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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sunday Post ~ "It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hebrews 13:1-3

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17 heads are better than one . . .

Blogger Squirl said...

Emerson was a wise man.

Happy Sunday, sis!

Blogger Nina said...

Yes, Emerson knew what he was talking about. Many of us need this reminder.
Happy Sunday Susie!

Blogger abcd said...

Blogger did not like me today on your
site. It took me like three times
for this to work. (WHINE).

The flower is gorgeous, the colors,
everything. It is rainy, dreary day
here-I will be back multiple times
today, looking at the flower.

As Squirl said, Emerson was a pretty
smart chap. I guess you know his first calling was as a Unitarian Minister. Then he "switched" careers. I think in his writings you
can tell he was a minister sometimes.

Just like this quote, in her own words this is something my "real sister" say's all the time. You can
spot "you MH people" a mile away.

Happy "A". I will spare you the song
I was going to sing on your blog.
It would ruin your Sunday post.

But your list was super duper. I could list a million reasons why
I love my husband. The first one
"he puts up with me". That alone
is a real challenge.

In this day, where so many people
are divorced it's so nice that
you are celebrating #23.

Have a great Sunday, and a wonderful
"A". Pass on to Jif, my sentiments.


Blogger Karen said...

Another beautiful Sunday post. Thanks, Susie!

Blogger Jim said...

I love Emerson - except his clock radios tend to break easily.

And the 'brotherly love' passage is nice - wouldn't it be grand if it were practiced world-wide?

Blogger August95 said...

Very pretty flower Susie. Great quote also. Thanks for the early morning Sunshine :)

Blogger Ern said...

So does that mean you'll help me by coming over and taking one of my tests for me? Well...that might not really help either of us. Maybe you'll come help by threatening to wack my legs with a switch if I don't get off the computer and study?

Thanks for the post. Happy Sunday. :)

Blogger momo said...

How true this is! I truly believe God designed it to be this way. I believe the more we look and love outwardly, instead of inwardly...the happier and more peaceful we are. Too many people only focus on themselves. I believe, It is by giving we recieve.

Thanks for the beautiful picture, qoute, and verses.

Happy Sunday and Anniversary!

Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Emerson’s wisdom is beyond too many people in contemporary America.
Of course, even in Emerson’s day it wasn’t new. In 600 B.C.E. Lao-Tze wrote: “The wise man does not lay up treasure. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.”

Blogger eclectic said...

Could I have a more wonderful sister if I hand-picked her myself? No, I don't think so! Oh wait... I DID hand-pick you myself. Well, that explains it, then, doesn't it?! ;)

Lovely, lovely post. Thank you for it!

Blogger Susie said...

squirl, to you too, sweetie. Have fun!

nina, Happy Sunday to you. I hope all is well with you.

shoshie, of course you are welcome many, many times. I did not know he was a minister, but yes, that fits.
You know what, shoshie, sarah used to say the same thing to me, that MJ and I said the same kinds of things. It makes me smiley and just a tiny bit sad for you to say the same thing she used to say. Not sad in a bad way -- it just touches my heart.

You know I love to hear you sing. You should make Sam a list. He seems like a great guy, even if he has been known to frequent strip clubs ;) Jif puts up with me, too. To an amazing degree, actually.

So if I'm understanding you correctly, you want me to pass on to Jif the info that I have a "wonderful A"? OK, I can do that; just in case he's forgotten, over the years ;)
Love you, too, Shoshie. I hope you're doing well.

aw, thank you, karen, and of course, you are welcome to it :)

jim, you can't write brilliantly and make a decent clock radio, too; it's just too much to ask. It is practiced world-wide; just in some parts of the world more widely than others.

august, you are welcome. I have missed your lovely pix, I'll visit soon :)

ern, if you really wanted me to, I guess I could do that; but you're right, my taking your test would be the end of your medical career.

momo, I really like the way you said that, "the more we love outwardly..." I am finding that to be very true :)

ssnick, well, to that, I must quote Mr. Green Jeans (which I do at every opportunity): Love is something, if you give it away, you'll end up having more.

eclectic, I have an email in my head for you, honey. Just hasn't come out my fingers, yet. I am very much in favor of hand-picking one's family. And very happy to have been picked by you :)

Anonymous lawbrat said...

I've had your site comments open for like 2 hours meaning to comment. I am such a dork.

I love the message, and the quote.

Love you Susie! Happy Anniversary to you and Jif.

And wouldnt it be nice if we could all hand-pick our families?

Blogger abcd said...

True to my word I am back looking
at the flower. The rain is still coming down in buckets here.

No Suise The Happy A was Anniversary, but I am sure you have
a really nice "A".

Lisabeth ages ago on our blog wrote lists about Sarah. On the list was the fact that Sarah, MJ,
and myself-were the proverbial 3 peas in a pod. People tell "us" all
the time, how much alike we were/are. Now it's two peas in a pod.

I have one verse of one song for you.

Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind
Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind

The rest of the lyrics don't apply.

Have a marvelous rest of the day.

Mean Shoshie.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

Have you entertained Angels unaware?

Happy Sunday. Thinking about you for tomorrow.

Blogger Susie said...

peaches, please don't call my friend a dork (unless she likes that sort of thing). I love you, too, and thank you for the wishes. And who says we can't hand-pick our families? There is a lot of that going on around here :)

mean shoshie, I'm sorry you've had such a rainy day. (I won't sing rainy days and Mondays, but I'm thinking it.) I KNEW what "A" you meant, I was just being vulgar, because . . . just because.

It's still a very wonderful pod. And thank you for

Singin' in the rain'
Just singin' in the rain!

william, :) You get a gold star. And I expect sometimes I do just that, right here. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Wait, are the angels unaware, or am I? And who's doing the entertaining?

I'm so very confused.

Blogger Susie said...

bucky, YOU are entertaining; and the angels usually look the other way and pretend to be unaware ;)


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