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Friday, November 25, 2005

Over the River and Through the Woods . . .

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Jif's entire family, at his parents' home. It was very special because Nana and PopPop are moving in a few weeks, down-sizing to a smaller place. Here is my SPF attempt at:

  • Something/s/one that makes Thanksgiving.

  • Your Dinner

  • The Aftermath

  • Bonus Points: tacky centerpiece

  • The thing that "makes" Thanksgiving:

    children's table

    A kids' table. This is the only time of year when there's a separate kids' table. As you can see, we fed the kids two carrots each. That is all. And they were lucky to get that.

    the before picture

    The table "before." Isn't it elegant? Isn't it classy?

    Warm family moment at the table:
    BIL Spritz (gently touching the dried flower ring on the centerpiece): Don't call me Richard Simmons again, but this is really nice.

    I didn't really get pix of the food, because we ate buffet style, and well, have you ever seen vultures on road kill? You don't go into a scene like that and stand still with a camera.

    But here's the table after dinner, before dessert:


    Warm family moment out front:
    The lovely and talented Aunt Jen has the very fine idea of taking a family portrait in front of the house, since this will be everyone's last holiday in this home where Jif and sibs grew up. Parents, sibs and spouses, and grandchildren all gather in front of the house. Aunt Jen sets up the tripod, runs to get in the pic. This was no easy task; it was cold, the kids were not happy with the project, but WE DID IT! Whew! Thank the Lord that's over . . .

    Slugger's mom: Wait! Where's Slugger?
    Everyone looks for the littlest grandboy, who apparently did not make it into the picture. Except, maybe he did, because then Aunt Jen sees him looking out the window of the storm door, sticking his tongue out at the freezing family. After his brother went in and wacked him, and after he mostly stopped crying, we took another one.

    Here's an "after" pic: I had what she's having!

    mmmm chocolate
    Cindy Lou Who and the Chocolate Factory

    Warm family moment:
    I walk through the family room and slip on the braided rug which sits, un-grippered, on the hardwood floor. I regain my balance, don't hit the deck, and I hear my loving BIL from the recliner:
    "Don't fall. I'd have to get up."

    Well, as you've seen (and heard from Spritz), Nana did not have a "tacky" centerpiece.

    ::tangent:: Family visits here. Do you REALLY think I'm going to identify ANYTHING in my MIL's home as "tacky?" I thought not. ::end tangent::

    If we were at my home, I could find you some tacky. Here's our centerpiece right now. I don't know that it's entirely tacky. It is more "country" than is my taste, but I do embrace the sentiment:

    count your blessings

    20 heads are better than one . . .

    Blogger Ariella said...

    wow, great pics, I love that table, looks sooooo elegant.
    Lil miss with the chocolate looks very thankful!

    Blogger Random and Odd said...


    Blogger Random and Odd said...

    and that second picture. Richard Simmons would be proud!

    Blogger Effie said...

    Love the pics--very elegant table--and great desserts (tums, heehee!)

    Miss Cindy Lou Who--absolutely adorable--I could eat her up too (as well as that cake she's munching on!)

    And the kids table---ah, memories....


    Blogger Squirl said...

    You've got some good photographic memories now of the old Jif family homestead. I'm guessing everyone had a great time.

    Anonymous Sharkey said...

    Since we only had one kid and four adults, we didn't need a separate kids' table, but you're right--kids' table DEFINITELY says Thanksgiving.

    And a good time was had by all.

    Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

    You had what a missed about Thanksgiving: family. Well, I did take order out and take Thanksgiving dinner to my 82-year-old mother. But the grandkids were somewhere where I wasn’t invited—why can’t I say “ex-wife?

    I’m glad all went well for you and yours.

    Blogger SoozieQ said...

    We had a kid's table and an adult's table too! Of course, we're all adults but we just sort of congregate down the generational lines (well except for The Hubs who is much older than I am...he was really pushing the "Kid's Table Age Cut-off"!)

    Your pictures and stories are great, as usual!

    Blogger Southern Fried Girl said...

    Awww, I like the centerpiece. Of course, country stuff is so my cup of tea.

    Blogger hellokittn said...

    Is anyone else trying to figure out how in the heck Cindy Lou's dress is unscathed by the demon cake attack?

    Good kid. I should take lessons from her.

    Blogger Andrea said...

    OOOOOH, caramel apple pie! We had that too (ours was cooked at the grocery store, like the turkey, but it was still GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!)

    Blogger mreddie said...

    Two small carrots was all the kids got? Not! Unless you just gave Cindy Lou Who more because she was so cute. :) ec

    Blogger Nina said...

    I love the pictures ~ remembering the days of kids tables . . . I think we fed them more than two carrots if I remember right. I think we threw in some bread and water too. :)


    Blogger Bucky Four-Eyes said...

    How come I still always have to sit at the kiddie table?
    *flings glob of cranberry at Squirl*

    Blogger Susie said...

    ariella, thanks! and welcome :)

    Princess Kristine, slow down, it's not a race. It snot a race. I ALWAYS aim to make Richard Simmons proud.

    effie, Cindy Lou Who is our littlest niece. Isn't she a cutie?

    squirl, it was mostly really nice. One heirloom crucifix got broken, but whaddya gonna do?

    sharkey, good; I saw that you did the double cranberry thing :)

    ssnick, I'm glad you got to spend time the next day with your son. It's not the calendar day that's important, it's the people.

    soozieq, thank you. Jif and I were at the "kids' table" for the longest time, even though he is the oldest in his family. Young at heart, I guess.

    sfg, I like that guy's folk art stuff, too. I think his name is Jim Shore. He makes bright, happy things, whimsical.

    chchchchia, squirl asked the same in flickr. I don't know! I would say she must've had a bib on, but why would her mom take the bib off before cleaning her up? You got me; just a Thanksgiving miracle, I guess :)

    andrea, my SIL made ours, from a Southern Living recipe. I didn't have it, but everyone said it was delish.

    mreddie, what are you, a detective? OK, Cindy Lou Who got some dessert too, ONLY on accounta her being so cute and all ;) The rest of the children were UGLY, and only had two carrots.

    nina, I've always known you were a generous person like that.

    bucky, um, your ARTWORK?

    Blogger SierraBella said...

    With all those desserts, Tums is a must!
    Lovely table!

    Blogger Squirl said...

    Bucky, no playing with your food!

    Blogger wordgirl said...

    "Don't fall...I'd have to get up". If that doesn't say FAMILY, I don't know what does.

    I'm a new blogger as well and I even picked the same template as you, but I can't figure out how to post a stupid picture from my printer gallery or e-mail. At least you've got Gumby...I got nuthin'. Come visit!

    Blogger Ern said...

    That silver is beautiful!

    I love your warm family moments. That's what Thanksgiving is all about. *wink, wink*

    Blogger panthergirl said...

    I like the Cool Whip on the table. Martha Stewart would fall down dead on the spot!

    And your BIL's comment... too hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Did Cindy Lou Who ever get to sleep that night???


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