoyable. Am still praying that very soon, WTF stands for " well, that's finished"

Blogger Susie said...

cindy, he really did. Thank you, I'm hoping so.

william, my favorite beatitude is "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break."

elizabeth, you're too kind. I'm glad you got a giggle here.

mrB, do you have a waffle iron? Do you have Krusteaz waffle mix? Really, Krusteaz. I will send you some mix if you want. And I'll bless it.

ladybug, most damn things are difficult. But I keep adjusting to the new level of difficulty, thankfully. And, as I recently told a new neighbor, "we've grown accustomed to our lower level of functioning."

kranki, you're welcome. I really am so grateful for those little bright spots.

ck, I will not send you a hot fudge sundae. I mean, I would if I could. But I can't.

ortizzle, I think he will go places, too. Very professional, very gracious. Unfortunately, my licensing board doesn't seem to live by WWJD ;)

htgt, you're welcome! And yes, he is.

lynn, good for you, keeping your options open. My board doesn't allow home study. At least not yet.

squirl, your new pictures are wonderful. The closest thing we have to anything like that is Longwood Gardens, but that's closer to Shawkey and William; it's a couple/three hours from me, I think. I love to go there when I can, though.
From your mouth to God's ears, with the laptop. I'm laptopless, have never owned such a thing. I have a desktop :)

nina, that is quite enough, thank you :)

MoDis, thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

karen, it's necessary and useful in mine, too, when you find the right providers; I'd hate to think that someone who got licensed back in '52 hasn't kept up with new developments in the field. Budget cuts have never really come in to play for me regarding CE; most of us have to pay out of pocket for our own.

stringmuse, people named C. Ed have often figured prominently in my life. Ain't that peculiar? ;)

t.o.m., that will be the official new name for WTF, when that day comes :)

Blogger Effie said...

that is so great...how many hours did it manage to shave off for ya?


Anonymous Hootie Mac said...

What a perfect moment. How charming he was. And how thoughtful of you to take note of it all.

Feel good today. Silly rollogist. When will doctors ever learn to LISTEN to what we say. They should all be forced to watch House over and over again until the lesson of persistence is learned.

Blogger eclectic said...

Continuing legal ed. is exactly as you've described also. *sigh* But now I'm looking forward to the charming Carribean man delivering pastries, or fish, or something. :)

Blogger Amy said...

I loved this! And so right you are, those great moments we find ourselves in, when life clicks into it's groove like it does in good daydreams.

Blogger Naomi said...

That sounds like such a welcome and great distraction from a boring lecture...do I EVER know what those are like...7 yrs of post secondary education and counting...hugs

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

But...was he as cute as Alcazar?

Blogger Susie said...

effie, I got 6.25 hours that day. I'm on my way!

hootiem, yea, he goes in the book. I'm feeling lousy, waiting for names of good toxicologists, now.

eclectic, let us know when you have your next CE event, we'll try to hook you up.

amy, like it does in good daydreams. I love that. It reminds me I need to have more good daydreams. I've been having bad daydreams! How dumb is that?

naomi, but you'll be SO smart.

bucky, he was as cute as Alcazar, but not as cute as you in your new wig. I just know it.


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