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Monday, July 09, 2007

Changing What Needs Changing

When I'm wrong, I don't mind admitting it. I reported some news here back in February that, turns out, was in error. I really don't want to send you all out into the world with misinformation. So here's the real poop news:

ORLANDO, Fla. - Former astronaut Lisa Nowak didn't wear diapers during her 950-mile road trip to confront a romantic rival, her lawyer said Friday, disputing one of the more bizarre details to emerge from the NASA love triangle.

"The biggest lie in this preposterous tale that has been told is that my client drove from Houston, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, nonstop, wearing a diaper," Donald Lykkebak said after filing motions to suppress evidence in Nowak's criminal case. "That is an absolute fabrication."

The tidbit that Nowak wore diapers during her trip was written in the police report filed after Nowak's arrest in February.

"I then asked Mrs. Nowak why she had baby diapers," according to the charging affidavit written by Officer William "Chris" Becton. "Mrs. Nowak said that she didn't want to stop and use the restroom, so she used the diapers to collect her urine."

There were toddler-size diapers in her car when she was arrested, but they were several years old, Lykkebak said. Nowak and her family had used them when Houston was evacuated in 2005 during Hurricane Rita, he said.

The diaper detail became fodder for late-night TV comics and talk radio and even inspired an episode of the NBC show "Law & Order."

"It jeopardizes our ability to have a fair trial when the accused is the butt of jokes," Lykkebak said.

Well, yea. Especially when the accused is the wet butt of jokes.

15 heads are better than one . . .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I'm thinking she should fire her lawyer. If it takes him from February until now to come up with that lame-ass (pun totally intended) story, he's not very good at thinking on his feet.

Blogger WILLIAM said...

I find her Lawyers choice of words hysterical giving the circumstances.

Is his name pronounced "LICK BACK" Or "Like Back"?

Here is a bit I read this morning.

“The prosecution’s pattern of trickling out information in this case is nothing new,” Lykkebak said in a statement released by his spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie. “The expected result has been to keep Lisa Nowak’s case in the headlines. We disapprove of this tactic.”

He used the word trickling...come one that is funny.

Blogger Susie said...

shawkey, maybe he's not thinking well because of the diaper on his head.

william, I KNOW. When I read that "butt of jokes" thing, I couldn't pass it up, I was all, "oh no he di'int say that." Let's pronounce him "Lickyback," as in "I'm Bringing Licky Back..."

Blogger Unknown said...

I'm picturing a bunch of lawyers sitting around their office sniggering at the whole diaper thing like a couple of parents who's kid just said something HUGELY FUNNY, but wildly inappropriate and they can NOT laugh at it in front of the child, but they can't not laugh at it... ya know?

Butt of jokes... trickling... seriously folks...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the first one to get the joke of the title? "Changing what needs changing." Hee! Cracked me right up.

Blogger eclectic said...

Y'know... how you see something like this just Depends, doesn't it?


Blogger Squirl said...

Ar, ar, Eclectic. :-)

Sounds like they're splitting hairs, here, on the diaper thingy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger mrtl said...

Thank you for clearing all this up, Susie. The world needs to know the truth.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you cleared that up, Susie. I think the thought of a deranged stalker driving for hours and hours to allegedly (!) attack her love rival, was made infinitely more scary by the reports that she was wearing nappies. I'm reassured that she just had a car full of nappies that were several years old... I think.

Blogger Susie said...

ck, I'll bet that's how it goes. "My client was NOT wearing diapers!" pwahahahaa

ladybug, great (goofy) minds :)

eclectic, bad puns are ALWAYS welcome here :)

squirl, hairs? I didn't read about that, but now that you mention it...

umutha, nutty? This is about our SPACE PROGRAM!

mrtl, always glad to be of service. And you wondered why I was nominated as a "thinking blogger," didn't you? I think about things, mrtl. Lots and lots of things.

platy, exactly. It makes her a much more sympathetic character. Who among us does not have a carload of old nappies?

Blogger Pink said...


was it a slow news day?

one thing I miss about North America is that wacky news filler


you made me laugh so hard I peed a little ;)

Maybe she could fix me up

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe what that woman really needs is some sympathy in the form of HUGGIES! Because when urine a lot of trouble, you wanna know you aren't completely S.O.L.

Blogger Unknown said...

When I first read the Lisa Nowak “update” it took me a bit to remember who she is. When I did remember, I wished I hadn’t.

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